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  1. It always interests me how football seems to operate in some parallel universe to the rest of us. In this case, assuming the above hearsay has some substance, surely there are grounds for dismissal thorugh disciplinary procedures? Bullying, harrassment, bringing the cub into disrepute are three possible options. Ask the question whether a manager in your line of work would get away with similar behaviour.
  2. Though Bronson's account is not verifiable, it all seems to add up in terms of what we were able to see on the pitch. It was common knowledge that Fon Williams had to play a couple (or more games) while carrying an injury (Hamilton at home rings a bell). That said, his inability to cover the near post all season (including in that game) could not be put down to an injury! Zonal marking always strikes me as a recipe for disaster unless your communication is absolutely perfect....ours wasn't! As for the bad apples issue, I'm afraid that is a manager's lot: the task is to mould a group of individuals privelaged by a talent for football, into a team that operates like a well-oiled machine. Every team will have its wide-boys, load-mouths and sometimes deranged individuals, but the good man-manager will harness all fo these characters and get the best out of them (or indeed, punt them). RF failed spectacularly in this task, instead turning reasonably good individuals into a terrible team. He was a rabbit in the headlights for most of the season and I have no doubt that he refused to take advice from any of the minions, many of whom he had played beside. Only when MM joined the team did he take any advice, but too late! Bad apples are no excuse for a manager - he recruited them, he failed to manage or discipline them and he didn't get rid of them, so there is only one person to blame.
  3. Cancelled out the red dot with a green one. Though a nice idea, I agree with Kingsmills on this. Even if 10% of the 2000 loyals could afford £1000 each, you're only talking £200k. That would go to the bottom line for ~6 months and we're be back where we are. If investment is coming, it needs to be several orders of magnitude above that in order to sort the infrastructure (e.g. new ground and training facilities, better engagement with the community) in order to attract on a weekly basis the latent additional support that turned up on Saturday. the matchday experience is not good even on days when the games themselves have been entertaining. This is a dream and not reality, so in the meantime, we need to sort out the immediate problem, which is identifying a management and playing staff good enough to get us back in thee Premiership. That is also going to require backroom changes and a fresh approach to management of the business side of the club.
  4. Richie's most recent interview clearly indicates that he fully expects to be here next year and that he thinks he'll keep most of the first team too. The first point would suggest that (a) he will not be resigning and (b) he is secure that he will not be sacked. The second is surely deluded, although I hear that Raven and Tremarco have stated their intent to stay. all of the indications seem to point to the fact that there is no clause in his contract regarding relegation and that we simply can't afford to sack him. There is only one word for whoever was in charge of the negotiations regarding his contract - negligent. To take a 4 year punt on a completely untested entity in the most important position at the club is a shambles and we will ultimately get what we deserve, which is a spiral down the leagues for the next 3 years. Speechless.
  5. That is great news that he's not already on his bike. A few issues need sorted before we can get excited about this, though.
  6. not exactly a statement! ...rather a statement that a statement will be some point in the future....
  7. The problem is that ICT has no bargaining position to encourage players to stay. What the club would like to do and what it will be able to do are 2 very different things. right at this moment, I would imagine that all the players will be reading the small print in their contracts. Those on loan (King, Billy Mckay), with futures secured elsewhere (Tansey) or having not signed contracts (Meekings) offered will be gone. Most of the ones on short-term deals (MacNaughton, Cole, Fisher, Brad Mckay) or able to leave for free (Horner) will also likely be gone, although some efforts need to be made in Fisher's case. That leaves a core of players who are contracted, but who might have release clauses around relegation. some will certainly wish to trigger those (Fon Williams) and some will be waiting to see what happens. I can't imagine anybody who could leave would want to stay under such a poor manager. Draper, Warren, Doran, Tremarco, Raven, Polworth, Vigurs, Boden, Mulraney all fall into this boat. Even some of those who did want to stay might be invited to cancel contracts, due to lack of cash. This is why it is so urgent to remove Foran immediately. At least then approaches could be made to these players with reassurances that the club was changing direction and was under safe management (if such a thing exists). Without immediate action, the armageddon scenario of a complete exodus is a real possibility and then we really are screwed.
