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  1. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    If we had won today there was still a slim chance of catching Morton given our games in hand but I think that now is that. The focus now is win the cup and finish safe in the division.
  2. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Pants 1-1 ... I know my team
  3. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    According to Jim "i'm such an arab my hair's tangerine" Spence, we're completely dominant but wasteful and should be well up. Same old ICT! Hope we don't pay for the wasted chances but fear we may.
  4. Season Ticket 2018/19

    Ah yes. Haven't tried that van but just saw it for the first time yesterday ... just after finding out the usual caterers had completely ran out of pies. Utter farce! I'll be trying the same van as you next time.
  5. Season Ticket 2018/19

    I get that facilities need big improvement but improvements cost money and we are already running at a huge 6 figure deficit. I was again really frustrated yesterday with the standard of catering. It was much worse than Ross County's before relegation ... but it's even worse now. That said, last year we didn't have a proper club shop. Now we have a big improvement there. Things take time. Fans previously didn't feel the love because of a lack of communication ... but that also has improved and the recent chairman's statement has highlighted the stark financial shortfall and the need for higher sales to help us keep going (along with investment). That may also help with the other improvements we all want to see.
  6. Season Ticket 2018/19

    Yes, even Scottish Cup win didn't stimulate a marked ongoing increase in interest so I'm also at a loss there as well. Might the fear of insolvency? Don't know. I'm in complete agreement with your comments on price. I live an hour away but I would happily renew the season ticket even if it increased. I would go further ... if we're serious about wanting our club to survive and thrive, then we'll not just renew but also buy what we sensibly can from the shop as well. Yes we've fallen from where we were ... but we need to remember where we came from ... non league football ... it's been some journey with ups and downs but I would hope that genuine fans have the stamina and the love for their club to continue and renew.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Austin is slower than a week in jail. Should nickname him "sick note". We were better off with Baird. Seedorf naive for challenge that led to penalty. Missing Mulraney and Donaldson today. A post, a crossbar and a disallowed goal. League season over
  8. Wikipedia page

    All I was doing was complimenting you ... nothing more. Think you're reading too much into my last post. I totally got what you were saying/speculating. Was just grateful for a lack of sarcasm.
  9. Wikipedia page

    I am well aware of claims that Wikipedia is not entirely reliable. What makes newspaper reports more reliable? I don't think we should throw the baby out with the bathwater. As noted in snorbey_snowman's helpful contribution, the figure is curiously precise. I didn't say it was right or wrong but it attracted interest and was looking for someone who might know/corroborate the actual facts of the deal.
  10. Wikipedia page

    The Wikipedia page has no end of useful stats on the club but one that stood out for me was the record transfer fee for Ryan Christie. I thought it was way more than that.

    Maybe. Caley D said on ICTFC FB/Twitter last week that he was coming away from it and that he'd be grateful for patience with the newbie. Seems a glaring oversight though ... even for a newbie
  12. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    Quite surprising that he said/thought that. I know they are part-time but they've played in every European club competition that there has ever been. I suppose it was a chance to reach the final of a competition outside the Northern Ireland goldfish bowl.
  13. Captaincy

    The Mark Ridgers story this season is one to warm the cockles. A good lesson for us fans (me anyway) in patience and the importance of confidence for a player's performance. Just not sure of captaincy quite yet but never say never.

    When and where will it be played?