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  1. Paradise Papers

    Do you mean bollox as in it's not true or bollox as in it's not good?
  2. Paradise Papers

    No mention was made of any impropriety. Now you mention it though, the situation does raise the question of why there's any need if there's no income and no tax benefit to be had? Given football's history with mysterious offshore entities and the difficulties that raises with governance then surely it's something worthy of discussion?
  3. Paradise Papers

    With all that's going on in the news just now, what are the fans thoughts on Muirfield Mills being a group set up in the British Virgin Islands and headed up by a trusts and tax specialist based in Switzerland?
  4. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    The person letting Polworth down the most is....Polworth. Technically he is probably the best player to have ever come through at the club, but his attitude stinks and he behaves like a sulky, spoiled wee bairn when things don't go as he likes. He was pretty much switched off for the entirety of the second half, chased nothing and was playing as if he was knocking a ball around with mates in the street. A few others seemed to have joined him in the pursuit by the end of the game and it was as if doing just enough to win was the aim. We won today, but strangely it didn't feel like one. People will maybe dismiss the dugout incident as heat of the moment, but that was out and out thuggery on the part of Polworth. No excuse for it, and if he's the shy unassuming guy people claim, then today was a sign of more than an ill chosen comment or disappointment at being subbed. All good though, as it'll give our new leaders an excuse to issue another statement full of promises that will never be kept.
  5. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    Was told that there's no player bonuses this season. This might explain why some players don't look like they give a ****, as they get paid the same regardless of results.
  6. Robertson Out

    Not just the Chairman who has to decide, but if he thinks it'll make people like him he'll support it as that's what he's all about. He's like the wee ginger kid at school with no mates who was always doing what the big boys said so they'd let him hang with them. Maybe send him an email telling him how fantastic he is and that you know he'll do the right thing. He seems to like that and even if the don't get rid of Robbo, you might get a boardroom invite like others who have done the same.
  7. Robertson Out

    I agree, but when you have a board controlled by people with zero football business experience or contacts then the only knowledge they have to draw on is history. That's precisely how we ended up with Robertson and it would not surprise me to see Butcher replace him.
  8. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Are you another Tulloch employee?
  9. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Tulloch, Orion or Weldex would all be preferable to what we have just now. At least those guys all have experience of running a business and knowledge of football business in particular.
  10. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Has Robbo finally realised that the very players he told he wanted rid of (those he hadn't signed) are the ones he now desperately needs to rescue things? If Robbo carries the can for the players he signed, then Muirfield Mills carry the can for the Manager they signed. People point to the Cup Final as the moment things started going south for us, I think it stems back to the involvement of Muirfield Mills. They've been all mouth and very little positive action from day one. What ever happened to the additional investment they promised when they said the initial £250k was just a start? How much did they pay for control of the football trust and where did those funds go? They forced Sandy Catto out, had Grassa removed, refused to let the club sell Hughes to Utd, seem to be delaying on the stadium deal, forced Kenny Cameron out, forced Willie Finlayson out and David Cameron is gone. Ken Thomson is the only non Muirfield Mills director and how long till he's pushed out the door? Add in the numerous club servants who have been alienated and you have to really question what the end game is, or if they even have one. Robbo, Danny MacDonald and Jim Oliver are all Orion rejects. Almost as if they are trying to rub Savage's nose in it, not make friends with him. Not one of the Muirfield Mills members on our board has any football experience at any level. None of them have any experience with running a business when it comes to it. Lots of vanity projects sapping money away from more vital functions would suggest they are in it for no other reason than ego. People will say things were not perfect before. Really? What we have now is better than Top 3 Premiership finishes, Finals, Semi Finals, Europe, Squad of Players who cared and not going home feeling like **** after every game?