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    Game was late kicking off (3pm) as Kilmarnock were delayed in getting here. Information filtering through that we're 3-0 up.
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    Just to let you know there will be supporters buses running to both Celtic and Rangers games
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    ICT fans are a hardy bunch and I don't anticipate any of them having breakdowns
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    I have to say that I'm not aware of anyone who has been pursued to the ultimate degree by these people but have also heard other anecdotal reports that thy eventually go away if you ignore them.
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    you've got to remember that managers/coaches watch the game differently to fans. And whilst most fans are guilty of watching the ball, and players on the ball, you also have to take into account the work done off the ball, and this isn't always tracking a player from one box to the other,, there are lots of subtle things our midfielders do. I think Vigz gets a lot of unfair stick because he isn't so 'obvious' and can appear to not be trying. I actually thought Doran was poor because his choices are wrong - appears to be selfishly 'trying too hard' to get that goal and 'prove his worth'. an assist is better than an off-target shot IMO. anyway, we're all forgetting the important outcome of Saturday's match..... #topsix bring on the 'well #COMEONTHECALEYJAGS #PRIDEOFTHEHIGHLANDS
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    They had a chance at the time when the other erse cheek caused the referee strike. If all the clubs had showed some cojones and resigned from the league and formed their own, the ugly sisters would have to play each other every week. That would have put the cat among the pigeons
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