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  1. Andrew Shinnie has signed for League 2 Luton ... is that the best he can do and are we such a bad option that Luton is preferable?
  2. John Baird from Falkirk
  3. Wonder if the new reduction applies to people who had stepped up to the plate and already bought their 17-18 season tickets.
  4. Exactly ... likely less than Sheerin. Would we consider him if not ICT? I reckon yes because he has taken a very unfashionable club up to our division, it would be upward progression for him and he is defensively minded for our sieve-like defence.
  5. Darren Dodds ... seemples
  6. The new directors are now registered at Companies House. Done later today.
  7. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation. Would be interesting to hear.
  8. Looking at the club's publicly available filing record at Companies House today (web-link below), it says that Willie Finlayson resigned as a director on 22 May, the day before the club announcement of his appointment as chairman. A bit odd maybe. His statement the next day did refer to his fellow directors although he did say in his statement that he will not be chief executive officer. I see also that the new director appointments are not officially registered at Companies House yet although that may just be a form-filling delay.
  9. ... Or a loyal fan who doesn't want to see the club die and remembers (even if in the Championship) how far things have come since pre-1994.
  10. Cheapest adult + 1 child combo in family stand at Dunfermline is £2 cheaper than ICT. If a second child, Dunfermline becomes considerably more.
  11. Not so sunny today ... so I've put the jetski to one side and have put more effort into the search for our new manager
  12. Good luck with this initiative then, brianm6261 ... given the apparent outrage over frozen season ticket prices, perish the thought.
  13. Is there ever a good time for a Chairman to go on holiday? It's not like he's human like the rest of us or anything. What on earth possessed him to book a holiday just after the season ends? He really should have had the perfect fore-knowledge to appreciate that, by the time it came around, we'd be relegated and he'd be the new focus of chairman-directed fan angst.
  15. Club announcement today ...