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  1. Ex ICT Players Score

    Curtis Allen scored a goal for Glentoran in a 2-1 irish cup win over Lurgan Celtic yesterday
  2. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    seen a video of Dave the Raves parting speech. A sad say, really liked the guy very down to earth and had some cracking games for us in the past and of course i'll never forget that semi final goal. Time stood still at the moment and i'll never forget it. All the best to him in the future
  3. Ex ICT Players Score

    Bit of debate on the 2 glens goals today. Allen certainly scored with the first one and possibly the second as he claimed it. As it stands at the moment it's 1 for Allen and a OG as the glens won 2-1 over linfield
  4. Christmas Greetings

    Happy xmas to all and a happy new year too
  5. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Unfortunately not haha, i got asked for it at the caley club so i had to give it away
  6. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    It wasn't a classic by any means but after coming over with the game in doubt of being on i was well pleased it was. As already said by others we are really lacking up front and i really hope we can get a decent striker in January . . . . Where that striker would come from is the big question. Thought we looked quite solid at the back and midfield was ok you could tell Vigurs absence was felt. It was good to see us play some nice passing football again too. Its been a while since i seen us pass the ball about like that in the flesh instead of the hoof ball we played under Foran. I took part in the Hospitality for the first time and i couldn't say a bad thing about it. It was nothing short of fantastic and i enjoyed every moment of it. I'll certainly be doing it again in future. A great win for us to pick up and it's always good to come all the way and see us get a win. That topped off another brilliant trip over and i can't wait to get another game booked!
  7. Dumbarton Preview (Home) : 16/12/17

    Sitting in the airport now waiting on my flight over. I'd be gutted if this game gets called off. We would make a day of it anyway but this is my first trip over since August so I really wanna see the team in the flesh again
  8. Falkirk Part 4

    i really hope Saturdays game goes ahead as i'm over for it. I'll be gutted if it gets called off
  9. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    good result considering the nightmare trip the team and staff had to get down there. Shame we couldn't get the win to really shove it in their face but a draw will do me. Big game coming up next week
  10. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    only back after a long holiday. Gutted this match isn't in Belfast as it would have been a very convenient away day for me. The crues are by far and away the best team in the irish league at the moment and can not be taking lightly. Full team should be out and we should be pushing to make the final which i think would be such a lift for the club after the last year. Kinda upsetting that some think a potential game before the draw in Belfast would have been a security risk. We have come a long way in the last 20 years and i would now rate Belfast as one of the more safer areas of the UK. There is also very little violence in our local game anymore. That aside my local side play away at the crues today and after losing 3-0 to them at home not long ago i expect a full slaughter today at seaview. My team always preforms poorly there that combined with them being good, us being awful and lots of injuries and suspensions it will be a drubbing. The crues have some cracking players that i am surprised have not made the jump to full time football yet. Cant make it over for this game unfortunately would have loved to be there in person. I hope it gets a TV spot and i can watch it
  11. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    what a result. I would have taken a point before kick off. Never thought we would come away with all 3 and another clean sheet. My weekend was well and truly made with this result!
  12. Ex ICT Players Score

    Curtis Allen scored in a 2-0 win over Dungannon swifts yesterday
  13. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    hopefully that can give the team another boost to kick on with another very tough game next week we need to be ready
  14. Fans Boycott

    on that note my next game is booked. Dumbarton in December. Was hoping to do the Falkirk game the week before but the Mrs is coming with me and the Falkirk game doesn't suit her but i don't mind who we are playing as long as i make the game
  15. Fans Boycott

    while ICT isn't the biggest supported club the supporters i know are loyal to the core and wouldn't walk away because of the clubs current state and reading some comments here that some have walked due to it being depressing/hard to watch then fair enough its your money/ your choice no one forces you to go. But for those that still do i consider them supporters. Back in 2015 it was the dream season for me i got to watch my Local team here Glentoran lift the Irish cup gaining European football and a much needed cash injection and then 2 weeks later coming over and watching ICT lift the Scottish cup. Fast forward a short time to the 2016/17 season i sat week in and week out at glens matches seeing us get stuffed by teams we used to dominate, get knocked out of cups by pub teams that got chinned every other week and listen on the radio while ICT was also on the end of a drubbing. Come May time ICT got relegated and the glens finished a lowly 9th of a 12 team league in what was the worst season in the clubs history. Never once did i consider walking away from either side 4 ICT games i came over for that season was 2 losses (county in august and Dundee November) and 2 wins (Elgin scottish cup and Motherwell the day we went down) an expensive hobby following 2 teams but good or bad i stick by my teams and many times the football results have ruined my weekend and left me in a bad mood into the following week it's something i love doing and no matter how tough it gets or how far we fall i'll still be there for when the good times come again it makes them feel that much better