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  1. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Our central defensive 'has-been' and our 'never will be' falling out on the pitch. Tremendous!!! Let's replace them with Elsdon and Donaldson next week then? Oh no, we really are f***ed!!!
  2. 5 Year Plan

    Anyone who still thinks we can return to the Premiership this season is deluded!! I am hoping that within the next 5 years we can get back into that league, and that is being optimistic. Most businesses, career minded folk and such like have 5 years plans. I think that would be a target timescale to get our club back in a steady position, financially, coach and management wise and squad wise. If we did get back into the Premiership we would simply get pumped rotten every game. I would much rather we stabilise and then look to get back to the pedestal we have fallen off in an almighty way. We must also remember that our recent successful patch in the top league was the time that Sevco, Hibs and Hearts were in a bad way.
  3. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Apparently JR is considering more loan signings. Given, 1 - His signings to date, I am not confident who he brings in will benefit the team and the individual! 2 - Given out current state (and I mean state) who would want to come to ICT right now? The freefall continues.
  4. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Ridgers not directly to blame. But he is crap. His distribution is shocking. He kicks it to wing backs who by the time they have brought it down opposition players are on top of them and ball taken off them. He makes me nervous in the stand, so god knows what his team mates feel like. He is not commanding at crosses or corners, which he should be given his size. He is welfare league standard. Livi had Neil Alexander in goal. He was solid, competent and everything a goalie should be. Ridgers wasn't and is not.
  5. I'm starting to wonder/panic/lose patience!!!!!
  6. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Saturday 30th September. Will I, 1 - Go and watch ICT v QOS? Watch spineless, gutless, useless, over paid spoilt lightweights!!!!! 2 - Go to Camanachd Cup Final and watch real men, play with passion for their club and the sporting occasion? Me wonders!!!!!! What really showed up today was an evident lack of care for 'the shirt' from far too many. Vigurs, Polworth, Bell and Trafford escape my wrath as they at least cared. The others didn't appear to. Tremarco's effort in winning a header at 3-1 down was an example of what effort and passion is required. Ridgers and Baird. Do one. You're both useless. OFW - return him to between the posts please.
  7. Club Badge/Crest

    He got a call to go to Hampden. Probably thought Gordon Strachan wanted him!!
  8. St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    Video showing goals we conceded against Dons Under 20's reveal weaknesses of Donaldson, Chalmers and Elsdon. First goal - Donaldson poor pass back. These things happen, so maybe forgiveable. Second goal - WTF was Chalmers doing with that kind of a pass back / suicidal pass thing? Complete madness which led to losing a goal. Kicking out the park and into the hedge would have been better. Also, video shows Elsdon scrambling about like a drunk giraffe. WTF does Robbo see in Elsdon? Rest of the team pretty much as per last two matches I would suppose, but no Trafford due to suspension. Bell and Oakley up front for me, but I suspect it will be Baird over Bell.
  9. Transfer in and outs

    Extra pocket money for him though. Wonder if ICT get a cut?
  10. Toronto FC - 2017

    Scotty - That Seba Giovinco is some player. Can you persuade him to come to TCS for a couple of seasons?
  11. TEAM NEWS Carl Tremarco returns to the squad and is available for selection. Gary Warren is out but will return to training next week, Zak Elbouzedi and Aaron Doran remain out. Collin Seedorf is out and will travel to Glasgow on Monday to find out the full extent of an ankle injury which he picked up in a bounce game on Tuesday. Tremarco - Great that he is back. Warren - Glad he is looking like being back for St Mirren game. Elbouzedi - When will we see him? Doran - Santa might deliver him repaired in time for new year I hope. Seedorf - Bounce game on Tuesday?
  12. Being an anorak here, but my solicitor mate has pointed out the above is English Law. Cherk the back of your ticket for the Scottish Law. Also, Law and Order is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, so it's your MSP you would write to, not your MP. To make it worthwhile also complain about the state of the education system, health service, roads etc etc
  13. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    izzy - you've missed a digit in your mobile number.
  14. IBM - It's more of a transfer 'closed pair of curtains' than 'window' for us. Although in fairness, we have shipped in quite a few guys up until now. But that's for the relevant thread - oops.
  15. You're lucky that coming from Burghead you have six fingers on each hand to disperse the fumes and smoke. Were you on or off duty, as you previously mentioned being a riot police officer somewhere? How should the Police control the disorder then since you have been critical of your own colleagues and saying they do nothing?