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    Nope - three. See "An Idiot's Guide to Counting".
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    Saints fans are pretty disappointing he's left judging by some of the comments on twitter. We can't ask for much better as back up now that McNaughton is injured. He's still a young centre half and has all the tools to go on to be a good defender. He's also has a fantastic attitude towards learning his trade (I know from my time working at the Hearts academy when he was still with the under 20s), so hopefully Warren can take him under his wing and teach him a thing or two.
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    Just back from my trip up to Inverness. Very enjoyable match and a deserved win. Good to see Ritchie going for the winner late on by putting on 3 forwards, even though I thought Fisher had been quite good before he was subbed. Best for me was that my golfing chums I had in tow all thought that it was a good match and that the standard was better than they had expected. Hope that is the turning point for our league season and that we will now steadily climb to mid table or above.
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    The above heading comes from the very popular Johnny Carson show that ran for years and years on U.S T.V.but went off the air a good whiley ago. But here is an article I have just come across in my trolling of the SPL site concerning an interview with our last Manager, John Hughes.http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/37216822 Very interesting stuff, Not sure I like his comments about Richie though. Not overly critical but a tad condescending.Judge for yourself . Seems like he may just be regretting parting ways with ICT......good luck, laddie I say.
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    Sounds like he just needs taken under the wing, something the CT boys do very well. He could turn out to be a very good investment and asset to the team assuming we do get him that is! Would certainly rather take a risk on Brad than that dork Gunning, that's for sure
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    Knowing them it'll only be a few a day... And getting sent by pigeon carrier
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    lol - Touché Smarterse
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    Stunned that 4 people thought Finnie was good???? guy is a complete ***
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    Poor defender with almost no positional sense and prone to errors. Massively underwhelmed by this but if he does sign hopefully Warren and Meekings stay fit.
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