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  1. [merged] : John Hughes Interview (BBC)

    Why do folk continue to be rattled by Yogi? Who cares? He's gone, move on, the club have.
  2. Summer Transfer Window Thread

    If they want Draper and Tansey I want to see at least a £1 million up front
  3. Summer Transfer Window Thread

    There is a decent player in Gavin Gunning I think. Just needs to get his head down and not be a feckin rocket.
  4. Hearts -V- Inverness CT

    No words.
  5. Matchday - Alloa v Inverness CT LC

    I think folk need to get a grip. We're still going through a transitioning period. This could be a blessing in disguise and allow us to settle and focus on the league. No need to start playing the blame game. No one said it was going to be easy. We need to be showing our support on Saturday, no negativity.
  6. Matchday - Alloa v Inverness CT LC

    Season has just started for goodness sake! No need to panic yet.
  7. Word Association

  8. Word Association

  9. Fantasy Football 2016?17

    Noted! I just forgot to enter the H2H, thanks for that.
  10. Word Association

  11. Word Association

  12. Premiership Table 2016-17

    1. Rangers 2. Celtic 3. Aberdeen 4. Hearts 5. St.Johnstone 6. Motherwell 7. ICT 8. Dundee 9. Ross County 10. Kilmarnock 11. Partick Thistle 12. Hamilton
  13. Celtic -V- Inverness CT

    Understand what everyone is saying about taking chances and the pressure on Storey but you can't switch off the way we did after the first goal.
  14. Agree, if we can nab another goal early 2nd half (not asking for much eh?) I'd hope to see Roberts get a run out.