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  1. Every time they win a league game they have beaten an SPFL team... I hope we don't go there with a mindset of respect - last season we went to Ibrox, and decided to play the history of Rangers (and I don't mean from 2012 onwards either) rather than what was on the pitch in front of us. If we show respect and deference, we will lose. I am concerned about Yogi's "Hibs are a big team" comments. If he is trying mind games, then fair enough, but if he sends the team out with that attitude, I will be furious. We are playing a team from the league below who are on a bad run. On the other hand, we have recently beaten the champions-elect, and matched, if not out played, the current champions for an hour only two weeks ago. That should be the message to the team before we go out. Then again, maybe we should play Hibs cup history. 1902 is a long time ago...
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  2. Hope you are right IHE, I have booked leave for a return visit if we make it to the final again.
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  3. How about a totally unbiased Pat Nevin! LOL
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  4. Sat 5 Mar 2016 Scot Cup Q/F B Mckay (Ross Co 2 - Dundee Utd 3) SL 1 R McAllister (Albion 1 - Peterhead 1) Highland League M Laing (Buckie 0 - Inverurie 1)
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  5. Just think if we beat Hibs tomorrow we could face either Celtic, Rangers ........or Mckay & Ofere in the semi
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  6. Problem with STV & BBC news is you get a very small and selective piece of any interview....often with no real context and edited for sensationalism or to fit the reporters pre determined angle.
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  7. Hibs have beaten a whole stack of SPFL teams this year in cups so Yogi and the team need to be cautious and show them tremendous respect. It is therefore now the biggest match of our season and needs enormous energy to win it.
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  8. Don't want to add to yer pain chaps so I'll not mention my 5.00 steal when Hibs lost "again" in midweek :o) Stranraer home win @ 2.00 this week please Gringo...
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  9. From Courier: Having Williams and Draper available again is a huge boost for Hughes, given that he was without nine players through injury on Tuesday night. The Inverness manager admitted post-match that youngsters Jason Brown and Blair MacLennan were just on the bench to “make up the numbers”, leaving Liam Hughes and Ryan Williams as the only available outfield replacements. Nat Wedderburn is the latest to join the growing injury list, picking up a groin injury in training on Tuesday, while Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo will be doubtful with a calf strain. James Vincent and Josh Meekings (both knee) could make the bench at Easter Road, but Aaron Doran, Richie Foran, David Raven, Alex Fisher and Dean Brill remain out.
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  10. The idea of Caledonian Thistle really began to emerge mid December 1993, although it had been talked about before that. Earlier that month, Caley passed the merger in principle for a second time, but with insufficient support also to secure asset transfer. This led to the Rebels suggesting that a merged team called Caledonian and playing in blue would be acceptable to them. This is turn forced Thistle to the brink of quitting a bid which by now had been past the point of no return for over two months. A couple of weeks before Christmas, INE Chairman Norman Cordiner spent an evening of shuttle diplomacy between the two sides - Thistle at Kingsmills and Caley in the Kingsmills Hotel. (It had to be Norman and not his CEO Fiona Larg because women weren't allowed in the Thistle boardroom!). The product of these knife edge negotiations was a three fold agreement - the club would be called Caledonian Thistle, the new park would be called the Caledonian Stadium and the team would play in "predominantly blue" strips (there are still plenty of people around who remember what that actually worked out as). Even though they were the minor partner in just about every respect, this still represented a significant concession from Thistle. As a result, since Caley weren't going to accept any name without the C-word in it and Thistle weren't going to surrender the small bit of the action they had got, they were walking a tightrope on that name. Having been in Caley's Rose Street meeting and having doorstepped the Thistle one ten days later, I really do believe that this was the only name that was going to be remotely acceptable at the time and the name was just one of a range of issues on which the entire deal - and SFL football for Inverness - could have collapsed. At this point, all other possible names departed the fray.
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  11. I didn't look past a single game in the Cup run last year. If we beat Hibs it will be good to get to a semi final again. With the gate split, one or both matches will be a near sell out at Hampden. If we beat Hibs.
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  12. A minor change to French Bashing. Just another expression of his British nationalism.
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  13. Oh! I understand now. It's the cold of Winter football. Seriously,should be wearing their Long Johns shouldn't they? Oh well, another justifiable reason for playing during the summer months. But the beaks in the SFA never learn.....
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    • Aaron Doran - Club Legend
      Shameful: Thanks to Shane Sutherland, the generosity of friends, fans, former colleagues and opponents, Aaron has now had his operation. However it has emerged that he had posted on Instagram regarding his sad dismissal and treatment from the Board of Inverness CT who have treated Aaron in a similar way to which they have been treating the fans. Let's not forget that Aaron was due to have a testimonial for his service to the club.
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    • Season Tickets + Resignation Confirmation
      Firstly; we can confirm the resignation of our Chairman and Board member Ross Morrison. He leaves with our sincere thanks for the dedicated service he has given to the Club and we are indebted to him for his passion, tireless effort and crucial investment in the Club.

      We can also announce that our CEO Scot Gardiner has tendered his resignation, which has been accepted by the Board. Scot is now serving his notice and will be continuing to help the Club get through this difficult period.
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    • Gardiner Resigns
      ICT CEO Scot Gardiner resigns.
      Local media in Inverness is reporting that ICTFC CEO Scot Gardiner has resigned and is now working his notice period at the club. https://bit.ly/3VcnYcX
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    • Administration pending unless...
      Administration pending, unless... How can we go from SupercaleygoballisticCelticareatrocious in the year 2000, to Scottish Cup Winners in 2015, playing in Europe and just 9 years after lifting the Cup; Administration. Mismanagement and our demise was hastened by the appointment of Scot Gardiner. Ever since then, ludicrous decision making has seen our stock plummet whilst 'shady' dealings were investigated. The failed Concert Company, the Battery Storage, the Statkraft contract have all ended badly leaving the club facing insolvency.

      That's another fine mess you've got us into.
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    • New Chairman Wanted, Apply Within
      Chairman Ross Morrison resigns


      Nothing official from the club as we speak, but the Inverness Courier are running with a story that Ross Morrison has resigned at 18:00 tonight 3rd June.  More to come as this story develops, but most fans are looking for more heads to roll.

      Speaking exclusively to The Inverness Courier, Mr Morrison said he is leaving now because of the aftermath of the Fife move. “I believe it [the move to Fife] is the best way forward and I have to stick with my beliefs,” Mr Morrison said. “This is the reason I'm stepping down now.”

      Reflecting on his time with the Caley Thistle, Mr Morrison said: “My six-year tenure with the club has had some great and some not so great times but through everything I was immensely proud to be the chairman of the club and clubs I’ve supported for 50 years - I was a Jaggie by the way.

      “I would ask the fans to rally round the club at this time and show their support by not only purchasing their season tickets but also getting involved directly with the club to see how they can help.

      “Hearing fans saying they would prefer administration to training the first team in Kelty sent a shiver down my spine. Administration is a desperate thing to happen to a club and must, at all cost, not happen to ICTFC.”
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