GDPR - Requirements

This announcement is no longer active


Going to apologise in advance !! Over the next few days I will be tweaking the various policies to explain our position in terms of the new privacy rules coming into effect on Friday. As such you may be asked to click on the new policy to agree to it. I am unlikely to get them all done in one shot (but will try) so you may get asked this more than once. You may also receive an email from our mailing list if you have subscribed previously. 

I will try to have an accompanying post or blog entry that shows how/where to adjust your own privacy settings so you can have as much control over your account as needed. I will also highlight some of the other stuff we are doing (or have done) such as enabling https:// (secure pages) throughout the site or the member purge we will undertake to anonymise any accounts that have not been used in a reasonable time.