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  1. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    And the award for pi$$ poor referring performance so far this season must easily go to John McKendrick.....NO CONTEST!. If a random stranger was told to toss a coin to make decisions during the game you probably would have been better off. If he has any morals or sense of shame he will forfeit his fee for this game!
  2. ICTFC Gain SFA Progressive Performance Award

    No but they train here!
  3. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Shorty.......surely the nickname must apply to the amount of brain cells you possess! Must be the lead contender for the most ignorant post on CTO this season.
  4. Aberdeen U20 -V- Inverness CT

    Not sure what team you support? you??????
  5. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    There's not much of him to begin with!
  6. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

  7. 2017/18 Fixtures

    Renegade missing a game .......................well if he does I will have no choice but to stroke him of my Christmas card list!!!
  8. Alex Fisher

    Do you really have to ask........Yes guarantee it's 100% total BS!
  9. Alex Fisher

    Honestly believe if Richie had not benched him for those three months we would not have been relegated & Alex would still be playing for ICT next season. Foran what an absolute plonker!
  10. You would think after a whole week of meetings the board & new chairman could have released a statement about Richie's future. The only positive I had after being relegated was that common sense would prevail and Foran would be replaced asap. Yet nothing so far! Reading most of the posts on here suggests that there are more reasons why it is time for Foran to go, the only sticking point is his contract/compensation package. If Foran stay's I can't see any positives. After watching every game this season it became apparent early on for everyone to see that the appointment was a catastrophic blunder! Don't think I can watch another season if he remains manager. And it pains me to say I will probably not be renewing my season ticket. I believe both the players & ICT fans deserve better!
  11. I'm also hoping it's the Express making a mistake. Did a double take at checking the calendar to make sure it wasn't April the 1st!
  12. You write "I care deeply about the club (as most ICT fans do, your point) of the few (Me too, oh and 140 other ICT fans) to brave a trip to Dens (it's Dundee not the Gaza strip) despite a busy work schedule (what like most people). Then later "your ridiculous personal attack on me here shocking!!" Behave yourself it was not a personal attack, I said your post was insensitive & tasteless, I did not say YOU were insensitive or tasteless!. But calling me ridiculous is personal but don't worry I won't be calling the lawyers just yet!!! And imagine having an opinion and expressing it on a forum, what was I thinking!. To have the audacity to criticize a club legend (Foran) am I bad or what. Please please please take off your rose tinted spectacles and live in the present! Michael Stuart on Sportscene tonight summed up Foran pretty well tonight. If you missed it it's worth a look. Michael Stewart says it how it is!
  13. I find your post incredibly insensitive & tasteless! You obviously find that getting our club being relegated and the consequences for e.g. loss of jobs and revenue entertaining in some way. Richie and his ego is all that seems to matter to him. He was offered plenty of advice from inside the club from the beginning, but being the BIG man he refused and wanted to do it his way. You seem to disagree with ICT Legend Barry Wilson who said "You do not reward failure"
  14. Well the answer to your last question is easy.....NO! I would not trust Foran to run a bath never mind a football team!
  15. Where do you start with why Richie Foran should be sacked. Well today he tried to deflect attention away from his own shortcomings and stated "ICT must get rid of TWO OR THREE BAD APPLES". The tactic of turning this into a guessing game & blaming players(again) is frankly quiet pathetic. Actually it's very cowardly to apportion blame on two/three mystery players, have the guts at least to stand up and name them. What a joke of a manager!. Had to give up listening to his cringe worthy interviews some time back. His constant team berating, contradictory statements & general drivel was just plain embarrassing. The club and fans deserve a lot better. Alex Fisher this years top scorer for ICT FC, it's a shame Foran couldn't see it earlier. After Fisher came of the bench at Ross County to score last December, his reward from Richie was to miss the next THREE MONTHS of football. He gave Henri Anier the next SEVEN starts and he scored absolutely nothing. One of Richie's bad apples? only he knows. Alex has scored SIX goals in the last seven games, & FOUR in the last three. Who knows if Alex had played those seven games would he have made a difference to us being relegated? Look at the numbers you decide. A manager who does not know his team is no manager at all! Barry Wilson made a good point today about Foran "You do not reward failure". That's also my opinion. I have no faith in Richie managing this club and hope the board sack him asap!