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  1. Now THAT is a light show! Hard core rave music is optional of course...
  2. Scored against our neighbour's over the bridge as well. It must be noted that a lot of his starts have been off the bench & with very little game time!
  3. Agree with your thought's. On your point he needed a guiding hand from November onwards & whether it was on offer; I have been told from more than one source inside the club that it was on offer, however it appears any advice given was not accepted readily.
  4. I think what happened was Richie favoured his own signings & froze Fisher out.I have watched every minute Anier has played and he is not a patch on Fisher!. Richie I believe persisted with Anier for so long hoping he would come good, but never did. Don't think he has scored a goal yet?. For everyone who was at the Motherwell game you could see quite clearly what we have been missing!!!!!!!!!!!!. Clearly on a professional basis your best players have to be played every game if available. Ritchie's lack of experience & man management skills are very much evident, unfortunately!.
  5. Matchday Thread

    How do you know this? I would be interested in where you heard this?
  6. POY

    5points.....Alex Fisher 3points.....Alex Fisher 1point.......Alex Fisher Referee.....Average(then after Motherwell's 3rd goal poor)
  7. POY

    What happened in tunnel I heard was that he told the ref what he thought of his performance!(it wasn't complimentary). Just like a lot of the North stand who waited behind to boo & demonstrate there frustration & anger at the ref's **** poor performance. Probably give Fisher a 7 for the game. Found space, won balls, set up chances, work rate etc.....and boy is he an improvement over Anier. Pity Ritchie has FROZEN him out of the team for so long, considering Alex was fit and ready!!!.
  8. Going by the negative responses on here & other social media after yesterday's game, perhaps Richie's name should be added to see what the fans think. Release or retain???
  9. Matchday Thread

    ..Why why why why does Foran persist with Anier he was terrible tonight again, everyone can see it who were there tonight!!!. Ebbe & Fisher on was an instant fix. So start them or at least give them realistic game time FFS
  10. Agree with dave26's post 100% Reminds me off a new manager I had at work who bought a new piece of machinery even though there was nothing wrong with our old one. Anyway after a while we figured out it was a step backwards & asked our manager for the previous one. His answer was to PERSEVERE, and that was his final answer!. Eventually after nine months our manager admitted the new one wasn't working. But why so long?. I believe the reason was he did not want to lose face & he wanted to stamp down his authority. So with that in mind Anier is not working, Get Fisher on the pitch, and time is not a luxury we have!
  11. Matchday Thread

    Pretty bad craic if you can't express opinions on a forum without the threat of being barred. I personally find what Charles Bannerman has written to be highly inappropriate & offensive on a number of levels. Also why Moderator's have not picked up on this but have let it slide instead is a mystery. Level playing field please!
  12. REMEMBER THE 18TH SEP THE 89 MIN HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Matchday Thread

    Well said couldn't have said it better!
  14. POY

    Tansey Tremarco Raven Referee: average Manager: average. Pity both King & Cole did not feature in yesterday's game. As early second half sub's, with fresh legs might have seen the game out 1-0 and a precious 3 points. Dean Ebbe replacing Anier with minutes to go???. Should have been subbed 15/20 minutes earlier IMO