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  1. Follow the link quoted and you can see the accounts for the period covering our last visit to the Championship (accounting year to 31 May 2010) ... That year's published actually did show a profit & loss account ... A stonking loss of over £900k for one year alone. Dark days ahead I fear, hope we've got people at the helm capable of steering us through ...
  2. I agree with much of what you say in terms of likely burdens and responsibilities for fan ownership. However, although there are more than 3 million £1 shares in issue, the balance sheet value of them is effectively less than £600k at the last balance sheet date (31 May 2016) because of accumulated losses of over £3m. I.e. if you added all the profits or losses together from the birth of the legal entity in February 1994 then it is a total loss to the tune of well over £3.4m. These latest accounts to 31 May last year are available for anyone to see at The club is a small company that doesn't need to publicly file a detailed profit and loss account. However the informed reader of even abbreviated versions can readily see that those who invested in these shares did it as a labour of love given they are highly unlikely to ever see a full return. Charlie Christie spoke on the radio of a day of reckoning / dark days ahead iirc ... It is a minor miracle that we've come as far as we have. It seems that big one-off pay days like McKay, Christie, Scottish Cup merely help to keep us going a bit longer because the true, harsh reality is we run at a significant deficit year in, year out.
  3. Another weekend, another goal controversy involving Motherwell. This week they were denied a goal clearly over the line versus Dundee (denying them a draw and a point and giving Dundee a win and two extra precious points). Last week there was the phantom "goal" for Motherwell versus ICT. In the lottery of glaring referee gaffs, Motherwell were winners last week, losers this week. We were effectively the losers both weeks. OK goal line technology is maybe expensive to instal but rugby just uses TV replays. Why can't we? There are TV cameras at every Scottish top flight game and we already have trial by Sportscene. Limit the TV challenges/calls to 3 (or less) per game per team a bit like tennis so there's not too much game interruption.
  4. Do you write Richie's pre-match scripts?
  5. At this present moment, 12 months compensation feels absolutely like a price worth paying for the long term benefit of the club.
  6. I think there is a mis-quote here ... He said we have to live within our means. Here is a link to the actual BBC Sportsman's podcast recording with the approx timings of his and Barry Wilson's dialogue 4mins to 6mins 30 secs 11mins 30 secs to 15mins 19mins to 29mins
  7. You were binned for this post at the time ... seems like you were right on the button ... that negative like count needs reversed.
  8. I'm inclined to do the same for exactly the same reasons. As I write this Dundee have gone 2-0 up against Motherwell. We are all but down.
  9. RF explained post-match that we lost because we don't have warriors ... and yet he benched Draper and made Vigurs captain!!
  10. Matchday Thread

    Words of wisdom from Charlie Christie and Barry Wilson at: 4mins - 6mins 30 secs 11.5mins - 15mins 19mins - 29mins
  11. I really don't understand this having to pay out the remainder of manager contracts. Would love to know the employment law position. In any other walk of life, complete ineptitude is not rewarded by paying off the said employee for x number of years while they sit back with pipe and slippers and someone new has to pick up the pieces.
  12. Matchday Thread

    We need to introduce a feature where you can like a post more than once
  13. Matchday Thread

    This is an absolute disgrace ... I am so angry ... and sad. When is enough enough Richie? Get lost right now!
  14. Matchday Thread

    We are going down and completely deserve to.
  15. An experienced man who knows the set-up, the players, can advise/coach on defending ... and one who would presumably love to see Dundee go down!