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  1. Folk continously bang on about new investment and fresh ideas, but these things don't just appear out of thin air. Clubs everywhere would bite your hand off for a cash rich modern businessman with a love of football and knowledge of how to run a club but they are few and far between. That being said, had I won euromillions on Friday night we'd be laughing.
  2. Haha, yeah sorry, that's me making assumptions that everyone knows what FM is.
  3. Just seen this on Facebook. Sports interactive are looking for ICT scouts, amongst others. http://www.footballmanager.com/news/scout-football-manager-scotland
  4. IF Foran was to go, I'd not be too upset having a look at Russell Latapy as the new manager. He's been looking for a number 1 slot for a bit and it could be argued that we had by far our most successful season ever when he was around with Yogi. Who knows, maybe his time to shine. As another "rookie" manager it might be seen as a bit of risk. But you don't get anywhere if you don't occasionally risk your neck. Either way next year we need a bit of a squad clear out. We'll likely lose Meekings. But we have to consider who is worth keeping. If, and realistically it's almost certain, we are a championship team next term I'd like to see the midfield built around Polworth. Give him his chance to shine.
  5. Welcome back Billy Mckay and welcome to Jamie Mccart, a defender on loan from Celtic. Both went into tonight's squad, alas I was working and forgot about the game so you'll just have to deal with the post match team news.
  6. Matchday Thread

    Bring back Russell Latapy as manager and Foran can be his number 2. Punt Rice. All was rosey when we had Russell. It's when he left things started to slide. He's been after a managers role I'm sure. It's a surprise that he wasn't first pick to replace Yogi in the first place. I really want Richie to turn it around though. He's put himself through the wars so often for the team. They need to start doing the same for him. Players like Warren, Meekings, Draper, Tansey and Mckay, those who know him well, need to lead by example. I'd hate to see him leave under a cloud.
  7. I'd be just as well willing to drop Doran. Maybe others are seeing a lot more of him than me but he's not stood out for me in a long time.
  8. A little bit gutted that we couldn't get Christie ourselves but I can understand both Celtic and Ryans viewpoint in that it's better for his development that he has to force his way into the Aberdeen team and play well to keep his place rather than join a team where he'd almost certainly be an automatic pick. Unless Boden (or another forward) leaves there is absolutely no point moving for Storey.
  9. Matchday Thread

    Full time and the win. A narrow win and a bit of a grind. But I'll take the moral boost and relief of a late winner. Seems like we responded in a professional manner to going behind rather than panicking and were rewarded for our patience against a very real threat of a banana skin.
  10. Folk moaning about other teams seemingly being able to find players that are doing the business for them and not us really need to get a reality check. I'm not really sure what is expected. The fact of the matter is that most players we sign, due to their unattached lower league status will generally be punts. We've been very fortunate in recent years with the forward options we've signed. Rooney, Mckay, Watkins, Hayes and last season Storey. We're not always going to have a never ending supply of goal scorers. The task is finding the next one who can go on a run and grab 10 goals that might keep us up. Anier wasn't great at Dundee United but neither were Mckay or Ofere. At least not to the same standard they had been with us. He does however have experience at this level which should be seen as a positive. He's a capable player who with luck could be good for us. In saying that I here a certain Diego Costa wants to leave London. It's an absolute abhorrence that we haven't slapped in a 60m bid.
  11. http://ictfc.com/news/team-news/1764-david-raven-2-year-deal So the Rave had the option for the 2nd year but has opted for just 6 months just now by the sounds of it.
  12. Raven has a 6 month extension to January 2018 by the look of it. I already had thought he'd been given a 2 year deal in the summer but obviously not. Also Cole has loan extended until summer and the Anier and Ebbe deals contain options beyond the summer.
  13. On Summary a squad currently consisting of 24 players. 3 Gk (including Esson) 3 RB, 1 LB, 3 CB, 4 MF, 6 AMF, 3 ST Signed until the end of season (2019-20) • Richie Foran – Manager Signed until the end of season (2018-19): • Gary Warren • Ross Draper • Owain Fon Williams • Liam Polworth • Scott Boden (NEW) Signed until the end of season (2017-18): • Brian Rice - Assistant Manager • Ryan Esson – Gk coach/ player • Aaron Doran • David Raven (Until Jan 2018) • Iain Vigurs • Jake Mulraney • Carl Tremarco (Signed new deal with option of further year) Signed until the end of next season (2016-17): • Greg Tansey - Turned down new deal, set to leave. • Josh Meekings • Lewis Horner • Kevin McNaughton • Billy King (1 Year Loan from Hearts) • Ali Sutherland (Given Pro deal) • Cammy Mackay (Given Pro deal) • Jason Brown (Given Pro deal) • Alex Fisher (Contract extension) • Lonsana Doumbouya • Brad Mckay • Larnell Cole (Deal extended to 1 Year Loan from Fulham) • Dean Ebbe (Option for extension) • Henri Anier (Option for extension) U20’s squad additions: Stephen Foster, Ryan McRitchie, Liam MacDonald and Keir Smith.
  14. Think he is a decent signing for the resources available. What this means for other strikers at the club I'm not sure. And it's really a sitting midfielder and if possible a solid defensive right back we need IMO. Unless the intention is to play him behind the main striker(s) to allow Draper to play further back. Him and Polworth seem to be the preferred fan midfield pairing with neither Tansey or Vigurs looking on it. Maybe play a midfield 3 and have a target man flanked by Anier and one with pace.
  15. Women's home, mens away also available. Women stay at home whilst men play away. Shocking message