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  1. Don't know anything more yet. Sorry.
  2. Apparently we've signed a young guy from Wimbledon. New balls please!!
  3. Aberdeen Journals only print 100% truths. Not!!!! Sometimes the only thing in a newspaper that is correct is what is on the telly!!! Hope Shearer wasn't let go like that though. Great servant of ICT and Scotland. Saw him score a great goal for Scotland in Helsinki in September 1994. Got a boot in the head from a Finnish defender as well. Handled it well though, as all shinty players would
  4. John Robertson. He scored a winning penalty against England and won the European Cup with Nottingham Forest. That's good enough for me. P.S. - I know it's the other John Robertson lol
  5. Excellent from the Board. We spoke, they listened so all positive moves. As the Brechin game on 15th July is now 'free', Stirling on the 18th here I come.
  6. Good man. Being positive is the way forward. Just renewed for my son and myself. I believe in 3 year cycles. May 2015 - Utopia May 2016 - Disappointed May 2017 - Despair!!!! May 2018 - Utopia
  7. Sounds good. How much is it to join? (Adult and under 16). Couldn't make the meeting on Wednesday night as I was working.
  8. Yes I liked Laing. He seemed steady enough and would handle the Championship teams. Can't find him on Twitter. Maybe's he's on holiday with the Chairman??
  9. And his tweet from today plus his profile of 'Inverness City' I wouldn't bet against him being seen in a Ross County strip very soon!!!
  10. Maybe he'll be back at Sky by the end of August!!
  11. Meekings has a local girlfriend. Maybe that will keep him here, maybe not?
  12. I can't see him or any other central belters at clubs of equal stature and 'in the same league' come up here - Duffy, Hartley, Jack Ross etc. Likes of Darren Dods are more likely given it would be career progression. The more I think about it the more likely we may well have Malpas and Rice (in that pecking order) in charge. Maybe that is why the Chairman has gone on holiday as it is already all but sorted. With Charlie Christie or Danny MacDonald as General Manager/Director of Football. Or maybe not?
  13. Paul Hartley - no thanks. Scruffy wee so and so who didn't want to move here last time. So he can keep swigging his bottle of Buckfast at 'The Barras' Paul Telfer - Interesting and different. He appears to be a free agent as such on Googling him. Paul Sheerin - How successful has he been with Aberness Under 20's or whatever he does at Aberness? Jack Ross - As stated above, St Mirren and us are much and such. They're probably more attractive tbh with their new stadium & central location to someone like him. Darren Dods - Also intersting and pips the others given his record with Brechin, past knowledge of ICT and current knowledge of Championship, League 1 and therefore potential players to look at recruiting. Also, we are a step up from Brechin stature wise. Brian Rice - promote him? (only joking)
  14. I agree as the new Chairman, Board members etc have only been in place for a few days. Whilst time is of the essence we also don't want rushed, knee jerk reactions either. Patience is required, albeit the clock is ticking and I am sure 'progress' is being sought and made to rid us of our imcompetent and arrogant 'Manager' and keep/retain certain players. Also, assessing and ensuring as many office jobs, community coaches etc are kept in employment.
  15. We are where we are and we have to accept that. I didn't mean all of them, but we are in the Championship and Premiership 'cast offs' are probably our level at present.