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  1. Matchday Thread

    Pretty bad craic if you can't express opinions on a forum without the threat of being barred. I personally find what Charles Bannerman has written to be highly inappropriate & offensive on a number of levels. Also why Moderator's have not picked up on this but have let it slide instead is a mystery. Level playing field please!
  3. Matchday Thread

    Well said couldn't have said it better!
  4. POY

    Tansey Tremarco Raven Referee: average Manager: average. Pity both King & Cole did not feature in yesterday's game. As early second half sub's, with fresh legs might have seen the game out 1-0 and a precious 3 points. Dean Ebbe replacing Anier with minutes to go???. Should have been subbed 15/20 minutes earlier IMO
  5. Foran seems fixated on starting Anier no matter what, but why?. Is he a huge improvement over Fisher & Boden, in my honest opinion I don't think so. Some people say Anier was a panic signing!. Maybe Foran feels he must persevere as he signed Henri?. Boden looked decent when he came on against Partick last week as a sub & the team looked better for it. Both players played in the development league mid week, both fit & Boden with a goal. Agree with Robert, would love to see a McKay/Fisher partnership. Keep hearing rumours about a fall out with Richie and Fisher as well. Disappointed if true as an personal fall out should take a back seat.
  6. Matchday Thread

    Yesterday draw was a smash & grab which we did not deserve but will take gladly. The team selected did not inspire, especially when key players Tremarco, Draper, and Mulraney were missing. Also Cole not making a start(carrying an injury perhaps?). But badly missed Jake's lighting pace & Drape's bossing midfield. Osman/Lawless injuries particularly fortunate for us. Especially Lawless my motm for Patrick first half. Few decent saves by Fon Williams, but wish communication between him & defence improves. Raven & Billy McKays put a shift in. Raven rolled back the years and my MOTM. His volley looked superb and if scored would have been a peach. The double sub could not happen soon enough and if 10 minutes earlier all the better. The fresh legs & attacking play had Patrick dropping back in the last ten. They switched off with the cross, step up Gary Warren, BOOM 1-1. Many at the game thought Anier & Vigurs were flat & should have been subbed much earlier. Oh and why,why,why does Alex Fisher not get a start?. Yesterday needed a grafter who can find space, high work rate & aerial presence in the box. Noticed fans shouting to get Fisher on at Ritchie but falling on deaf ears. Don't know if it's personal but WTF Billy McKay needed better support/service yesterday.
  7. Matchday Thread

    What a great game absolutely thrilling second half. Still buzzing so easily could have been 3-1. Great credit to the young team with there drumming/singing as usual, great job
  8. Start Fisher instead has more pace, finds space and more dynamic with his non stop running. Noticed yesterday he did'nt even get a run-out with the development squad!. Think time to play our best players if we want to stay up!!!.
  9. Matchday Thread

    Can only think that the above was written in the heat of the moment. No fan would give up the opportunity to miss the chance to SUPPORT his team in a Highland Derby so readily. These away days to Dingwall have normally become the best away days of the season for atmosphere,singing the craic etc. If you don't have the passion to support your team maybe you should find another interest.
  10. Matchday Thread

    Worth a trip down from the Highlands for a decent ICT performance. The better team in the 1st half, and over the piece the better team. Can't wait to see the highlights as I don't know how we didn't score in the first half. Nice to see the players come over to applaud the travelling fans. But Doumbouya went one better by singling out one lucky lad & handed him his shirt. Which both set of supporters appreciated!.
  11. Matchday Thread

    Don't like bad language but the ref is a F%&king disgrace!!!!!!!
  12. Yes agree with the above post, and if not give him half an hour at least as a sub. Would also like to see Mulraney start with King for his pace,skill & crosses into the box. What I like about Alex is his high work rate, constantly running the ball down and pressurising the opposition. Get Dorran on the pitch earlier as well.
  13. Absolutely unbelievable level off poor service from JD sports again, this must surely be the last straw!.They think by making apologies on a weekly basis to appease the fans and a £10 discount to buy us off will do the trick......taking the p*** would be an understatement!!!. Enough is enough the club & fans deserve better, I think a new kit manufacturer should be found the sooner the better.
  14. poy

    Draper Fisher Horner