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  1. Yeh they're not the best at keeping a secret
  2. Just seems strange that it was done before Robbo was actually confirmed, would be very strange to have signed anyone without a substantive manager actually in place. I'd like to think Robbo already knows the kind of players he wants and will have a huge contact base ready to supply names, something I dont think Foran had one of this time last season
  3. Has he actually signed anything?
  4. Courier now appears to be reporting that not only is JR the new manager and number 1, but Rice will remain as assistant and Kellacher as coach
  5. Seems to be a common theme already this season. After a fairly optimistic outlook, I now fear for the future of this season and the club if this is an indication of how the board are going to run the club and treat the fans
  6. Sums the feeling up perfectly, well said
  7. Even though I struggle to get to every home game, I had fully intended to renew my ST purely just to support the club from the offset, however given we now find ourselves a Cship outfit I fully expected my ticket price to drop by at least £50, which I was still willing to pay. The fact that not only has it remained the same, but there appears to not even be a well thought out and calculated rationale to accompany it, means I will not be renewing out of principle and will instead suit myself week by week which games I attend which sadly always inevitably results in losing touch in general. It feels as if the board have just got a complete lack of regard for the long season suffering faithful fans that turned up last season and rather than reward us and encourage others to take the plunge their happier purely robbing the far too loyal fraternity that won't even question it
  8. Season ticket prices just announced, absolutely gobsmacked that they are remaining the same price as last year! Instead of reducing and trying to encourage a new support it would appear they are happy to further rob the old faithful supporter who will renew regardless
  9. Having not been in this situation myself previously, what is the likely cost of a season ticket going to be next season? I was 300 last year and struggled with work to get to quite a few of the games but I'd still be prepared to pay assuming it's not as much as that
  10. I don't blame Richie for this mess I blame KC and the directors who agreed to put him straight in at the top, a year as assistant to someone else might have bore fruit for next season, but even if lessons have been learnt here and potentially he could have done a better job next year, the confidence of the fans and respect of the players has been totally lost. No way back. Never nice to have to feel happy about anyone losing their job, but it's absolutely critical to our success and hopefully immediate return to the PL
  11. Definitely Hamilton, I think relegation will hit them far harder financially than us and certainly more than DU. If we get rid of foran and rebuild properly I see no real threat in that league other than Falkirk
  12. They really are poor down there, I've seen me going to reception to ask if shop can be opened so I can buy a ticket or just have a look and I just get impression I'm simply wasting their time so I usually just rush off without really bothering. Even people looking to get tickets which could potentially be their first experience, get the obstacles and cold shoulder treatment. Place is a joke
  13. For somewhat obvious reasons, I'd imagine
  14. What a strange situation to ponder though, just theoretically imagine we get to the play offs, against DU and its 10 mins from final whistle, currently a draw, Billy happens to be in a scoring postion.....what does he do!!! What a decision to make
  15. Lot of imagination put into Fonners Tango suit, no wonder he's falling asleep there