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  1. Raven not again

    I hope not. I have always thought the criticism of them was totally unjust. We would miss them majorly.
  2. No it isn't, but The Beechgrove Garden is square.
  3. Raven not again

    I think he is off unfortunately. Great servant to ICT. I think Robbo sees Seedorf in that spot. Sacrificing Raven may leave cash in the pot to keep the younger duo of Vigurs and /or Polworth beyong this summer maybe? Both of whom I think are pivotal to our club building a team for the next couple of seasons at least.
  4. Dundee Utd v ICTFC : Match Info

    I was wrong. I'll eat my words gladly!!!
  5. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Fantastic result. Great 'team' effort which is a huge thing. Well done Mark Rodgers also by the sound of it. High 5s all round as opposed to 5 knuckle sandwiches lol.
  6. Remember this guy............

    ICT's Daniel Prodan?
  7. Dundee Utd v ICTFC : Match Info

    I also want this, but can't see us hitting the back of the net I'm afraid.
  8. Renegade, you're getting a bit wound up over this I think. Maybe the club will have an Emergency Services day also. Why not? Personally I and nobody else, other than your good self, have no issue with it. If it gets more folk at the stadium then I think it is positive. Also, military personell are usually hard working and decent folk from those that I have met.
  9. Dundee Utd v ICTFC : Match Info

    In all honesty there was nothing in the Dundee Utd home game other than them getting the penalty. Here's to another point tomorrow.
  10. I think this is a positive step and have no issue with it. The more folk we get through the turnstiles the better. Hopefully some will come back again.
  11. I'm in the 'Tartan Army' does that count.
  12. Cash from Celtic qualifying for CL group

    Celtic's performance this season in the Champions League will likely mean Premiership teams paying back money as opposed to receiving it in Season 18/19.
  13. Cash from Celtic qualifying for CL group

    In all honesty who would want to come to us in January. Nobody of any substance. Bring on the youngsters!!!
  14. 1. Buy Ross County and make them our feeder team 2. Buy the land the stadium is on and all land surrounding it that is contained within Stadium Road. This would obviously need the travellers re sited. As we would own 'County' we could put them through there. The council road salt mountain would also need moved. 3. Rebuild the stadium with a 6,000 seater. An arena type stadium with no gaps around it. 4. As we would own the land, stadium etc. Have training facilities and a football academy in this area to have everything situated together. 5. Contraversial bit (1). Change team name to Inverness FC. There is still a hangover and hankering back to the two old teams and all the negativity that goes with this. 6. Contraversial bit (2). Change the teams colours to something that is new and neutral. Any suggestions? 7. To win back popularity after points 6 and 7 hand out free season tickets. Thoughts?
  15. Rename game

    Cool. Good to hear.
  16. Re my Point 2 above. Still a pipe dream, but retail units on the south side of the land would make the area not 'just for football'. Which shops would be good there? Waitrose, Sainsburys, an IKEA pick up point like they have in Aberdeen or even just one shop/warehouse such as Costco. Maybe even a small Travelodge, Premier Inn or IBIS hotel. This would breathe new life into that area and make it not 'just for football'. I'm sure I saw that the reclaimed land (old dump) is marked down for retail sites online somewhere recently. The travellers and salt hill could be resited there or up behind Homebase where they are building a new jail. Or an alternative, resite the camp site at The Bught there. It is earmarked for going and a velodrome being built last I heard. Think it has a ten year lease that may or may not be renewed.
  17. Rename game

    Capital (as in Highland Capital) or Longman Stadium for me. Or sponsored name - 'North Coast 500 Stadium'. Make it a 'stop off' as part of that route and sell appropriate merchandise. If naming the stadium that is not popular get on board the major 'cash cow' as it will remain that for the foreseeable future. Any of the above three are appropriate and relevant to the location.
  18. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Yes it is interesting. Stick him up front as he is joint top scorer with Vigurs and Polworth. 3 each. Now there's an idea!!!!!
  19. Polworth v Kellacher

    RIP this thread. Old news now.
  20. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Agree with above. Positives, clean sheet and point away from home. Still can't score though. Still 9th.
  21. Polworth v Kellacher

    Here here. #Togetherness
  22. Falkirk Preview (Away) : 14/10/17

    Cheers CaleyD for that confirmation. Hope young Hogan is recovering from that sore one.
  23. Falkirk Preview (Away) : 14/10/17

    Not sure tbh. Doh on my part if he is.
  24. Remember this guy............

    Out for 6 weeks. Another untested and looking like unworthy crock on a wage with no return. We can really afford this, not!!!!
  25. Falkirk Preview (Away) : 14/10/17

    Is Cammy Mackey fit? Even old man Esson, but please not Ridgers!!!!!