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  1. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Sounds like Ridgers is having a blinder so far
  2. Match Program help

    I just raked through the wife’s drawers and all I found was cobwebs
  3. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    I’m quitting drinking. Not hard to do done it lots of times before 😄 Im not sure if my post makes it sound like I was being a bit personal to Moog If so? There was none intended. We went for a blast on bike to Ft William and the road was really busy on the way down took us about an hour and a quarter. Let’s just say the way back was an awful lot quicker . We had visitors Sat night and made dinner for them. The post doesn’t appear to be quite the full amount of alcohol consumption I had. As for the score like most I would have taken a point before the game though it sounds like we should have taken all three. Let’s hope it’s the sign of things gelling for us Onwards and Upwards!!
  4. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    What a crock of ****. Pardon the language the atmosphere can be better over he bridge because of the away teams and the type of stadium certainly not because of the C*unty fans. They are pitiful most of the time , the life in their stadium comes from likes of ourselves filling the away end, there usual fans from drakies and the Crown etc are desperately quiet As for wages Tansey, Draper Shinnie etc getting way more in their moves , Who do you think is getting the same or less? I really like your posts Moog but I can’t help think you are off the mark on this one. P.s. tonight to date I have had 3 large taliskers and I think 8 tins of Stella 2 Buds and a couple of Innes and agunn so there fore if I don’t remember this post tomorrow I reserve the right for something and other

    The quarter fina draw takes place today at 1 pm and I think it’s live on Facebook if anyone uses it Teams left ICT Dumbarton Crusaders Falkirk Queen of the South Raith Rovers The New Saints Dundee United Some pretty tough ties there but we are only two games away from the final even if we have been playing poorly. I’d love a home tie to give us a chance of going to the semi. I realise the contest is much maligned but it’s still a trophy and a great day out Probably TNS or Raith Rovers look like the obvious choices but who does everyone else fancy. It will be good to talk about something other than Saturdays incident
  6. Fans Boycott

    Nothing wrong with Freddie Mercury I’ll have you know
  7. Fans Boycott

  8. Memory test

  9. Rod Stewart Concert

    My head would never have gone soft with Britt Ekland
  10. Older version of Dry January

  11. Foran for Elgin?

    In many ways I hope not. I’m sure there are loads of us that met him and I really liked him when I spoke to him. Even if you bumped into him in Costa or at the Millburn Chinese he would always have a Good natter and came across as a really decent guy. I hope for him and his young family he finds something that he enjoys as he always came across well
  12. It was good to see a couple of the young uns and their flags and drum on Saturday hopefully one or two more will start coming back
  13. Fans Boycott

    Just a new beginning. With all the reasons for going to football being given I think people have missed the most important of the lot. It beats having to go shopping with the wife
  14. Rename game

    Brilliant response had me in stitches
  15. Older version of Dry January

    Are you not thinking of the Clahaig Inn at glencoe for obvious reasons. The sign on the door said no hawkers dogs or Campbell but eventually dogs were allowed in. Pretty harsh on the Campbells in my opinion couldn’t wish for nicer people
  16. Older version of Dry January

    Was a great dance floor upstairs
  17. Inverness - from N-W tower of Kessock Bridge.

    Think there is only about 5 yrs between us you obviously thought it was more as I look so much younger The building was quite well on when I started my apprenticeship but there was a huge amount of the internal plumbing cast iron work etc still to be done. I must admit I really enjoyed that part of my apprenticeship and it sets you up in good stead for working on old historic Scotland buildings etc where Cast is still used though it is getting rarer to see as due to cost etc other products like alumasc and pvc etc can be made to look like Cast and are a lot lighter and cheaper to install I dare say a lot of apprentices nowadays wouldn’t really know how to do it but then again I don’t suppose they need to. Spent a lot of time 80s 90s taking out old lead pipework replacing with alkathene but there are s still houses to this day we come across lead. Not really allowed to take out the moleskin cloth anymore and wipe joints etc plastic fittings no lead allowed
  18. Let's go out of Sneck

    Oops and meant to say the D Campbell was my uncle David not sure why he was a Doonie though he was a good bit older than my dad. Maybe he’d already left home and stayed on the other side by then
  19. Let's go out of Sneck

    My dad won the Orkney Ba one year can’t remember if it was the Christmas Day or New Year’s Day one I must ask him again. He was an uppie not a doonie as my Gran lived in George Street in front of the bignold park Yes IBM same name too I used to always get called young Les as an apprentice and he was guess what OLD LES
  20. Fans Boycott

    We must have been watching the jags at the same time pretty much. Even when it wasn’t the best you could always nip over to the Corrie for a pint at half time

    Not the best of ties but at least it’s at home. Would be nice to see some playing improvement by then but not overly confident and with them having Hartley in charge they will be buoyant. When does our new manager bounce start ?
  22. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Think he meant height don’t think Girth was mentioned
  23. Fans Boycott

    We reckoned about 50 to 80
  24. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    I understand where you are coming from but if two f the young ones went at each other in view of the fans would they be treated as leniently Can’t be one rule for some and not the others, I’m sure there have been lots of youngsters that have seen the photos or indeed seeing it happen on Saturday that would not have liked any kind of violence. Could you imagine you’re own young kids asking you if it’s alright to hit on the football pitch then it’s alright to hit in the stands. It’s the same stadium surely the same rules or is that not an acceptable argument
  25. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Am I bad. I love the word fuctard I’m going to use it on a couple of building sites I’m going to be on soon Cheers