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    You run your own race, so it doesn't matter who's just behind you or just in front during the race, it's the position at the finishing line which is important. Here's hoping for 3 points against Partick, as the race continues.
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    Graeme Shinnie scored the winner for Aberdeen this afternoon (5 Mar) in their 1-0 Scottish Cup Q/F win against Partick. Also, Danny Devine.
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    Agreed but we must aim for 10th or above!
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    Mathematically and Statistically = YES ; Realistically and Predictability = NO - next target is 11th and "in touch" before the split.
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    Woah everyone according to rf we still have a chance of top six
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    Lies, damn lies, statisics....and Charles Bannerman!
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    I think you'll find your wrong. The simple fact is he was able to do it because he was only on the park for ten minutes. What has booing got to do with my post. A lot of the criticism is justified. I doubt he will be retained for another season.
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    I think I'm going to keep out of this having been to..... well you can't really say "Damascus" these days... for my holidays, so let me just describe myself as having had a moment of Epiphany! In order to perform an administrative function with an organisation I'm involved with, I've had to join Facebook - with the collateral effect of having become aware of comments on the Facebook pages of the likes of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, Humza Yousaf and the National "newspaper". So, having taken a few scans through that lot, all I can say to the people on here is - sorry folks... I have probably been far too scathing of a lot you have said on here about the nationalist question, now I have seen the emanations of some of these other pages! I am actually being quite serious here by saying that. Compared with what I have now seen elsewhere from far more SNP supporters than you would ever find on here, the Nats on CTO present well argued, literate (especially literate!), polite cases with not an expletive, term of abuse or outburst of paranoia in sight. So with the genuine observation that Oddquine is actually a relative moderate, I will bid you all good night again and return to a much happier hunting ground for winding up nationalists!
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    • Inverness CT 1-1 Ayr United - Report
      Better late than never, the live stream burst onto the laptop 15 minutes before kick-off and it was game-on. Inverness had the first chance when Todorov headed off the underside of the bar, the ball adjudged not to have crossed the line.
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    • Inverness CT -V- Ayr United - Preview
      It's matchday two this weekend in the Ladbrokes Championship and the visitors to the Caledonian Stadium are Ayr United who have two former Caley Jags players in their ranks. Tom Walsh and Joe Chalmers joined the Honest Men in the summer and could be in the squad this weekend for the game that kicks off at 3:00pm.
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    • Dunfermline Ath 3 - 1 Inverness CT - Report
      TV sets were barely switched on when Nokolay Todorov opened the scoring in the second minute. He would leave the field injured to be replaced by James Vincent after nineteen minutes. Inverness held that lead until the twenty-third minute when captain Euan Murray headed his fourth goal of the season to level matters. That's how it stood at the break as both sides searched for a second goal. Ryan Dow put the Pars in front with twelve minutes left in a rather turgid second half. Declan McManus scored a superb third to seal the points turning on the angle of the box and firing high into the net. Deserved 3 points for the Pars as they get off to a flyer.
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    • Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT - Preview
      Let there be football


      It's the start of the covid restricted Championship campaign 20/21 and Inverness travel to Fife to take on Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park. The game is a closed doors event and kicks-off at 3:00pm on Saturday 17th October with live streaming available from Dunfermline or the usual social media outlets via twitter, BBC Sport etc to fill the void of following your team at the stadiums. The steak bridies will be a big miss from East End park as will the pre-match entertainment on Halbeath Road and the general enjoyment of slagging your team off on a Saturday afternoon. It's what 3:00pm's were made for.
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    • Inverness CT 0 (4) - 0 (2) Cowdenbeath LCup - Report
      Bonus point struggle. Inverness took the bonus point after a penalty shoot out, the game ending scoreless. Cammy Mackay saving twice as Todorov, Deas, Welsh and Allardice fired home from the spot.
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