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  1. Sh! We're trying to hold on to him. Don't go bigging him up!
  2. Did the colt teams play in the senior leagues? The problem is that this looks very much like something to benefit two particular teams. If open to all teams, I have no issue. Also, if the Old Firm were to leave to play elsewhere, and were made to take their colt teams with them, again I'd have no issue.
  3. There's nothing wrong with new ideas, or trying something different. On paper, the ability for teams to field a B team in the lower leagues may have some merit. The problem is that is being done to benefit two clubs, not the country as a whole. That's why this version of the idea is pants.
  4. Yup, couldn't agree more. Another sop to the Ugly Sisters - and if they ever get their wish to play in England, this means they can keep a presence in Scotland and try and hoover up trophies and European spots. As said above, all the people who run Scottish football are interested in is two clubs, and they don't even try to hide the fact that they are bending over backwards to facilitate them. The sooner we can get rid of the deadwood that is Reagan and Doncaster the better.
  5. At least it's not Jimmy Calderwood
  6. Davies has left a few jobs under a cloud, and gave an interview on Sportsound earlier season that was a bit cringey - he didn't come over very well. I'm assuming there's a reason he hasn't been in work for a while.
  7. Not quite. He was on the Motherwell coaching staff last season as well as playing - in fact, I've just checked and he was assistant manager.
  8. An unfortunate end to his time with the club, but the only sensible outcome. The board now has an important decision to make.
  9. Have 20 teams been relegated since 1998/99? There were two seasons with no team relegated, despite these two finishing bottom Aberdeen in 1999/2000 Motherwell 2002/2003 Even if you take Rangers into account, I make it 19. Also, Gary Locke at Hearts in 2013/14 had a better winning percentage than the two teams that finished above them - it was the 15 point deduction that did for them.
  10. Just done a quick look back - there is one missing. St Mirren finished bottom of a 12 team, 38 games league with 30 points in 2001. Of the 17 seasons of the current format, 34 points would have been enough to avoid bottom place on 7 occasions. On one of those it would have been enough to finish above second bottom too. On three occasions, it would have tied second second bottom.
  11. Interesting stats, but a more pertinent figure is what was the tally of the second bottom team, as that would give a better guide as to how often we would have still finished bottom with 34 points.
  12. Agreed. Never seemed to give less than 100%, and missed when he was not available.
  13. Matchday Thread

    Don't know about bad apples, but Foran would seem to be a prize plum.