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  1. This is the first match in a while I'm actually able to attend as a STH due to work/family/etc but I am choosing simply not to go. I don't expect to see anything surprising and I am at peace with the realisation that we will be relegated. I am embarrassed to say right now I support ict
  2. It'll be Kenny Cameron that wins
  3. Ok Ok, I was only winding you up :)
  4. Oh well, that teaches me not to listen to the word of someone who works at the club and sees the players and staff every single day
  5. Lol, gotta love how gossip starts
  6. Seems to be working fine for me, very exciting!
  7. Nice one I thought Kevin was one of our strongest players early on in the season, and had he not been injured so early I think he would have commanded that back 4.
  8. Just seeing the 2nd ICTFC official trailer for something "coming in the air" involving Dicksons. I first thought it was going to be some boring deal to buy cars at a slightly discounted price, but now another ones appeared and to be honest if it is purely a Dicksons sales plug, then I doubt many will be particularly impressed at the build up, however I noticed it makes reference to the "Caley Jags TV" and it made me wonder, if this could be launch of a new sub based Youtube channel?
  9. Matchday Thread

    Haha looks like
  10. Matchday Thread

    Is Kellacher standing on a balance board during this interview?
  11. Matchday Thread

    For only getting a point yesterday, I came away from that feeling very positive. For first time in ages, I actually struggled who to award the 5,3,1 points to in the poll. King was standout for me, very pleasing to see him assert himself on the pitch, and hopefully this will give Richie the confidence to start him more often. Esson for me was OK, but as others have mentioned very rusty which I guess is only natural. It's a pity in this scenario we don't still have Cammy as I thought he was great in the Hearts game. Thought for once Vigurs showed great skill and composure and played with real heart, as did all of them really including Tansey. Very unfortunate actually not to have held out for the win, but given where we were at HT a draw seems fair. It seems now we have turned a corner in terms of our firepower upfront, but we must plug that hole in defence if we are to climb off the bottom. Warren is struggling every game, and Raven who had a decent game struggled with a full 90 minutes. We need Brad back in there and possibly reinforcements brought in to cover RB. McCart looked decent but was certainly guilty of giving the ball away now and again.
  12. Matchday Thread

    Yeh the boy "northstandrising" got blocked by official ict Twitter after understandably venting his frustration on a post, truth hurts
  13. Raven apparently is a doubt for tomorrow... Calf injury
  14. I find it "laughable" that you chose to compose such a long winded and frankly arrogant response to what is MY opinion on the situation, without actually offering one of your own. None of us are close enough, or know enough about the dealings at higher level at the club to know exactly what is going on, and sometimes we have to go on the information available to us, and our own personal experiences and feelings. I like many of the fans today am feeling extremely frustrated, angry and saddened by recent events, and offered MY opinion on the situation and how I feel about things. I am not telling it as facts and I'm not expecting everyone to agree with them, but I don't expect to have some sad little man belittle me and my comments without offering some degree of opinion himself