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  1. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Not the greatest game of football, but all the things considered including late kick off on a Saturday night, we'ld deserved win. Nervous first half but much more composed 2nd half and should have had the game buried by 75 mins. Vigurs stand out for me again, more so with his determination to stay on the field after getting injured. Solid defensive performance again, and again a lot to build on for the league campaign. Lot of positives to take from this last couple of months
  2. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Yeh I thought exact same, lot of good pressing play and shots at goal and good movement that I'd love to see again from a different angle. Really miss the Sportscene highlights now
  3. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Well said IBM, great day altogether and brilliant result 😃
  4. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Think he just needs to build some confidence and composure, he looks like he's so eager to score that he panics when he's in an opportunity. He's not got the pace or quick feet of Bell, but that won't stop him being in the right place to crack one in
  5. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    That's the most enjoyable game of football I've witnessed at the TCS for a long time, the change in attitude and aptitude was incredible from the QOS game. There was rarely a moment where we gave in and I'm amazed we didn't finish that at least 3-0. Our defence was rock solid, our midfielders show great composure and skill to feed the forwards and apart from Baird the chances just kept looking like going in. A massive amount of positives to take from that and the boys should be immensely proud of their achievement today. Great to see a pretty decent turn out too
  6. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    I don't think Elbouzedi can be overlooked either, in my opinion he looked the best of a bad lot preseason so will be interesting to see what he brings to the overall picture at this juncture
  7. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Brilliant result, so pleased for them all...especially vigurs, easily one of our best but most criticised players. Bring on Dunfermline
  8. Fans Boycott

    I find it incredible that in a post about boycotting the club, a reply which offers a personal opinion as to why I or some others may not want to attend at the present time, is suddenly jumped on by people like you who's only answer is to suggest that I purely want to support a team that win every week.
  9. Fans Boycott

    I am a relative newbie to ICT and only started going in 2011 due to my wee lad showing an interest. This resulted in me buying a season ticket in 2012-2016 and enjoying the cup run and ultimate glory, and I feel so privileged to have been a part of that. Last year I, like so many others became completely demoralised with going down on match day knowing pretty much that another defeat was inevitably on the cards. My son, who was always excited just to go and be a part of it actually started refusing to go and I would have to end up missing games or go alone, which seemed pointless. Once the pain of relegation subsided, I actually felt quite excited at the prospect of being one of the "big teams" and tried to persuade my son that we would see far more wins and hopefully be top 3 minimum. I gave it a few games just to see how we started before splashing out on another season ticket, partly due to the initial pricing fiasco. The way we started obviously gave me huge concern and I decided I couldn't justify personally paying £260 in one go and would instead tentatively pay per game until I seen a measured improvement. I avoided a few more primarily due to work and holiday commitments but after the Morton and St mirren results I decided to avoid the livi game too, although I felt I might end up missing out on a pivotal turning point. How wrong I was. I then decided to swallow my pride and attend the QOS game again hoping for a fresh spirited performance and maybe even a resounding win. What followed was prob the most boring 90 mins of this year so far. I am now staying away completely, not to boycott as mentioned and not to spite the club or the players but purely and simply because.... Why would I want to ruin another Saturday afternoon down there watching that rubbish? I'm sure this is why so many are staying away now, it's prolonged and consistent agony and I speak to so many who have given it a try and want to be a part of it but simply would prefer to be doing absolutely ANYTHING else on a Saturday afternoon.
  10. Rename game Begs the question, what would we potentially like to see it called now
  11. Inverness CT -V- QOS

    First game I've been to since the Dundee United opening game, and it'll be the last. Cannot tolerate another 90 mins of that torture
  12. Robertson Out

    Have to agree with that, this has been going on too long now and rather than starting to make any noticeable difference, Robbo and the coaches seem to be continuing to make all the same mistakes from last season. As a fan it's utterly depressing and it's one thing getting behind your team and giving full support when it's relatively short term and action is being taken, but this is dragging on with no end in sight.
  13. Number One

