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  1. Robertsons big changes

    What are our big options as who is fit.... Goalkeeper i am lost. Cammy Mackay if no ofw but is he available? I would say chalmers at lcb with warren. At least he listens is a lot quicker than brad and can tackle. He can head the ball distribution could improve but think mackay needs dropped. Have supported him but think he is part of the problem. Think we need warren. Cant put elsdon in (no jason brown should never have got rid) and dont trust donaldson. Only other option is to go three at back with raven. Obvious lwb in tremarco. Rb in raven or seedorf when fit. Trafford (who is backup) Vigurs polworth is there any better options? Mulreany bell Foy Oakley not fit. Baird missing chances susan......... Cant see any other big changes we can make. Anyone else have ideas?
  2. Why do you support ICT ?

    Great posts ihe. Love it when talk about positive things on here. My family came from paisley but i was born and raised in thurso. Seen my first football match at love street when 12 and supported st mirren from afar for twenty years . Lived in london and managed to get my dad down to games at chelsea and fulham. It was then he told me he attended the 7-3 real madrid final in glasgow and how he gave up football to bring kids up away from glasgow. From this point on i tried to take him to as many games as possible and caley became his/our local team . As he became ill the people at the club were amazing and it was at the stadium where he was able to enjoy simple things like invading the pitch when promoted. Terry and yogi talking to him. The players saying hello and getting to lift the scottish cup. So i support caley because they supported him and because every week before a ball is kicked there is hope that this week we can win.
  3. Robertsons big changes

    Havent seen any other proposals of what changes if any could be made does noone have any ideas ?
  4. Player of the Year - Livingston

    I am going to get so much abuse for my last choice.
  5. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Personally i thought the first half display was good. Crisp fast passing and good movement up front should have been 3 1 caley at half time. Niel Alexander had to make three good saves, baird should have scored, and livi scored with one of only two crosses. Movement into channels around box was good with some real penetration. Overpassed sometimes but they created real threat but did not finish them off. Vigurs , polworth , trafford, cooper passing and workrate good with few missed passes. Really need more than goal highlights to see this. Second half was woeful. Confidence shattered in 7 minutes when second goal went in. Passing , movement defensive positioning all went to pot. In this period players missed numerous simple passes heads went down people stopped wanting to recieve ball as pressure from crowd increased. Three notable exceptions for me here were raven polworth and bell. Who kept moving and demanding the ball. Defensive clearances and headers were very poor with everyone dragged into six yard line and no one defending the golden ten yards in front of the box. Allowing easy repossession by livi. Need to sort defence and confidence urgently to compete in this league. Our second half performance again dipped badly is there something in all the fitness comments affecting performance? Pretty disgusted by all the fans leaving early though. Must be a nightmare place to be a player with quiet support desserting you 15 minutes into second half. Cant help thier confidence.
  6. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    Think there is some truth in this. Desperately think we need a defensive coach and one guy out there does fit the bill if he could work with robbo and rice. Malpas definately helped a little at tail of last season definsively and this does seem to be ongoing issue.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Livvy have only lost once this season so they are full of confidence and energy so not as surprising as you think. Big worry is who on the fixture list can we beat on current form? Brecin? Dumbarton?
  8. Our Signing Strategy

    Dont agree with this at all. Seedorf, Zak, Trafford ,Calder, Bell , Oakley when fit all look like decent prospects at this level who will develop. Polwarth is now being Used correctly. Chalmers I think has had a couple of decent touches and looks fitter than the first few games. Think Ridgers baird, and elsdon are very suspect. This is a much better ratio than last years donkeys to winners ratio.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Going for a 3 1 win today. Think its the start of a run as polworth really starts to gain confidence. Hope fans stay of his back long enough to let us get on top. I assume Trafford is playing and hope we play three centre backs with lcb being chalmers as i think his pace compliments warren more than elsdon and the morton game we looked a lot more secure with that sort of system. Think we will score goals. Putting thermals on now before the game.
  10. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Ok we lost as expected big deal . Defence is poor needs work . But we scored two goals away from home. Thats a huge step forward from last season. We knew 11 points from first 8 games would be a good total with a reconstructional team so we have to keep the faith and look to have dramatically improved by the time st mirren visit the tcs. Havent heard how bad or good individuals in defence were yet but lots of comments around ridgers. This st mirren team are a very potent attacking force so score draw was best i could hope for. Was anyone expecting us to win.
  11. St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    Going out on a limb but i am going to predict a 2 all today . Think score draw is possible if the team can keep heads high. Think polworth playing in his correct posotion can cause chaos but think elsdon can do the same....
  12. St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    Trafford is free to play?
  13. St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    Chalmers mackay raven back three if warren not fit. Think chalmers played well as part of a three. Will seedorf be fit? Tremarco cant start can he?
  14. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Sorry but think your under a false impression that life is fair and proof required. Life is not a court of law. There is no onus on a service provider to give reasons for removal of access to a service . There is a requirement for people to meet minimum acceptable social standards whether renting a flat, working in a team or in a pub.
  15. Player of the Year - Aberdeen Colts

