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  1. Predict our goals in league

    Hi guys, Thinking for a little fun we should predict league goal top scorers in team by end of season. There is a lot of negative comments so far about our attacking options so thought we could try to turn this into a bit of a game. So top 3 goalscorers for next season , top assists, and total goals for team. Oakley 17 Susan 16 Baird 13 Assists Mulreany 20 Vigurs 16 Seedorf 12 Total team goals 56 Expecting pelters but waiting for United match to confirm or deny Susan brilliance. . . .
  2. Welcome Susan

    To welcome Susan to the club and with such a good opportunity for a bit of fun is there any chance we could come up with a good song for him. Do you think we could come up with an alternative lyriced .'boy called sue' . Even better if someone could then get there guitar out to play it.... JOHNNY CASH A Boy Named Sue Lyrics New! Tap highlighted lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics... Play "A Boy Named Sue" on Amazon Music Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Well my daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave much to Ma and me Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze Now, I don't blame him 'cause he run and hid But the meanest thing that he ever did Was before he left, he went and named me "Sue" Well, he must o' thought that is quite a joke And it got a lot of laughs from a' lots of folk It seems I had to fight my whole life through Some gal would giggle and I'd get red And some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named "Sue" Well, I grew up quick and I grew up mean My fist got hard and my wits got keen Roam from town to town to hide my shame But I made me a vow to the moon and stars I'd search the honky-tonks and bars And kill that man who gave me that awful name Read more: Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  3. Top 5 predictions

    Hi Seen jim spence ask the question a week or so ago and wondered if we could do it as part of the forum using the voting functionality in one form or another. Who will be the top 5 teams in the championship this year and what order. I think ill predict after falkirk match but before then i would maybe go St mirren Caley Dundee utd Dunfermline Falkirk Is there anything clever like the player voting we could do to give everyone a go?
  4. Team for Falkirk

    Ridgers Mackay Elsdon Warren Calder Seedorf draper vigurs Oakley baird mulraeny Controversial way to get seedorf further forward?
  5. Player of the Year 2016-17

    And players playing in a well functioning team in their best position.
  6. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Just caught my eye how different the opinions of Iain Vigurs can be when at the games. In the spirit of trying to be positive and educate my potentially limited football vision could we discuss and celebrate what he does well and what I should be looking for and praising at the next game as i had a very negative impression yesterday with lots of missed passes and blaming teammates.
  7. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Really positive discussion turning into a bit of a disagreement . The whole point of the thread was to bring people together to discuss positively facts and measured statements of Iains performance and not go into the i like/dont like debate that we seem able to sustain on any subject on these forums. Please look back to the starting point of the discussion and go forward in that spirit.
  8. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    I think we should leave it for a few weeks to see how robbo shapes and motivated the team. I just felt vigurs deserved better treatment from us as he seemed to be very polarising and easily criticised.
  9. Stirling Albion -V- Inverness CT

    Last year this was a game we would have lost so i am taking a positive from that. We had 20 shots which is good but with so few threatening the goal this maybe means we shot a little too early or didnt have composure I think I will really watch the defense and ridgers on saturday to see how much better the comms are from last season. No ofw news yet so looks like he is frozen out if he doesnt leave. Another clean sheet against falkirk and i will be happy. Then let the strikers gel.
  10. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Morning, From the stats chris produced the two important ones were passes in final third where he was in the top ten in the league last year with 11 per match and forward passes where he again led our stats.
  11. Transfer in and outs

    #justice for zschuschen
  12. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Think this has been a really positive discussion and loved all the people who supplied data and personal insights. Agree with caley girl that it is far too easy for any of us to become keyboard warriors and be negative with little foundation. It is interesting how much harder and much more data was required to be positive and supportive. Some great insights here and when u look at the facts and the very good evaluations from everyone I now feel much more informed and balanced.
  13. Welcome Susan

    Oh twelth man i like it. Gold star for effort. He is big and strong and fast and bold And you look at him and your blood runs cold And he says my name is sue how do you do
  14. Transfer in and outs

