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  1. I talked to number of folk yesterday on this subject and a fair few just refuse to see his contribution. Completely unfathomable that people can't see Polly's positive contribution. They seriously need to open their eyes. P.S. I'm not Polly
  2. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Well said. It can't be good for his playing prospects (for a club and for his beloved Wales) that he is completely starved of game time and invisible to the public eye. If you're a professional footballer with a limited shelf life, why on earth would you do that? If I was him, I'd be pulling out all the stops to get away pronto and make a fresh start.
  3. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    So glad I made the round trip for the game. Fairly even before 1st goal. A goal for each of the 3 strikers and a cracking first goal for Jake. Ref decent in 1st half, less good in 2nd. A Falkirk fan on P & B says that the last two games against them show to him that we are the best side they've faced all season. (Last game was 0-0, he acknowledged it should have been 0-4). We just need a free-scoring striker. Maybe one of the three tonight is finally going to step up to the plate!
  4. Ex-ICT players' news

    Another player that will see 2 consecutive relegations.
  5. David Raven

    Excellent post. No apology required.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    I wasn't at the game. Having now seen the highlights and re-run the Vigurs sending off incident umpteen times, freeze frame, slow-mo etc. I think I can say that: 1. Clearly it was accidental by Vigurs; but 2. By the time, he had positioned himself to attempt the kick overhead, the Livi player had nipped in front of him and so, "ideal world stuff", Vigurs should probably have attempted to pull out of the challenge before connecting. The ref doesn't have the benefit of endless video playback ... So, I can see how the yellow was given. As far as I understand, intent doesn't come into the decision unfortunately. However, brutal application of rules like this just ruins the game and regular ref. inconsistency in games breaks me. All in all, the sending off seems very unlucky on Vigurs' part ... although one might say that, when on a yellow, he should have been extra careful to stay on the right side. (In that regard, I'd like to know if his first yellow before that was for being stupid i.e. dissent or silly foul).
  7. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Vigurs and stupid yellows seem to go together like peas and carrots. He's learned nothing from St Mirren and has cost us again.
  8. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Oakley should get a start. He's going to end up another Fisher, wasted on the bench.
  9. Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Have said before that Seedorf could be really good for us. Glad to see him get a run out (although unfortunate circumstances). The naysayers maybe just saw one less good performance.
  10. MulrAneY 15

    Eh?! I would love JM to succeed ... and ideally succeed with us. It has absolutely nothing to do with fans getting used to an over-achieving club and consequently being over-critical. When we came up the leagues we had players on the flank that could provide crosses/assists and contribute with goals. I personally hoped (and thought) JM would cigar the Championship because we were moving down and he had shown promise from the start of his first season in the top flight. JM has some great attributes but the harsh reality is that he hasn't scored one senior goal for us and his number of assists (although not known) definitely seem on the low side. JR has himself made mention of JM's need to develop "end product" in at least one media interview. For a player to get special mention like that (but not in a destructively critical way) speaks volumes.
  11. MulrAneY 15

    Jake may be rapid but has no end product. He would bench-warm at Hearts ... no question. In fact they wouldn't be able to tell where the bench stopped and Jake started.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    I know that decision-making in the final third was disappointing on numerous occasions today but singling out Polly as having a terrible game seems harsh to me. Today, he had his trademark runs again carrying the ball from midfield as attacks started (he is our most effective player in that role) and he had one or two decent efforts on goal. The disappointment for me was the misunderstanding between midfielders and forwards with some final balls but that is as much their fault as it is his.
  13. Inverness CT -V- Brechin

    Hope so. I thought it was a bit embarassing for the club that St Mirren (as the away team) posted up extended highlights of last weekend's game before we did. This on a regular basis would be a positive move although I appreciate it probably takes a great deal of effort. Anyway well done!