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  1. ICTFC Open Night

    Who has complained about lack of notice? It's good that it is going ahead so soon.
  2. ICTFC Open Night

    No - a lot of fans either do not live in Inverness or won't be able to attend at such short notice. In the case of the former, complaints about lack of digital communication are still valid even if they can't make it to the open night in person.
  3. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    Ironic that you are both intent on taking this competition - which features Colt teams - seriously, but apparently having our Colt team enter the Highland League is arrogant and devalues that league! If we take it seriously and it impedes our league campaign through player injuries, fatigue, distraction etc. I won't be pleased - but if it doesn't, and we win it, I suppose I might be a little bit
  4. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    How much will my club make in prize money? First Round losers: £3,500. Second Round losers: £5,250. Third Round losers: £5,500. Fourth Round losers: £5,750. Quarter-final losers: £8,250. Semi-final losers: £10,250. Runners-Up: £12,750. Winners: £17,750. Might pay OFW's wages for a week or two.
  5. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    I doubt we'll be raking in the cash from an attendance of about 5000 in a final against the likes of Livingston or Morton, to be honest. The risk of any of our first teamers getting injured or suspended in these games is too high. We need as many as we can get for the league, our main priority by far. The potential Euro trips are the only silver lining.
  6. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    Send the Under 17s. We shouldn't be taking this nonsense competition seriously.
  7. Transfer in and outs

    Kenny Cameron couldn't win - had he not given out such contracts he would have been accused of not building on the success of the 2014/15 season as many fans were clamouring for at the time. History will show images of him holding the Scottish Cup aloft at Hampden - easily the best time in our history.
  8. MulrAneY 15

    Mulraney is simply too thick to be a successful footballer.
  9. John Robertson (Robbo)

  10. Tactics Thread

    How do we make the best of the bunch we have? 4-4-2 doesn't seem to be the answer. 4-2-3-1 served us well last time we were in this league, but do we have the players to play it?
  11. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Brad McKay shouldn't have been allowed back on the bus after that performance.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    We're going to win the league.
  13. Extraordinary General Meeting - 3rd August.

    The orion group is just as big a jobs-for-the-boys network for the ict mafia as the club itself. Was robbo not given a job there once for some reason ?
  14. Extraordinary General Meeting - 3rd August.

    What is Danny MacDonald's background in finance? Jobs for the boys... How much do shares cost and can us plebs buy them?
  15. Live Video

    Will there be live coverage of our home games on the website this year as there was last season? It was very professionally done and it would be a shame if the media team leaving caused it to end.