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  1. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    Definetly something the club badly needs to work on, I've bought tickets online once (must have been for a cup game as I've had a season ticket since 2015) & never had any marketing emails at all....
  2. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    Me too...I can't go on Saturday either
  3. Daniel Mackay

    Where's a 10 year Jim McLean style contract when you need it.... Seriously, it wouldn't do Daniel any harm to further his footy education with us...who knows, he could easily end up playing premier league football in a year or 2! If he is good enough (& I have no doubt that he is), he'll get a move & the club will get some readies...obvious example here is Ryan Christie, although his transfer was a bit on the cheap side
  4. Dennis Wyness

    Apparently his nickname in the team was 'Dennis Shyness'😂....I liked that about him, no ego/big headedness, just a fantastic footballer
  5. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    100% agree with that...would provide much needed stability & continuity
  6. 5th Place

    hard one, this - I get the argument on both sides here. It's heavily weighted towards the team that finishes 11th in the Premiership anyway. I think Hamilton are the only team that have ever been promoted through the playoffs? Mind you, that WAS against Hibs! The way we are playing just now is a great building block for next season & if we make the playoffs, it'll be up there with anything achieved in the past
  7. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    I'd be happy to see Iain sign the 3 Year deal - he will probably have other (financially better, I'm sure) offers & maybe the stability of a long deal will persuade him to sign up? Vigurs has been one of (barring his disciplinary record) our best players this season & we would badly miss him if he left - I'm with Robbo on that one! Anyway, if he is 33 at the end of the contract, to me, that isn't excessively old - plenty of decent midfielders who've played at a high level & been older. I'm all for youth, but some experienced hands are needed too!
  8. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Well said, Sir! I'm glad that those who were enthusiastically posting on the 'Robertson Out' thread earlier in the season have cause to think again.... Gutted I can't go on Saturday as I'm working
  9. Dennis Wyness

    It's a well-earned retirement - a true ICT legend! I'll never forget that goal that knocked Celtic out of the cup in 2003! Also remember the reception Denzil got when he returned from Hearts!
  10. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    That's my worry - might actually not be a bad thing if it was off tomorrow too....although who knows when this game would be played then!
  11. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    We WILL be having summer football at this rate....
  12. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Slightly harsh on Mulraney - would agree that he needs to be more consistent but he has improved this season. I'd agree that Vigurs, Polly & Doran are the priority though...Jake still has the potential, but he really needs to be consistently effective, which he hasn't quite got yet - he has been here long enough now that we should be seeing more. On another note, how long a contract does Zak Elbouzedi have? He's had his injury problems, but I thought he looked good when he came on against Dumbarton.
  13. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Me neither...Polly & Vigurs seem to get the brunt of the critism. Constructive & justified critism is fine - the constant barracking that they get isn't.
  14. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    A quandry indeed...glad I'm not the manager, having to make these decisions! Think the way to go (as others have said already) is 'Quality', rather than 'Quantity' for our squad.
  15. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    That seems like a sensible idea..if Aaron feltable to sign a longer deal for less wages though, I'd be happy. Wouldn't blame him if he didn't though. As for Vigurs, absolutely vital that we keep him. Polworth too, to some degree.
  16. 5th Place

    I would argue that the plans would have taken account for not being promoted this season - it's very rare for a team to go straight back up (I was very pleasantly suprised last time we did it), far bigger & better resourced clubs than ours have not managed a quickfire return to the top flight. If the board had any sense, the financial considerations would have been based on Championship football next season - personally, I'm just glad that we're safe in the Championship - that was my expectations got this season. The cup win & still being in with a (small) chance of a promotion playoff spot is a bonus. Next season, with a far more settled team & club, I'd be looking for a serious title challenge.
  17. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    It was noticeable how the game petered out, once Vigurs was subbed. One of our most important players. Definetly agree that both Polly & Vigurs were excellent Yesterday.
  18. 5th Place

    That's pretty much what I was trying to say, but better put! Realistic expectations....
  19. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Maybe Robbo is thinking ahead as who knows if a 'bigger' club may come in for Ridgers, given his current form? We do seem a bit heavy on keepers though - guessing Ryan Esson will be coaching full time (I did see him taking charge of the youth team earlier in the season) & can't see Fon Williams coming back (he seems to be doing well at Indy Eleven - recent MOM on twitter!). Still leaves us with 3 young-ish keepers - maybe Hoban & Foster will still be loaned out & Cammy Mackay as backup for Ridgers?
  20. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Not interested in becoming another Gretna (or our neighbours from over the bridge....) in relying on a Sugar Daddy - that has the potential to end badly! You're right though - more investment & DEFINETLY more fans needed!! If even a small percentage more of the fans who came to Hampden on 30/05/15 came to the games, that would help a lot!
  21. 5th Place

    I could ask 'what did you expect this season' after all that happened last summer? We need to just get behind Robbo & the guys just now & keep pushing. A good season this season, to me is not going down again - just ask Dunfermline & also look at St Mirren....almost league 1 this season, now Premier league next season! It's a fair point about the 'behind the scenes' stuff, but surely that's better dealt with close season? Personally, I've been quite happy with Graeme Rae's tenure as chairman - it's not a quick fix, it's about building proper foundations.
  22. 5th Place

    It's just a general observation that people seem to be expecting us just to pick up where we left off, like we did last time we were relegated. Speaking about the team (& not the board, etc), if we make the playoffs, that will be one hell of an achievment, given that it would have been done with an almost entirely new (much poorer resourced) squad & in spite of the machinations behind the scenes. Nobody (least of all me!) is saying everything would be rosy if we did, somehow, manage to go up via the playoffs - I'd worry that it would merely paper over the cracks - but, I'm speaking specifically about the team. Robbo & the guys who wear the top deserve us to be supportive! They are doing us proud just now!
  23. 5th Place

    The ICT team that won the cup, fisished 3rd in the Premier league is gone....it's history. Great history & times I'll never forget, but bears very little resemblance to the team we have now. What we have now (without trying to sound too pretentious...) is the beginnings of a new team, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of relegation & turmoil. Please stop comparing the current team to what we had in the not-too distant past. They are (apart from a few exceptions) completely different entities. We need to make NEW memories, instead of harking back to the past. Winning the Irn-Bru cup is a start & I'll stand by what I said & say that if we make the playoffs, it'll be one if our club's finest achievements.
  24. 5th Place

    I wouldn't disagree with that, to be honest...but the same was said in 2004...I' d be thrilled if we even GOT to the playoffs, regardless of what happenes after that.. You never know though...how about a Highland Derby playoff final?
  25. 5th Place

    Hard to believe, but given the current good run since the Irn-Bru cup win, we have a (very faint) chance of 4th place, I think. Credit to the team for the current run, especially given the awful start - the cup win has helped kick us on (we would have lost that game tonight earlier in the season). Yes, I know that it's nigh-on impossible to win promotion through the playoffs (especially from 3rd/4th) & that even if we did finish 4th (a huge ask) & get to the playoff final (another huge ask) & that the 2nd bottom team in the premier would probably be too strong & that we almost certainly aren't ready for the premier anyway, I'm just celebrating the fact that there is still a very slim chance of this happening at all & that we aren't 'doing a Dunfermline' & going down twice! If we did achieve anything more than safety in the Championship this season, I'd argue that it would be up there with anything the club has achieved before...