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  1. Bust, hope not. Plenty of t**s though.
  2. Simples - Too little. Too late. 'Foran the Failure' must go.
  3. Simples - Walk out with 10 minutes to go as planned. One victory is not enough. 'Foran the Failure' must go.
  4. I am a season ticket holder mate and do support the team. That's why I would do it for the greater good. Time for change.
  5. Forget no. Forgive - well, if they can stabilise the team, recruit better players and improve performances it would be in the best interests and long term good of the club. Butcher's ego would have to be kept in control. Maybe he/they could groom a coach for the future. Like Liverpool style boot room of old. As long as 'Foran the Failure' is not in the mix.
  6. Will anyone else be joining me 10 minutes from time? Those on facebook, twitter etc please highlight this. The silence is deafening from The Board and the nerve of 'Foran the Failure' to cling to his job is as unbelievable.
  7. Matchday Thread

    Laurence - what team do you actually support mate since you want 'Foran the Failure' to stay?
  8. I do hope so.
  9. I think Kim Jong un is more likely to get sacked than Foran (and I'm not joking!!!)
  10. Exactly. RF talks s***e everytime he opens his mouth. And he talks it week in week out. No Plan B exists.
  11. What exactly is his role at the club nowadays? Would he be better as a 'Director of Football' with oversight as opposed to being the manager?
  12. Sad but true!!
  13. I thought Foran's contract was a 12 month rolling contract for 4 years. They must have built in some performance related aspect should it (and it has) not work?
  14. Enough is enough for me with the current set up. I suggest a walkout 10 minutes before the final whistle to show The Board 'head in the sand' mentality is destroying our club. If the following two criteria are not met by the Hamilton match, 1 - Foran has resigned or is sacked 2 - No statement forthcoming from 'The Board' with a plan for the future of our team and club. Then a walkout 10 minutes before the final whistle should take place. Thoughts everyone?
  15. Guys, I don't have the answers I'm afraid. Not wanting to fall out or argue either. I am a season ticket holder and don't take the 10% discount when buying at the club shop in a further effort to help that little bit more. I am 'just' a fan. I am not rich, so I can't contribute anymore money. I am no rocket scientist and I wouldn't win 'The Apprentice' but I am just highlighting some of the obvious issues that make us look like 'bumpkins'. If Inverness is such a fast developing city etc, why are those in charge of our purse strings and club not cutting the mustard so to speak?