    I have had to say numpyie not at game sometimes to let me see results but havent put in votes..... Im a numpty but please dont ban me button may be required. . .
  16. Scottish Youth Cup ICTFC v Banks of Dee FC

  17. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    Ps an appropriate punishment for any over exuberant fans would be to sing a bridge and a castle three times like a hail mary after confession and get videod doing it for the club tvs and their facebook page. That would stop any pretence of ultraviolence and aggression as there is no way you can do anything but smile and laugh when you hear the most twee football song in the world. Every visitor i have ever taken has always smiled and compared it to the glasgow rubbish or the hatred between derby clubs elsewhere. If they then reoffend a three match stint in the nessie uniform entertaining the kids would be the high security reoffend option.
  18. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    As i said on brechin matchday post other fans would know who was responsible and should be dealing with them before it got to banning orders. Instead ul17 duck responsibility and blame everyone else. Moray jaggie and pumpfake you seem very positive about the atmosphere they create as am I but if they had taken an ounce of responsibility or if you could have influenced their behaviour we would not be in this stupid situation. Everyone slated me for saying other fans should get involved but as everyone is proud to say we are the club and tacit acceptance of unacceptable behaviour causes more problems to develop. As for the fact they are young or old that doesnt bother me. I dont know where the obsession with age and sweetie wrappers comes in on this forum. It is only the criminal behaviour that has to be dealt with and earlier intervention by ul17 on their members or people who know them could have stopped all this in january. There have been hints online and from police of violent behaviour at previous games as someone who picked up pieces from the hearts casuals before that needs stamped out now and if losing these self destructive pillocks is the answer i am all for it. I regret others could not influence them first and that is the lost opportunity.
  19. IRN BRU CUP : AFC U20s v ICTFC : Ticket Info

    Great kingsmill lets stay positive.
  20. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    Sorry and i know i will take a lot of flack for this but talking about the issues does not deal with them. We had 120 fans there and approximately 100 of them let this behaviour carry on. They did not personally challenge the behaviour, identify the individuals to police or stewards or get them kicked if the bus for the return trip. Fans were removed from the stadium were the ejected from the return bus or allowed back on? This is the equivalent to walking by a mugging as you dont want to get involved or watching a girl get plied with drink and not making sure she got home safely. Responsibility means we have the ability to choose our response and not just observe and bitch afterwards. Was at a game down south in 80s when a fan threw an object from amongst about 400 people. To a man everyone behind him pointed at him and identified him to the police. The poor behaviour is a breach of your personal standards and if you do not directly stand up to it at the time you become complicit. Can i break the red card record with this post?
  21. The Liam Polworth Enigma

    I am very wary of being negative as we need to be more positive but the biggest issue with polly was the manager. Foran took a comfortable premier league team and played people out of position and destroyed their individual confidence. You are starting to see the shoots of players confidence grow . The issue is the hugely negative crowd will impact this improvement in polly especially at home where every mistep is magnified and vocalised. I was embarrassed to be a caley fan sitting near to pollys wife and small child last home game. After the best 20 minutes i have seen him play with brilliant runs his first poor pass was met with criminal levels of abuse. I think he might play best away from home for the next couple of months until he feels loved and supported as the negative pressure currently tells.
  22. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Just caught my eye how different the opinions of Iain Vigurs can be when at the games. In the spirit of trying to be positive and educate my potentially limited football vision could we discuss and celebrate what he does well and what I should be looking for and praising at the next game as i had a very negative impression yesterday with lots of missed passes and blaming teammates.
  23. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    Tie in to north coast 500 by using the rear extension car park for motorhomes. Need a little work but might be an option. . . .encourage away support.....
  24. I normally want all the north teams to do well but........ this is so funny.
  25. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    The post from canada talking about season ticket holders being give the option to buy a team roster number and purchase a numbered named shirt at a price made interesting reading to me.