  8. POY

    Esson: 7 - made an excellent save before Macfadden headed in the rebound. Unlucky. Nothing much else to do in the match. Raven: 6 - quite a good game, but clumsy challenge for the pen Warren: 7 - much, much better from Gary today. Laing: 8 - his best performance for us. Mckay: 7 - pretty good game Vigurs: 8 - I know, I've slated him all season, but Foran finally found him a position in front of his he back 4 which allowed him to not work too hard, but spray passes around the pitch. Mercurial is the word. Draper: 7 - no questioning his desire, shame his curler was just over in the first half Tansey: 7 - a good shift and a well-taken goal. Shame about the comments after the match Polworth: 7 - another hard working display from Polworth Fisher: 8 - not sure wide left suited him in the first half, but seemed more central in the second and took his goals well (poacher's instinct) Mckay: 7 - not his best game, but worked his socks off as ever Foran: 4 - would have been 8 for his tactics and selection, but his comments after the game were terrible Ref: 7 - got the big decisions right, including the pen
  9. Well deserved. Such a shame he got injured....probably would have been top scorer too!
  10. Tansey hasn't had the best of seasons - he was poor by his standards until ironically) he signed for Aberdeen. Some of his early lack of form was partly due to the ever-changing system, but he wasn't great nevertheless. This is a team sport: You win together and lose together - everybody shares in the good times and has to share responsibility for the bad. What he should have said is "we weren't good enough and the players have to share responsibility for that".
  11. Matchday Thread

    If it hadn't been for events at New Douglas Park, that would have been an enjoyable game. First half was quiet, but better quality than many this season. Motherwell certainly made a game of it. A great 10 minutes to go 3-0 up: great strike from Tansey and Fisher got a he deserved for his effort. The atmosphere went flat when Hamilton scored, only reignited when a crazy rumour circulated that Dundee had scored 2. Applauded the players off, but couldn't bear to stay on, so missed the afters. Tansey didn't deserve abuse, but I wasn't impressed with his after-match interview. Good performance, sad day.
  12. Yes, all the right questions....just no answers from our incommunicative board. This was a screw-up from the moment Hughes wanted to speak with United. He should have been allowed to do so and allowed out of the door, with compensation. He was nowhere near as good a manager as he thought he was - evidence Raith Rovers. Every decision by the board since then compounded the error. Extend Hughes' contract - fall out with him and end up paying to get rid, then forced to go for the cheap option of Foran - 4 year contract for an untested entity - inability to weild the axe when his failings were clear. Utter shambles.
  13. I was not impressed with Tansey's interview, which was annoying because he's been a great servant for the club and instrumental in our successes, which I applauded him for today....before his comments. He suggested that whoever's fault relegation was, it wasn't his. Again, where is the team ethic in that? Everybody at ICT has a part to play in this downfall. Tansey was a shadow of himself through the dark days of this season and needs to acknowledge that - he is not blameless as Willie Miller was very quick to point out.
  14. We certainly have the players to launch a credible challenge next year, but we do not have the manager. Equally, as mentioned above, there will be a stack of losses on financial grounds, not to mention those not wanting to play under a clown. I would invite Fon Williams out to save a wage - get Deano back. What to do about Doran? Allegedly on the top wage and crocked. Offer him a cut in wages for a year to see if he recovers or punt through mutual consent? I'd try the former...could work for both parties. So, I'd try to keep the following of contracted players: Tremarco, Warren, Raven Vigurs, Polworth, Mulraney, Doran Boden is unproven, would prefer to keep Fisher, but think he'll be gone. So, we certainly have the core of a competitive team....for now. We might have nobody in 2 weeks (except Foran). Quick decisions have to be made.
  15. Shocking for a manager to blame a few "bad apples" for his failings. Really cowardly. You win together and lose together - everything else should happen behind closed doors. Richie is embarrassing to himself and this club. A swift dismissal has to happen NOW. You cannot leave it for RF to have any role in personnel next season. Equally, the club has to send a message to players who will be rushing for the exit, that things will change and there will be an experienced boss at the helm. NOW!