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    Canna really blame you for spending all your time here, had a look at that Elgin forum and it only gets about one post every three days. So judging by that, either: your own sales are poor or Elgin isn't hooked up to the interweb
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    im certainly not blinded, and like many probably very concerned that we may well go down. and echoing what im sure i've said before, if we are to go down, i dont want to do it shouldering a heap of debt brought on by throwing money at some marquee signings, who we probably couldn't afford even if we DO stay up. RF can and has done wrong, but much like the rest of the squad, thats who we have and thats the route the club is going. There is a reason he was given a 4-year contract! this was never going to be easy, or an overnight success. it will be a long hard slog, which may take the full 4 years. lets hope the club remains solvent in that time. or we could just sack RF, throw out the board, get relegated and end up in a financially unsustainable position, somewhere in the middle of league 1 within 2 years, with countless people losing their jobs along the way. maybe then the 'missing' fans will turn up!
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    I don't think that any of us are blinded and think we are too good to go down. We are all too well aware of that possibility and the serious implications thereof. However, one thing that we have been calling for is an experienced striker used to the league. In Anier, we now have that. He may who you were looking for personally but for goodness sake, give the man a chance before getting your knife out on him and the management and don't forget, there is still another fortnight until the transfer window closes during which there may be other incomings.
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    What on earth do people expect. Reality check folks. Let's be positive if there's reasonable grounds ... and I happen to think there is. Happy to get shot down at end of season if he shoots blanks but Anier has the potential to be a very decent signing. Appearances at Utd were shared with Mckay and Ofere. Utd may have gone down but had a decent squad on paper, other internal political issues didn't help. We have an exceedingly tight budget and not everyone wants to come to Inverness.
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    Having a pacy striker up front is very important. We have Boden, a bust, and Doumbaya and Fisher, both big target men. A quick striker can give us better options for through balls, can stretch defences and help take pressure off the team. We can play better on the counter and take pressure off the defence. Our current best option for pace is Mulreany, who might be the fastest player I've ever seen. Problem is that he's very raw and needs to learn more about playing the game at this level,taking the right option, when to gamble etc. We'll see how Anier does, he has a mixed record in Scotland but I can see the logic to the signing.
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    Nobody is suggesting marquee signings or increased debts, I'm aware some of the senior players have new deals so we have little budget left however we have youngsters who don't get a chance like Sutherland and seem to consistently sign players all of a similar level to what we have. Would rather see us bring in one or two of proven quality and give youth a chance (such as names listed previously who I'm sure would have fitted into our budget). Looking at Dunfermline & St Mirren, I have no illusions where we will most likely end up heading if we go down and the fan numbers will likely drop further - the Inverness population doesn't want or have interest in a football team at the top level so it will only get worse (but that's another thread). We need to have a team right now that gets us 10th, where other teams around us have been there and done the relegation battle they have players who show the bottle for it and perhaps the quality too (Moult, Couliabliy) but I'm not sure we do.
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    The last thing I want to see is this club getting into huge Debt and going out of Business. The appointment of RF was always a big risk but the only one that was financially viable and therefore IMO we will have RF for the term that he signed for. he has admitted that he has made mistakes and that to be expected with a young coach but I am sure he will improve, so having said that when it comes to transfers we are going to be in the bargain basement (who knows what the Irish lad will bring) . In Arnier from what I remember he was fast so think he could be a good signing for us, lets see what if any changes to formation RF makes that may give us a chance of survival in this league
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    Could we ever afford a good enough player to single handedly transform our fortunes !! To me the good news here is that it heralds a change of system to a 2 up front approach.
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    Forgot to mention IHE, B & Q is nearby you could get 10% off with your pensioner card.
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    I don't think he's a good enough player to single handedly transform our fortunes, but I do think that if he'd been with us since the summer we'd have a few more points than we currently have.
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    Re the photo, I'm more impressed with Richie having shaved that awful beard off than by the new signings.
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    Personally, I'd very much rather not waiting until the last minute, penalty or not, to secure victory on Saturday.
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    Yup, all the cup clichés are beginning to appear from the woodwork..... clichés which used to emerge when Thistle or Caley were drawn against one of the country's bigger sides but different days now.
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    I doubt there's anyone out there on our budget that can single handedly save us ... we need a combination of more goals scored and less goals conceded ... I reckon he can play a reasonable part with one of these aspects ... but nobody can do it on their own.
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    Signing of a player this season who has proven goal scoring history at a decent level, even Championship would have done - there are guys down there like Dobbie, Clark (who were free in the summer), Loy, Andreu (both on loan) or at least a player that would come in and show fight and determination to help drag us up the table - sadly I don't see any of our forward players having these attributes. Perhaps there may be further additions before the window closes but even if not and we stay up then I will still question the signing policy and level of recruitment recently especially in forward and creative areas. Its almost laughable how we sit at the bottom of the league making mediocre signings yet the majority seem happy and RF or the management can do no wrong, yet in previous windows or seasons much lesser actions would get slated. Too many blinded and naively sitting thinking we are too good to go down - we're not and there's little happening around the club that suggests otherwise.
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    Yeh dammit! Why does this site cancel the "Edit" facility after a relatively short time? This morning I spotted last night's syntactic aberration and tried to change it from "Being an Elgin supporter...." to "Since he is an Elgin supporter...." but the thing wouldn't let me.
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