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Found 1 result

  1. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING BOOKINGS ONLINE FOR THE BUS TRANSFER FROM BUCHAREST TO GIURGIU For those who have booked and paid (names shown below), please access this thread for information on where and when to catch the bus: Your ticket is your invoice from here. You can print it off (preferred) or you can save it to your smartphone to verify your identity with DalgettyBayJaggie. You may also show your paypal receipt or confirmation number as these will be provided to DBJ. As mentioned before DBJ will be given your user details based on your account here and the details we received with your payment from paypal. He will receive your name and email address(es) only. He will not receive any other contact info such as phone or postal address I am part of someone else's group, i just want to access the forum. How do I do it? Just post a comment of some sort. 'I am part of <this group>' or something like that. The act of posting a comment will automatically add you to the travel group. SITE USERNAMEQTYSTATUSDalgety Bay Jaggy 2ORGANISER03ncraig7PAIDAJS6PAIDAlan Falconer6PAIDAlexander MacPhail2PAIDAli Fraser2PAIDAndyCAM2PAIDAngus Davidson4PAIDBarrymcd19822PAIDBrianFraser2PAIDBroonerz2PAIDCaley Dazza3PAIDCaley Fish3PAIDCaley12PAIDCaleyMax2PAIDCaleyThistle 2PAIDCaleyThistle983PAIDCallum Mason3PAIDCalum Traynor3PAIDCauldeener7PAIDcbarron4PAIDcrick 6PAIDDalbuie6PAIDDan Hutt2PAIDDaniel Evans4PAIDdanielboni2PAIDDanny2PAIDDavros2PAIDDetritus2PAIDDJScott2PAIDFifeCaley12PAIDGovan Jaggie (inc IHE) 14PAIDGranty24 3PAIDHarry Chibber 7PAIDHawkeyeTheGnu1PAIDHowdenender 2PAIDHugh2PAIDICTBluey 2PAIDIctbob 1PAIDICTEWD4PAIDICTFCkev2PAIDICTnc294PAIDICTPaisley 1PAIDictpj3PAIDilovecaley2PAIDIT86 3PAIDJaggedthistle2PAIDJamie_ictfc 10PAIDJamieICTFC 2PAIDJenaitchie 2PAIDJillian2PAIDJillybeans3PAIDjimmejak 1PAIDJoe DiMaggio6PAIDJofrAI1PAIDJohnanna2PAIDJoICT1PAIDJonnyFraser 6PAIDKennymac3PAIDKilveanLegend4PAIDKirki3PAIDKK9PAIDlazerguidedblog2PAIDLiam864PAIDmaca1PAIDMalkyboy 6PAIDMartin Gordon 2PAIDMartinmacca19934PAIDMGD 6PAIDMilescott2PAIDMoley7PAIDMorgan Spice1PAIDMP1987 2PAIDNaelifts1PAIDNeil Mcleary1PAIDNGNFans3PAIDNorthtooth3PAIDOwenCF947PAIDPandB 3PAIDPie eyed Piper2PAIDpmacict 4PAIDPrideOFtheHighlands5PAIDquizzer 10PAIDRDL1PAIDrebelwithoutaclue 2PAIDRenegade1PAIDRossLaing11PAIDRow S 2PAIDRowdybey 2PAIDSevvy1PAIDSheepslagger2PAIDShon4PAIDSir C the Third4PAIDSlater / Tom Weir5PAIDSnorbens_caleyman2PAIDSnowshoe2PAIDSplane4PAIDStanDrews 2PAIDSteveA2PAIDStuartICT4PAIDThe Long Man5PAIDThe_Sponge 4PAIDTheKarl 5PAIDTheMantis1PAIDTinRoofMan2PAIDTom1PAIDTrickyleftwinger 3PAIDVegas2PAIDVing1PAIDVinnie87 2PAIDZabriskie3PAIDZoid 2PAIDYmip1PAID 356356 List is correct as of 02:30AM UK time on TUE JULY 21st BOOKINGS ARE NOW CLOSED