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  1. I have no issue with disagreement or differences of opinion, but to label my own opinion and experience as "nonsense" is not very respectfully stated.
  2. I'm really pleased that you have found a much different experience with him, however let me be the first to point out to you that a paid Sponsor night and a somewhat non obligatory kids meet and greet is hugely different. Of all the times I have been to these, he is the one player I find very difficult to get a picture with or a moment to speak to. Now, yes I totally agree with you, maybe it's purely down to being "quiet and unassuming and not outgoing" I have no problem with that, I appreciate not everyone is comfortable at these types of events, however his attitude on the pitch is publicly NOT "quiet and unassuming" and as far as first impressions go, its increasingly difficult to escape from. It might interest you to know that last season I actually talked my son into getting "Vigurs 11" on his new home strip, as believe it or not I rate him as a player very highly, and where most of my friends were getting Tansey, Draper, Warren etc I genuinely believed Vigurs deserved a bit of support. Lastly you make reference to "personal opinions" which is interesting given that you have publicly berated mine as "noncence" (sp) ...I however will refrain from doing the same to yours as I have no way, or desire to disprove or pour scorn on yours
  3. It was meant a bit tongue in cheek really, but my point is over the years just like with the existing shop, the facilities the state of the stadium the car park etc.... Yeh I know they have spent what they've had to on players managers etc, but as far as anything extra or investing in long term projects or community it just dosent ever seem likely
  4. Nice idea but unfortunately it would involve the board spending money... Non starter
  5. Matchday Thread

    That's very concerning that not only we don't win the game outright against the worst team in the table but we also don't put it bed when it should be easy. If Foran was still here he'd be blaming the performance on the 100 kids game on Sunday
  6. I always feel with vigurs he acts like a big name player, who almost feels he's better than the club he's at. Not just on the pitch but any meet and greets I've been to, more often than not he's never there and if he is, he vanishes like a puff of smoke as soon as he can. On the pitch I've always thought he performs well on the big games, but again on the smaller games and I'm talking the killies the particks etc no longer smaller games, he would look largely disinterested. I find it amazing that a player like him with his obvious talent and potential that he would be looking to really stand out and make a name for himself as it could be his last year and he could be back to Highland league level. His attitude and temperament does him zero favours.
  7. According to HN Elbouzedi out for 2 months and players carrying knocks this week are fonners, cammy, Brad, vigurs, Elsdon and Baird. That was why the Clach game was cancelled, not looking good for the start of the competitive fixtures in 2 days time
  8. Thought it was really poor, Elgin looked a very pacey, solid organised unit, we on the other hand looked to be playing second fiddle to just about everything. We looked totally outclassed and out muscled and certain players should hang their heads in shame tonight, one in particular... Polworth. Thought he was shocking today, looked clueless at times and his 2 free kicks into the box were laughably amateurish. Thought Calder was the one standout player for me, vigurs was also poor did little apart from walking about moaning and shouting at everyone.
  9. Looks like a mixture of school kids and clach players, no wonder many stay away from preseason games... Planning Elgin tomorrow... Hoping for better than that
  10. Terms were agreed, but no official signature as yet.... Sounds 99% though
  11. It would be nice if OFW were to find himself a new club imminently to free up one huge wage and take the pressure off any temptation to consider county's mediocre offers
  12. Sounds to me like the club are trying to show the fans a sense of fight and resistance, but ultimately I'd be surprised if there's not already an agreement behind the scenes. It'll all come down to whether or not Draper feels it's a good move for him, money wise yes... Top flight football yes... But to leave a club very close to his heart when they are in a great position potentially with the management of Robbo and the type of players he's able to attract and the strong liklihood of being involved with a team pushing for promotion and the attention that will bring... No! I don't think any of us know Drapers thoughts but reading between the lines I would say he's got far too much integrity and respect for ICT and the fans and himself, to simply hop across the bridge for a wage similar to what he's on now, especially when he's so obviously held in high regard by Robbo and the club
  13. 4-1 Oakley turns in a Cooper cross
  14. Draper fed Baird for both goals
  15. Still showing Oakley as a Trialist.... Sone new names on there, Alex Cooper.. Is that the son of ex county manager Neale? I see as reported last week too Riccardo Calder is here on trial too