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    Hey ! where's all these positive vibes coming from, you do realise this is caleythistle on line forum lol, do we do this sort of thing?
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    No probs John we normally text you anyway. I just thought when you wrote numbers on forum above you just wanted us to do it here do you had an idea I'll text you now cheers
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    The one with the big nuts As you probably know hes been scoring for fun so hopefully he gets some revenge on yous
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    Don't recommend people post phone numbers on a public forum.
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    Got mine. Looking forward to it!
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    Just an FYI ....I phoned the 0844 number at 12 to book my tickets and it ended up £25 for an adult and a child, which going by the prices advertised should have been £19, turns out they try to fleece you £3 plus P&P, I declined and phoned the TCS direct and ended up paying £20 altogether and will pick them up when I get back into town
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    It's good to see some opposition fans getting involved in the thread. As I recall, that was a regular feature of our time in the lower leagues but hardly happens at all in the Premiership which, in my view, is a great shame.
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    Pleased that you managed to get a recording of your day out in the big city.
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    My slide down the table has been delayed.....so far
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