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  2. Right enuff IHE. A junior Moose (very soft fur) I think, But they sure grow to a really large size . A little bit of Canadian back talk from Western La La Land. Dick Whittington didn't make it to Canada but his spirit is what made the pioneers succeed against all odds. Some of the "odds" were tough though and resulted in death for the crews of the covered wagons. So, overall, life was precarious. If you want to read a heartbreaking story perhaps you may want to Google the "Donner Party" deaths in the Wild West. The pioneers had tenacity and tremendous courage but occasionally fate dealt even the most doughty a very cruel blow...………..
  3. Their site has just been launched
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  5. If we somehow had kept Donaldson and McCart I'd be confident of us securing second point and having a great shot at going up in the playoffs. Losing both of them is a bitter blow to our chances. I just cannot see Mckay, McHattie or Toshney being of the level required to keep us in second spot let alone be successful in the playoffs. I hope I'm wrong but these moves significantly weaken our team and damage our chances of promotion. Another season down here is going to ruin this club.
  6. P*** ups and breweries spring to mind.
  7. They also told us no players would be sold in the last 7 days of the window.
  8. Are we in any better position than when Foran was got rid off.?
  9. Leaving aside everything else, the utter lack of professionalism in the last two player leaving statements from the club is a disgrace. We could at least try and behave with a bit of class...especially as we'll be desperate to bring other people in.
  10. Surely you need someone in defence who can head a ball!
  11. Mckay was meant to be our saviour in our relegation season and it didn’t work out so I’m not in favour of that.
  12. I really think people need to take what any football manager tells the press with a pinch of salt. Often they'll be overtaken by events. Either St. Johnstone have offered us enough of a fee to make this worth our while or McCart has threatened to down tools to force a move (or both). It's a nightmare to lose two central defenders in this window but that's the way of it; if we can't get promoted from this league then its inevitable that our best players will leave for teams in the top flight. I would be surprised and concerned if we didn't bring in another defender by the end of the month. Even if we get Harper back from Elgin we're now a bit thin for defensive cover even if Tremarco can go to CB in an emergency. In an ideal world we would exploit the loan market but this is hard for us because of our location - we essentially have to pay for accomodation for players on top of any loan fees. That is of course unless we were to try and grab players from across the bridge. For example, they might loan us Tom Grivosti at centre-back - he did a decent job at this level last season - and at the other end of the pitch the arrival of Oli Shaw pushes Billy Mckay down the pecking order HINT HINT HINT.
  13. That announcement was over a week ago now. Any idea when we will learn more?
  14. No way we can fight with the likes of Salford when it comes down to available cash to tempt players in.
  15. I wish McCart well. He was pretty consistent for us in a no nonsense way and on occasions picked out some good passes. He always seemed to care, and impressed even in his loan spell. I just hope the stories of a fall out are unfounded as, if true, they could deter players from coming up here. As others have said, we have taken players who were going nowhere and let them progress their careers. Not just McCart but Donaldson and possibly Rooney and others like Walsh. Hopefully that means we can uncover some more potential gems, if not now but in the summer.
  16. Think Berra would be a good signing for us
  17. I wonder how long it would take to get Bobby Mann fit again?
  18. I wonder if the gaffer will use his Hearts connections to try and get another centre back in, and, no I don't mean Berra, he can go to Dundee lol. This has been a disastrous month whatever happens so the chairman AND management have questions to answer, especially with a vast majority of support turning on them both.
  19. So much for "we're not selling anyone within a week of window closure"...
  20. Brad at the back for remainder of season a very worrying thought ☹️
  21. H T: 2 - 0 FT: 3 - 0 1st ICT: Doran 1st Opp: none Crowd: 1854
  22. Fraz

    Team for Alloa

    Depends who's actually left...
  23. Wonderful. Thanks to ICTFC for telling us what we all knew a couple of weeks ago.
  24. Oh don't go breaking McCart. Sorry.
  25. I doubt we'll sign anyone in the next few days. This is basically it, we can't afford to turn down cash offers for players who are going leave anyway. We'll have to proceed with two of McHattie, McKay and Toshney as our centre backs. Maybe it'll turn out well, maybe it won't. But I think anyone talking about replacing McCart and Donaldson with signings of an equal standard is going to be disappointed.
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