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  1. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    No team news yet?
  2. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Oh well, with Falkirk winning last night the postponement maybe wasn't so bad. It now means Dumbarton cannot catch Falkirk and will hopefully go into this with nothing to win. Saying that though, strangely we always play better against the better teams that press us hard on the day
  3. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Definitely this, we cannot allow ourselves to get carried away thinking a play off place is now expected, we've done incredibly well to get to safety win the cup and now go on a great unbeaten run, and hope realistically to finish as high as possible, anything extra is a bonus. If we fail to secure a play off spot I feel we've done enough to set a platform for starting fresh next season and getting off to the strong start we missed this season and establish ourselves very quickly as a deserved top 3 team at least. Saying that though if the players secure a play off place they will have pulled off an absolutely incredible feat and deserve the full support from every ICT fan in the country and we need to fully get behind everyone of them and that includes polworth, who again today got the brunt of absurd abuse from person(s) after getting a ball to the face. He didn't have his strongest performance granted, but he's still an integral part of our team and my experience of his personality tells me he needs support and encouragement not berating and ridicule. We need to stand behind robbo and the team and do all we can to help them push to the best possible outcome we can. As the old saying goes "United we stand, Divided we fall"
  4. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Great result, puts us in the driving seat for Tues night now and another step closer to maybe just maybe clinching that elusive play off spot. Even if we don't, simply finishing the season off the way we're going will lift the players and fans going into next season when we can hopefully do a Smirrurn of our own!
  5. Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    We're certainly consistent against Brechin, that's 3 times we've beaten them by that scoreline this season 😉
  6. Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    Amon the caley, having to miss this one due to being away on holiday. Please please don't give Brechin their one and only league win of the season... Let someone else gift them that! Should be an easy one
  7. Inverness CT Loyal Army

    Yeah that's the kind of random nonsense he used to suddenly pop up with, the sort of thing you'd expect from someone sitting at home in a dark room smoking weed, then whenever anyone politely disagreed with him he'd just ban them. He occasionally used to post stuff saying he hated everyone and was deleting the page completely, a threat I don't think he ever followed through on
  8. Inverness CT Loyal Army

    Is that still active? I used to occasionally post and visit that page, the guy who ran it used to post somewhat bizarre things that he appeared to make up or find on twitter as fact and if anyone questioned it, his source of information or disagreed with his opinion he would instantly block them from his page. Hilariously ridiculous
  9. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren
  10. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    The team should be holding their heads high after that result today. Not off to the best start granted, but then Stm were straight off the starting blocks and were pressing us heavily all over the park. We needed to settle and build the confidence and it never happened before the penalty was awarded. That could have easily killed off the game, but it never and the players still tried to match stm at every opportunity and did well to go in at HT 1-0 down. To have shown so much fight and then lose the 2nd would have broken many a team but we kept going, even against the absolutely ludicrous level of refereeing. I have never been one to slate referees too harshly, but in this case every insult thrown at him from the stands was completely justified. The guy was 100% biased and should be sacked for that performance. To not only fight back against a stubbornly good stm side and the referee from hell and secure a draw, we very nearly topped it off with a fine glancing header from young mckay that just a foot or do higher would have sent the TCS into chaos. Fantastic atmosphere and brilliant resilient performance from the players. Get the win on Tuesday and we jump back into 7th. Least we deserve. Ridgers was absolutely phenomenal.