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  1. I think DD nailed this. Polworth' s 'attitude problem' is not a lack of desire to win or a lack of effort, but is more the result of self-criticism and (perhaps unrealistic) expectations of himself. His response to losing the ball is usually dropped shoulders, shaking head and, as a result, a momentary loss of concentration. This is easily sortable with a decent manager: just turn the frustration into desire to win the ball back! I also think that Polly might end up suffering from the Nick Ross "what's his position?" Dilemma. Holding, wide, centre or CAM? Don't know the answer - I prefer to see him central and advanced, but I' m happy to be proved wrong. The problem is that he needs to depose somebody to really nail down a position as his own. Draper, Tansey and Vigurs have central midfield tied down, so where to play Polworth?
  2. Yup, can I change my selection, please?? Just a couple of very minor adjustments: Falkirk Dunfermline United QoS ICT St Mirren Livingston Morton .....I know it's early days and we need time for [insert cliche], but I saw very little on Tuesday and heard even less today to inspire confidence. Seedorf might be a find, but we need more than that to make a real challenge. I'm not sure we have the players for 4-4-2, particularly in midfield. If we're going with attacking full backs, surely go with 3 centre halves....except we don't have 3 fit centre halves. No pace on show today, which must have contributed to a lack of chances: Falkirk stood off and picked us off. I don't know what the answer is, but we're nowhere near the answer with the teams over the last week.
  3. PS - ICT to make play-off final v County. Late Susan goal at Victoria Park to win it!
  4. Love your optimism, DitD! St Mirren United Dunfermline ICT Falkirk
  5. El Bouzedi
  6. From what I saw on Tuesday, the above with "Susan" in for Oakley. That leaves the Polwoeth enigma - wide right is not his position. You either play him at the front centre of the midfield or not at all IMO. 4-4-2 doesn't suit him if Vigurs and Draper are firing. So, either go to a 4-2-3-1 or stick with 4-4-2 and go with our new midfielder/winger.
  7. Would love to see it - I hate seeing our town centre represented by Ugly Sister shops when there is a fully professional local team! However, I would imagine, like others, that the revenue would not cover the additional costs, so we're stuck with the shipping container and playing second fiddle to Glasgow-centric outlets on our turf. Grim!
  8. Vigurs was our best player last night. Hopefully Robbo will continue to coax the best out of him!
  9. couple of late scares. Looks like pens
  10. another disallowed goal. Not our day
  11. Disallowed. More chances. Getting tense now! Warren subbed - injured.
  12. Pretty poor fare at Forthbank. A few reasonable chances, but all thrashed over the bar + one in the side-netting. A couple of scares at the back. Warren not having a great game. Vigurs and Draper looking our sharpest.
  13. Vigurs is every manager's nightmare: Packed with ability (vision, passing, sweet left foot), but infuriatingly lacking in consistent application and difficult to find his perfect position. Added to that a poor disciplinary record and you give managers a real headache. Last season, Vigurs was really poor for most of the season despite the faith shown in him throughout. Playing him wide left and in a slow midfield trio was partly to blame, but so was his lack of effort, particularly in tracking back. Too late, Foran finally found an effective position on his own immediately in front of the back 4 with a duty of taking the ball off defenders and using it well. From being a central figure in our demise, he very nearly became our saviour, with some excellent performances after the split. So, played in a very distinct role that doesn't require too much effort, he can be a match winner on his day, but when he's not at it or played in more dynamic position he has the potential to be a passenger. Enigma indeed.
  14. Thanks, Caley Mad in Berks. Of course, that is a much more sensible approach to the problem than simply sitting on your hands and moaning (note to self....). I look forward to hearing the response, but given the lack of communication skills displayed to date, you might be waiting a while!