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  1. Cup Final ticket sales

    I have been to only 5 games at TCS this season, but have managed 14 away games? Does that mean I am a glory hunter? Our diaspora is spread throughout the world. I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to attend more games, but geography/finances dictate otherwise. It is hardly surprising that a number of those will make the effort to be part of a momentous occasion. That doesn't make them glory hunters. Wind your neck in Hawkeye. I am not decrying the supporters who don't or can't go to home games, nor the fans who are supporting Ict for the final I m just disappointed with the gates we get at home, that's all....we deserve more. No more negative talk, bring it home boys
  2. Cup Final ticket sales

    Wholeheartedly agree. Club should publish the progress of CF ticket sales. We are a small fan base club and should be open about this. I feel that the fairweather fans wil relish the glory on the day but for whatever reason don't/won't go TCS for the less "glamorous" league games.
  3. Word Association

  4. Moving to Torvean ?

    Agree, it is an amazing pic of days gone by. Was the building you can't remember a tannery? And in front of that was maggot green which was a playground. Had my first experience on a roundabout there
  5. Who do you want? Poll

    don,t think Richie or Barry can be classed as thoroughbreds to ICT, both have contributed big time I agree......but not thoroughbreds! Charlie Christie is the man to support a new manager like Paul Hartley or Barry Ferguson
  6. Rock gigs in Inverness

    I can,t remember for sure...maybe Cliff somebody and the Rebelion????
  7. Rock gigs in Inverness

    "Another local band with Size mackay and Noddy mackenzie...can,t remember their name" ....The Size Four. "Also seem to remember a gig in the argyle bar in grant street with reunion of above band" ....Nope, that was The Flock. "Chris somebody and the Rebel rousers?" Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnfl3gNRoK8 Size 4....doesn,t seem familiar It wasn,t the Flock either......Beans he played in the band too checked out you tube link.....def not them at the boys club
  8. Word Association

  9. Rock gigs in Inverness

    chicory tip, blackfoot sue, suzi qautro(i think), gary glitter, glittermen without gg, sweet,
  10. Rock gigs in Inverness

    anyone remember the boys club in planefield road? Sleaz band....from dundee i think, used to play batman theme on siren as encore...brilliant guitarist Agathas Moment...never quite made it but good all the same Hot Cottage...local band, also did the telford street gig Chris somebody and the Rebel rousers? Another local band with Size mackay and Noddy mackenzie...can,t remember their name Also seem to remember a gig in the argyle bar in grant street with reunion of above band Those were the days...sex and d***** and rock and rolll