    Be interesting to see if that performance has any bearing at all on team selection for Dumbarton. Somehow I cant see OFW being ahead of Ridgers, but to even see him on the bench would be a good start. I really hope Robbo will not do what Foran did and ostracise players purely to avoid admitting he might have been wrong. OFW had his clangers last 2 seasons, but overall he looked the part of a confident and competent GK with perhaps a little extra coaching required. Ridgers looks more like the backup that's never used and hasn't played any competitive football for a few years
  14. Robertsons big changes Interesting piece on who should potentially be left out for Dumbarton, given Oakley and Mulraney were the 2 used subs (as well as Tremarco but no blame there): JOHN ROBERTSON let rip at experienced campaigners in his squad who have piled early season pressure on Inverness Caley Thistle through basic mistakes. In a scathing assessment of Saturday’s 3-1 home defeat to Livingston, the Highlanders’ manager said he understood why supporters had booed his team from the field. Robertson, while acknowledging a positive performance for the first hour, berated his players for squandering goalscoring opportunities and making simple defensive mistakes. He was also highly-critical of the lack of impact made by substitutes who had previously demanded to know why they were not being selected. After just one win from six opening Championship matches, last season’s relegated Premiership club sit nine points behind the leaders and two points off bottom place. Robertson said: “We’re asking players to do basic things and these basic things are costing us. “Players get free from set pieces – basic. Players not going with runners – basic. Players not pulling the trigger to shoot – basic. “There’s a mental block we’re going to have to get over, and quickly. “That’s two weeks in a row where, had we taken our chances at the right time, we could have been sitting on the coat-tails of the leaders. “We’re not. We find ourselves in the bottom three, looking over our shoulders at what’s below us. “The last half hour against Livingston was a performance that puts everyone here under pressure. It puts players under pressure, coaching staff under pressure – but we have to deal with it.” Robertson, addressing the jeers from the stands, said: “Listen, the fans are quite right. We’ve got to give them something to cheer about. “We did that in the first half, even after we went behind. I thought the fans were behind us and knew we were unlucky not to be in front. “When Livingston went 2-1 ahead, you could understand them starting to grumble because they’ve seen us spurn many opportunities. “There was a wee spell at 2-1 where we’ve created some wonderful chances but not pulled the trigger. “Liam Polworth has a glorious chance where, in training, he’d have curled it into the corner. Instead, he tried to pick somebody out in the middle. “That’s when the frustration starts. We’re trying to score the perfect goal rather than just smash it into the back of the net. “You could hear the frustration growing and when their guy hits the third goal you can understand why the fans aren’t happy. “I’m not happy. The coaching staff are not happy, so why shouldn’t the fans be unhappy? We have no issues in that regard. “This is where players have to be strong and stand up to it. “That was the disappointing aspect. At 3-1 behind, we started to chase the game without discipline, running into positions which were not natural.” Turning his wrath on the substitutes, Robertson exempted Carl Tremarco, back after April’s cruciate injury, from criticism. But he said: “You’re asking substitutes to go on and make an impact – and we got nothing. “Carl Tremarco got forward down the lines, but the other two went on and barely registered a touch, barely did anything. “And these are the guys who are knocking on your door asking why they’re not in the team. When they are given their opportunity, they show you nothing. “We’ve been loyal and have worked hard to get the right people for the right positions. We seemed to be making progress. “But once we lost the second goal, we fell apart – and that’s the worrying thing. Experienced players are making basic errors.”
  15. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Embarrassment, the longer this goes on the more detached I feel. I actually made my peace with relegation and was looking forward to a season of hopefully being one of the big dogs and showing the others how we do it. I realistically didn't see us getting a huge amount off DU Dunfermline and Falkirk but certainly seen Morton Brechin and livi as the sure wins, anything else a bonus. To be 6 games in and 1 point off the bottom is frankly disastrous. The problem I see is nothing changes and nothing can change, week in week out we field the same deadbeats we play the same type of football and make the same mistakes over and over. Robbo now talking about dropping various experienced players smacks of exactly the type of desperation Foran showed mid-season last year. It can't be a coincidence that we still can't get it right on the training pitch midweek, there has to be something rotten at training level. Is it that they now simply don't know what else to try, would anyone else know... Is it something simple is it something fundamental? The bit that gets me every time I think back to the game preseason against Elgin, for lower league part time team they looked stronger, more confident, more agile, more tactfully aware and more willing to win. This amazed me at the time, but it would seem most of the teams around us now play like this and it's purely then on the day who takes their chances. We rarely do, and we can't defend to save our lives. I never thought id be saying this but Richie Foran must be sitting at home chuckling and feeling relieved that a certain portion of the heat and focus of failure is now off him, Yogi on the other hand must be having the biggest laugh of all.