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  1. 5th Place

    The season isn't finished yet. So don't get excited or disheartened. Or both!!!
  2. 5th Place

    I think that's the highest we could achieve this season. Only been that high up the league for a few minutes at home to QOS, until they scored and knocked us back to 6th on goal difference.
  3. Announcement

    We would be back to 8th with a 15 point penalty. Which in otself would be the least of our worries.
  4. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    'They', don't you mean 'We'?
  5. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Another step closer to these returning. Come on the Weedgie Jags, especially on Friday 4th May. RC v Dundee on Tuesday 8th May might be worth going to. As a neutral of course. Lol.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I haven't felt like that since Kane equalised for Engerlund against us last June. Was at that match also. Same gut wrenching feeling today. Well done lads for your hard work. So close........ Crucial chances were missed, but that's football. Rebuilding? We'll be doing well to keep this team together I'm afraid.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    That was cruel, but was coming for the last quarter of the match. Absolutely gutted.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Come on ICT. We can do it. PS - Then we can do it again on Tuesday, then next Saturday. Is there a legal football equivalent of viagra?
  9. Some of our team are out of contract by next summer. Here are my thoughts as to who we should be getting signed up on new contracts. Vigurs - Absolutely must get him tied down. Polworth - Yes. He would be missed. Doran - Yes. Although concerns re his injury history. Bell - Yes. He knows how to put the ball in the back of the net. Donaldson - Yes. Young and showing signs of improving. Tremarco - Yes. Great servant and never says die. Life in him yet. Mulraney. Preferably. Showing signs there is a player there. McKay - Preferably. Baird/Oakley/Calder - Undecided. Elsdon - No. That will do just now as I have ran out of time.
  10. Probably too late to organise, but if we beat Dumbarton on Tuesday, why not make the Dunfermline game free entry. Would make a higher attendance and better atmosphere to spur the team on and keep the momentum going.
  11. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Hope you bring good luck to the lads. Enjoy your trip.
  12. Daniel Mackay

    17 today. Happy birthday. Playing for Scotland v Wales U18s tonight. Don't think it's on telly.
  13. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Losing Bell does not concern me. Losing Vigurs and Doran does. Majorly. The latter two can be the difference between returning to the Premiership or remaining in the Championship.
  14. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Vigurs on a three year deal would be a good deal for ICT and for him. Hopes this happens.
  15. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Follow Brad Mckay. Most of his friends on there are orange skinned Edinburgh lassies. I think he must be the President of the Oompah Loompah nation.
  16. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Sevco or Celtic (or both) would be given three points.
  17. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    See your point, but as a season ticket holder I would like to see as many people as possible on Saturday at the match. I would not feel penalised.
  18. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Vigurs, Polworth and Doran. Vital we keep that three. Mulraney - inconsistent and dispensable. He'll be off to a central belt club is my prediction.
  19. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Doubt that.
  20. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Re Polworth, that dipstick in the stand who sarcastically shouted 'keep your head up' or something similar after Polworth got the ball in the face in the 2nd half - Do one!! Polworth again gave his all and made an excellent contribution today. We don't want or need dipsticks like you. Be a can not a can't!!
  21. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Vigurs got a hat trick away to Dunfermline in the League Cup last season.
  22. Suspensions v Dumbarton 14/04/18

    At least he'll be back for the play offs. I can see him scoring an injury time winning penalty against Ross County in the final to send them down. Just like Ronaldo's against Juventus.
  23. 5th Place

    I agree. Personally, I think we had the best years out of Draper and Mckay, even Tansey. Only Christie and Watkins have improved/prospered after leaving us. Anyway, back to what this Topic is about. Glad we're up to 6th, still hoping for the off chance of 4th, but realistically think we'll finish 5th.
  24. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    You're definitely not talking about Crystal Palace there