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dceeb1606180552.pngI am looking for some help to update our existing statistics program which currently runs on PHP5 so that it is compatible with PHP7.

This would involve replacing a number of deprecated elements and also optimising some of the queries to our MySQL database that are causing a higher than needed server load. The guys really put a lot of effort into making sure the data was up to date so I would like to update the underlying stuff that no-one really sees to make best use of this. If you can also make the resultant pages responsive then that is a bonus. 

Whilst I would love all this to be done for free, I realise that this is a significant programming task and a little outside my comfort zone so I may need to dip into my pocket and make a modest budget available for it. I would far rather have someone on here - who has the needed skills - do it, so offering it up here before looking to outsource it on a few tech websites.      

If anyone is interested (and capable) please let me know via email or PM me in here so we can discuss and I can give you more info or example files to look at. 

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