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  1. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    truly shocking. It was always going to be a big ask to bounce straight back but we have just continued in the same fashion as last season. Pathetic and if we keep at it like this will be stuck in yet another relegation fight
  2. Ex ICT Players Score

    Curtis Allen scores a great free kick for Glentoran in a 2-0 home win over warrenpoint town today
  3. Aberdeen U20 -V- Inverness CT

    I really hope we draw Linfield or Crusaders away for selfish reasons
  4. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    what a result. Finally have a smile back on my bake. With other results going our way too lets build on this
  5. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    after the week we have had we really need a win here. Brutal return to the championship for us can't let this turn into a rut so early in the season
  6. Ex ICT Players Score

    Curtis Allen scored once again in a 2-0 home win over Dungannon swifts
  7. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    only really back to normal thinking now after another heavy weekend on the sauce in Inverness. Really disappointed we didn't at least take a point from that game. I felt we played all the football and were the much better side. . . . A little toothless up front though, also think the utd keeper commanded his box very well he was a big factor in their win. At first i thought the utd pen was a dive but after watching the video back i think it's safe to say the ref got the call right. One of the few he did get right, another awful referee performance which has become the norm for me watching games in the flesh in Scotland. If Craig Thomson is supposed to be one of Scottish footballs best then i am concerned as his display was amateur on Saturday. Just as bad as the refs in the Irish league. Vigurs certainly deserved the MOTM and i also think Raven had a very good game. Bar the result it was another cracking trip over and i already can't wait for the next one. I also walked through the right turnstile this time too
  8. Arab Attack

    can't wait to get over. Flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9.50 all being well i should hopefully be having a pint in the caley club by 11.30. Looking forward to seeing the new team in action
  9. Home Crowd

    this happened to me on a trip over a couple years ago. I'd had a few too many beers pre game and walked in the wrong turnstile i was supposed to be in north and ended up in the main stand. I walked over to the door that leads to the north stand and the guy let me through without issue. last time it happened the door was chained and the guy said no. I explained that it was a silly mistake and i had a few but no give from him so i had to exit and go around to the correct gate only to have to keep a calm head and explain what had happened again to the operator as he wasn't going to let us in with our now ripped tickets. Eventually he did let us go but we missed KO and i couldn't help but wonder why we were let in the main stand in the first place with north stand tickets. Felt **** as it was my Mrs first trip over in a while and my dad's very first trip over. It left him with a sour note. Wont make the same mistake a third time. . . . I hope. I can understand health and safety, security and all that but an exception for good ol Johnny Foreigner here
  10. Stirling Albion -V- Inverness CT

    Phew. They are a right bogey team for us
  11. 2017/18 Fixtures

    took a wee break from football forums for a few weeks but i am back now and have my flights booked for the first league game of the season. Bring on utd! I'll be in the caley club pre and post game. Hope to see as many of you there as possible
  12. Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    must give me a shout if you are over again. I remember that game unfortunately. Ricky Rea is a nice fella. He loves giving ground tours
  13. Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    Very kind words. I'll certainly be over as much as possible next season as i have done this season and past seasons. I aim for 4 games a season which i have hit this season. I'll be aiming for the same again next season. The welcome and hospitality i received on my very first game over a few years ago will stay with me forever along with all the other trips i make over. I wouldn't even entertain the thought of walking away because we got relegated
  14. Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    A very tough day yesterday. I want to thank everyone this season i have met up with had a drink with and went to games with. Been a long hard season but the crac has been greatno matter what. Amazing club with amazing fan's. Very proud to call myself a caley jag. Roll on next season so we can begin the fight back
  15. Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    Well it was a up hill battle battle from the start. The board, remaining players and management need to take a long hard look at themselves over the summer. Still i don't regret flying over for this day. Got to be there for the bad times if you can do the good ones. I'll follow the club to any division. Still hurting today and will for a while but we must start rebuilding now