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  1. 2017/18 Fixtures

    Hmmmm, how far away is Forbes of Kingennie from Tannadice? not in the official party, but I am sure Mrs Gabby will notice and will be none too pleased.
  2. 2017/18 Fixtures

    Hey TopSix My last match was our home win against St J last season. Thing is I will be at a wedding in Dundee on the day we play Dundee utd away and I won't be able to go. Same result against Falkirk will do me fine.
  3. 2017/18 Fixtures

    Booked my trip to Scotland a few weeks ago hoping the draw would be kind, alas no game at TCS for me. An away trip to Falkirk instead.
  4. Player Sponsorship - 2017/18

    That did the trick, thanks Scotty.
  5. Player Sponsorship - 2017/18

    I can't progress to the checkout. Instead there is a button saying Out of Stock
  6. So, what's changed?

    What's changed? Well I can report that every win this season has been while I have been overseas. The only sensible course of action is to send me overseas for every game for the rest of the season ;-)
  7. Coming SOON !!

    The IHE Pantomis the highlight of christmas
  8. Game 20 - Dundee (A) 26 Nov

    Ht 0:0 Ft 0:1 1st scorer us Doumbouya 1st scorer them Loy crowd 4332
  9. Vote with your head, not your heart ! ! !

  10. Game 19 - Aberdeen (H) 19 Nov

    Ht 0:0 ft 1:0 1st scorer us Polworth 1st scorer them Rooney crowd 3981
  11. Game 18 - Celtic (A) 05 Nov

    Ht 1:0 ft 2-1 1st scorer us Doumbouya 1st scorer them Rogic crowd 52898
  12. Game 17 - Hearts (H) 29 Oct

    Ht 0:0 Ft 1:0 1st scorer us Doumboya 1st scorer them Patterson crowd 3101
  13. Game 15 - Kilmarnock (H) 22nd Oct

    Ht 0:0 Ft 2:0 1st scorer us Vigurs 1st scorer them Boyd crowd 2673
  14. Game 14 - The Rangers (H) 14 Oct

    Ht 0:0 Ft 1:0 1st scorer us King 1st scorer them Halliday crowd 5943
  15. Game 13 - Hamilton (A) 01 Oct

    Ht 0:0 Ft 0:1 1st scorer us Doumboya 1st scorer them Imre crowd 1588