    Brad is hiding the scarf again.....
  15. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Thanks for all the data chris and all the positive comments. Based on all the discussion i dont really value his more languid style and percevied lack of effort. He is though much more efficient than Ross D. Ross has powerful runs great physical presence and very effective tackles and the effort he shows impresses me more. But ross needs to work harder as he is less efficient ? I will try not to be overcritical of Iain in the future. Would be interesting to do the same sort of discussion in a few weeks on Polworth.
  16. Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    I thought this was a decent performance with pass marks for most of the team. I couldnt decide but i think the formation at times was more 4 3 3 Ridgers 6 Seedorf mackay warren calder 9 7 8 6 Polworth draper vigurs 5 7 5 Oakley baird mulreany 6 7 8 Robbo 10 man/manager of the match Couple of things stood out for me Warren was much better. Commanding and comunicative. Liked seedorf and calder covering movement if brad or warren pullled out of position. Back four much more astute only one full back at a time going forward the other staying back. Good comms from gary. Vigurs was poor mispassing multiple times first half ., arguing with warren in first half, not using space or combining effectively on left with calder and mulreany. Needs to work as a team player or take him out as he was disruptive. Calder and mulreany combining very well on left going forward with calder dribbling past mulreany at times and mulreany dropping back to cover. Calder sometimes a little out of position and missing tackles. Mulreany running back to defend when brechin got the ball tackling and then them both high fiving whenever they did something good for each other whether defensively or offensively. Different world to isolated player last year. He sometimes made poor decisions and overan the ball but much happier lad. Seedorf was superb at right back. Speed strength and great touch. Dribbled past players. Passed past players class. One great piece of interplay between him mulreany and draper in the second half was worth the admission alone. Draper consistent tackles and touches. Very steady and fulcrum for me. Polworth poor. Turned into tackles and lost ball to often. Not sure what has to happen to make this work for him. Bairds movement great. Worked forward and back and across the line. Not quite linking up with oakley and rest of team who hadn't quite gelled to him yet. Oakley was ok and got a goal but distribution and awareness not quite sharp yet. Be interesting to see what develops. Think the competition for places with Susan will keep the frontline very fresh. In summary good performances but the real test is falkirk. Robbos acquisitions and tactics look solid but the real difference is the sheer joy he has instilled in the team and when interviewed on sportsound on the media as well. The only way is up.cant wait for Stirling and Falkirk.
  17. Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    Scotty do you need any help crunching and collating the numbers from last year. Happy to data munch through it.
  18. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    Caleyboy, Think you are becoming very focussed on all the faults we can find. We support a football team lets focus on their performance recruitment and management on the field rather than endlessly saying how terrible a club we are. Everytime you criticise or denegrate the club negatively you may impact a fan who may decide not to go. Absolutely identify what can be improved but pointless statements like 'shows what a joke we are ' just looses any positive response from myself.
  19. Transfer in and outs

    Johann von Hullit..... A frankenstien monster of a forward built from all the parts removed from famous dutch footballers knees hips and feet over the last thirty years . Or am i just making it up.....
  20. Pre-season

    More concerned by not having enough fit players to play clach and season starting next week.
  21. Transfer in and outs

    Was always scared we would lose three every game.....
  22. Pre-season

    That was the only game i was going to get too....
  23. Transfer in and outs

    Our defence was awful last season. Whether due to personnel ,tactics or midfield support. Any change can only be an improvement over losing three goals a game.
  24. Transfer in and outs

    I think the club is in a much more secure position than you imply. There is little chance of the club struggling to exist with the careful work robbo is doing. It will be interesting to compare last years wage bill to this years at the end of the season and compare the quality of the players we had for the money. A lot of the players we had in were on very inflated wages. We paid for mercenaries because we couldnt charm them to come. That us what robbo is doing now. Not withstanding elgin result there is an incredibly positive and enthusastic feel to robbo, the players and the media presence. If you have not seen them look for the exchanges between meekings , brad and mcnaughton to name a few on twitter. 'Great to be around such positive people' Maybe there was only one bad apple....
  25. Hellgin Vs ICT

    Mmmmm Vigurs and polworth in midfield result in loss of shape and control and defence that lets in goals. I dont know if its comms or style but this seems so familiar. Robbo will learn a lot from this.