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Canada Bob

Only in Glasgi hey...

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Who was it said "There's one in every crowd" !

At a U2 Concert in Glasgow, Bono asks the audience for complete silence...

Then in the silence he starts to clap his hands slowly.

Holding the audience in silence he says "Every time I clap my hands, somewhere in Africa a child dies".

A voice from near the front pierces the silence and says...

"Well stop f***ing doing it then" !  :017:

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That one reminds of the time Mike & Berni Winters, two ghastly london comics who were booked to appear at the Glasgow Empire theatre.

The well rehearsed start of their act involved Mike coming on to the stage on his own and throwing out a few one liners, then Berni would start chipping in from behind a curtain, before making his own grand entrance.....

The boys were somewhat dismayed on their opening night when a member of the audience piped up... : Awww for feck's sake there's two of the cnuts.....!!

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