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  1. Dundee -V- Inverness CT - Sc Cup - Preview

    I remember that game well - particularly that shot from Wyness & the amazing save from Speroni. I wasn't suprised when he got a big move down to Crystal Palace!
  2. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    That's a fair point...I'd like to think that's something Robbo would have identified & looked into adressing. Robbo has certainly helped improved Jake Mulraney's game no end & helped the likes of Coll Donaldson & Joe Chalmers prove the sceptics wrong & become a valuable part of the squad. As for Vigurs? One of our best players this season - he just needs to improve on the card count!
  3. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Definetly - almost think, as others on here have said before, that some fans have an irrational dislike of Polly & Vigurs too. Vigurs has been one of (if not the) best players this season (barring his poor disciplinary record, of course). Lay off Polly! Robbo was (rightly) praising him after the QofS game. Same goes for Vigurs too. Justified critism is fine, a lot of it is OTT & unfair
  4. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    The ambition to play at a higher level will be a powerful draw...no reason why, if we don't manage to get through the playoffs this season (hopefully we should make), which is definetly a big ask, we shouldn't be mounting a promotion push next season? Playing in the Premier league with us is a big carrot to sell in lieu of high wages...the likes of Shinnie (both of them), Marley Watkins, etc, are testament to that. Probably one of the reasons Coll Donalsdon signed up on a ling-ish contract.
  5. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Well put, couldn't agree more. Hope those that started the 'Robbo out' thread are feeling a bit sheepish now...
  6. David Raven

    Does anyone know if David's signed for another club yet?
  7. Falkirk (H) 9th January 2018 - Game On

    Maybe he's going for the relegation double...whereas Billy Mckay's going for a unique 'quadruple relegation'... Great result, shame I couldn't go!
  8. Joe Chalmers

    To spare the blushes of the QofS goalie, lets just say that he saw it late....! Chalmers (despite the sceptics - me included) is turning out to be exactly the sort of player every club needs - someone to do the 'dirty' work & let the creative talents play...
  9. Away fans

    I remember sitting on a train to Mount Florida on cup final day, we sat with a group of Falkirk fans & got the craic...no hassles. Normal matchdays are different though...it's a situation that 99% of the time is fine - just the 1% where it isn't, that's the problem
  10. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Iain's main issue at Motherwell (at least latterly, led to his release) was, I believe, down to a serious back injury which (I think) required surgery. Vaguely remember an interview he gave when he re-signed with us where he said that his back problem was actually causing him to lose feeling in his left foot/leg...not much use to a left footed player....
  11. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Quite...I'm more annoyed that we didn't get 3 points last week against Livvy
  12. Most Improved Player of 2017

    Top 3 improved players for me are: Mark Ridgers, Iain Vigurs & Coll Donaldson. In addition, I'd also add that Joe Chalmers isn't anywhere like as bad as we feared at the start of the season (he's been pretty decent, actually) & Jake Mulraney has also improved a lot. Will be great to see Aaron Doran regain full fitness & become the player we all know he can be.
  13. Susan

    Guess we'll have to wait & see what happens with Zschussen - however good (or bad) he is as a player, hope he is ok injury & healthwise. Given the chaos over last summer & how that affected the transfers, we were never going to get a 100% success rate with signings.
  14. Baird or Oakley

    I would agree-with our sort of limited budget, we aren't realistically be able to afford a proven striker. We need to take a chance, either on a striker stepping up from a lower level (like Iain Stewart), a young player who hasn't broken through at a bigger club (like Dennis Wyness) or a striker who has been left without a club by suffering long term injury problems (like Craig Dargo). All these routes have worked for us in the past & Nathan Austin seems like a decent prospect. He has age on his side & hopefully Robbo & the small, tight knit set up we have might get the best out of him
  15. David Raven

    I hope it's just the 1 game - he deserves a decent send off (not of the Red Card variety either....). Was interested to hear Robbo say that Seedorf has been fit for a while but Raven's been keeping him out of the team...says a lot about Raves, considering the club were encouraging him to find another club in the summer. Should be alright with Seedorf though...
  16. Baird or Oakley

    Probably the way to go in the short-term. Good strikers aren't the easiest players to find! As for Susan...who?! The 1 or 2 times I saw him play, he made Dani Lopez look good....!
  17. Baird or Oakley

    Would probably agree - I actually like Baird's work ethic, he certainly isn't a lazy player. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else positive to say! He hasn't got a great amount of pace for one thing... Oakley - the jury is out. Decent enough, can make a nuisance of himself with opposition defenders, but doesn't seem to have that predatory poacher instinct (yet, anyway). Maybe a lack of game time? Would be tempted to give him morr starts & see how he does. Suprised you didn't mention 'Susan'....! What exactly has happened to him, by the way - still injured? If only we could find another Marley Watkins (or a Wyness, even) in January! Easier said than done though....I'd be quite happy with another undiscovered Fisher, even... Suspect if we do sign another striker, will probably turn out to be another Dani Lopez though.... Should either go for a young hungry striker who hadn't broken into a team yet (like Wyness at Aberdeen was), an experienced & proven striker at the tail end of their career or one of our own youth players (Daniel Mackay springs to mind). Options 1 &/or 3, please. Unless we get a big name (highly unlikely) - last good but ageing striker we had that I can think of was....Brewster (crap manager but great player).
  18. Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Got the feeling that Robbo saw Seedorf as a replacement for Raven when he signed him..looks like that's the role he sees him playing in
  19. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    I'd support Summer football...geographically, we have a lot in common with the Scandanavian Nations & they seem to manage Summer footy fine. Nothing like freezing your posterior off at the TCS in Winter to make Summer Football appealing!
  20. Highland Derbies Next Season

    It's a distinct possibility! Part of me wants it to happen (purely to get the derbies back), but, like it or not, County are flying the flag for Highland football in the Premier just now - it's like 2 fingers up to the SPFL/SFA & all the Central Belt clubs who moan about the travelling! Would love to see the Highland Derbies back in a couple of seasons, but in the Premier league! Won't be next season though, barring a miracle
  21. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Would completely agree with that- would have scored more Yesterday with a bit more understanding between the midfield & forwards. Baird puts in plenty effort, with no result...I almost feel sorry for him. Wish he would just score, then go on a scoring run of games but, sadly, can't see it. For all the critism that others have on here against Polly (& Vigurs too, for that matter), we would soon notice if we didn't have them! At least we have a solid defence (although I was half expecting an equaliser for Dumbarton Yesterday!), steady progress but nowhere good enough yet.
  22. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Can't fault Baird for effort, but an end product is completelt missing...
  23. Carl Tremarco...extended contract

    Fantastic news & a real statement of intent from Robbo & the board. I was fully expecting a premier league club to offer Carlos a deal (probably the Fortune Tellers over the bridge...). Very welcome boost & good on Carlos for penning a deal which I'm sure wasn't as generous as his current one. Another here for the long haul....Brad McKay next, hopefully!
  24. New Striker

    It is based on last season's SPFL Premier league clubs, I believe, therefore I beleice we are entitled to the £375k-not next season though for a similar payment. I'm prepared to give any striker that Robbo signs the venefit of the doubt - at the sort of level/wages we are at, it's either going to be a rough diamond or a striker at the tail end of their career. Assuming David Raven (who we'll miss) going off the wage bill wilk free up some resources? What about Cooper - will he be offered a conrract or moced on? I'm ambivalent, as have seen very little from him so far.
  25. Coll Donaldson

    Just on Twitter that Coll Donaldson has signed a 2 Year deal...great news!! Welcome for the long haul, Coll & hope we make it back to the Premier League before you're contract is up!