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  1. On 13th June it stated on the ICTFC website that there would be an 'Open Day' for season tickets holders to meet with current players, management and directors. Any word of when this is happening? Getting tight for time before the start of the season now.
  2. Don't mean to be cheeky Scarlet Pimple, but what has Foran got to do with this thread? Let's not talk about last season and the managerial disaster (albeit not intentional on his part) Foran was anymore please. Let's move forward, and hopefully upwards and onwards please.
  3. ICTFC website shows it was 1419. Only North and Main stands were open which is understandable. It is still the holiday period and I know a few guys who are on holiday. Anyone know what the season ticket sales numbers are up until now? Wonder how it compares to last season as well.
  4. Given my name, 'Caman' I support the shinty bit and other Inverness teams, but Nairn County? (lol) Maybe ICT can find a spot in the new tourist information shop on the High Street? Maybe sell merchandise from there as the town is hoaching with tourists. There is something like 50% more crusie ships this year at Invergordon than last year. I'm sure some tourists that are football fans might buy a scarf, which is more likely than a shirt. Every penny helps
  5. Fair enough.
  6. I think that's a wee bit harsh there CableGuy. They have brought in 9 new players in the last few weeks which will always be the priority. No players, no team, no anything lol. Interesting points raised above. Maybe another shop in Academy Street then. The one across from Craigdon Mountain Sports which was a skateboarding shop. Smaller and less outlay etc?
  7. Also, as that building is situated at a bus stop, maybe the free bus that passes the social club on Greig Street could pick folk up en route to the stadium on match days. Positive in my opinion. Lastly, the young fans / teenagers would have somewhere to go before matches and would identify with the cafe in my opinion.
  8. The current club shop is naff. A converted shipping container dropped at the side of the stadium. (although it could remain open for match days - here me out please!) Here's a new idea, you decide whether it's good, bad or indifferent etc. I realise it's not directly a football matter, but is clearly club related. I suggest the old Farmfoods building in Academy Street is a good site. There is currently a redevelopment etc of Academy Street ongoing ( Why not have the City's only senior football team involved and situated in this historical part of the 'town'? I am no business guru, but the premises that was the shop floor of Farmfoods is quite large. The front section could be a shop / cafe. The rear could be panelled off with see through panels and be a soft play / football pitch area. Kids could play with sponge footballs as a safety measure (I realise there would be other H&S issues). The cafe area could be an earner in my opinion. Paid staff would be required but volunteers could assist as is done with charity shops. Also Inverness secondary school kids could maybe do volunteering / work experience there on Friday afternoons now that they have a half day on Fridays. There are various organisations such as Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and Inverness BID that could maybe assist and or provide guidance. Club wise, it would maybe get young kids 'interested' in our club and I am sure business minded folk amongst us could contribute suggestions, tips etc. Thoughts on this?
  9. From what I am led to believe he is a quiet lad who can lack confidence, as opposed to having a bad attitude. This could be mistrued as being huffy and gurny at times. I think central midfield is his best position as opposed to on the wing. I said before it was time for him to step up and take over from the departed Tansey this season. As with Vigurs, let's get behind him and be supportive.
  10. In summary, I agree that Vigurs is not one of our players that simply punts the ball up the park. Maybe sometimes his passes are not read by his team mates and we end up losing the ball through the person being passed to not finding the space or being too slow. Personally, I like Vigurs and Polworth, and as also said above, I am sure JR will get the best out of them as well as, the rest of the team. After all both of these players had fantastic games for us over the last two seasons and both scored vital goals.
  11. Collin Seedorf looks like a real find. Och well at least the those bloody Dons at S**ttodrie can't get him to sign a PCA until January 2019.
  12. Yep, he must stay. He is an ICT legend, fans favourite, industrious hard working player, decent chap and I love him (oops did I really say that) Blue and red stripes are his colours, Navy certainly is not!!
  13. OFW has removed all mention of ICT from his Twitter account. Think that sums it up. He apparently had a release clause if we got relegated. Don't think we'll get any cash for him, but losing one of the high earners is a positive, although if Wales get to and did ok at Russia 2018 might have got a fair wad again!! Too much of a gamble that though. Ridgers seems a safe enough pair of hands. As he played for County for a bit maybe he grew a sixth finger to fit in there lol
  14. Draper - please stay, couldn't handle him going to RC OFW - Has removed all mention of ICT from his Twitter account. He's gone I would say. Oakley - helooked quite strong yesterday and Baird would feed off him as the No.9. Hope he signs.
  15. Was at the match today. No.3 looked ok. No.6 Leitch. Seemed to be decent. Would like to see more of him. Strange seeing soeone else wearing numer 6 though. No.9 Davidson. Bit lightweight for me. N0.10 Oakley. Seemed strong and with support could be decent prospect. No.11 Have to say didn't see anything exciting, although others did. N0.13 Ridgers. Seemed commanding and confident in his own box. It was Forres though. No.17 Foy. Pacey and direct. Would like to see more. Saw Mulraney and Doran pre match. Wonder if them along with Baird and Vigurs and any others will be on against Brora. Usual commitment from Draper. Hope he is staying.