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  1. Short career, nearer the end than the beginning. Chance of much higher pay. Not from the area so no particular heart strings pulling ... who wouldn't make the move in his shoes or in any walk of life for that matter? If we had turned on Shinnie when he had signed a "pre-contract", might we have still won the Cup? I really hope the fans "do a Graeme Shinnie" and cheer him on for the rest of his time with us because he has made vital contributions/goals right up to this point (latest being the goal v County) ... and hopefully he has future contributions yet to make ... that could be the difference between us staying up and going down. Quite apart from just giving respect to our players (which we should obviously do), Tansey has wore our colours with distinction on many occasions including our very best times ... so we should cheer him on until the end just as though he was continuing with us beyond this season ... and so, when the dust has settled at the end of the season and we remain an SPL club, we can then thank him for his valued contribution and wish him well for the future ... (apart from he's playing us!)
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  2. I class anyone that is a first team player contributing to the most successful period (or at least at the highest level) the club has experienced to date deserves some credence within the club. Perhaps its the wrong expression to use. However, they were both integral along with others to that success. Fans are loyal (well mostly), players not so much. They continually want to progress their ability and make as much money as possible in a career than can nosedive at any moment. Tansey leaving and coming back, is not a problem in my eyes. Tansey being courted by a bigger club, is recognition of his form and talent. I dont think he has engineered this move. He has never requested a transfer, or publicly criticised the club about tansey-gate. He just stated he was happy with Inverness. He was honest this season, never giving the fans false hope he may sign. He has acted professionally throughout in my eyes. You could say his form has dropped this season, until recently, perhaps this was more to do with tactics/positioning rather than anything else. Only the player himself knows. I bear no grudge against him. As long as he puts in 100% until the last game. Thereafter, he is simply an opposition player who i have no concern about.
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  3. He has improved drastically in recent games by playing a bit further forward. I think dropping him due to this is a bit old fashioned. This pre-contract era has been on the go for a while. Both Tansey and Meekings have been clear for a while they were not interested in signing new deals. This is good for the club to have clarity, both players have been good servants and deserve respect until their contract runs out. As long as Tansey gives his all in training and games he will start. If this standard/effort drops, then he shall be dropped. The same goes for any player in the squad.
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  4. I think its a bit of a catch 22 situation really. You get transfer fees when players are signed up on longer contracts but longer contracts tend to cost more and risk you being left paying a player who has not performed. A small club like ours simply can't afford the risk of longer term contracts although I think it tries to do the best it can within the resources available. With regard to Tansey, he has benefited from being here and we have benefited from having him here. He's been a great player for us and I wish him well in his future career (except when playing against us, of course).
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  5. We should in no way blame players. Their careers are partly regulated by the transfer window and other restrictions. It is not an easy life and come the season end many will be without clubs for months or even forever again. It is a very short career and realistically we should wish Greg well and trust like everyone else they seek to get at least a point at Pittodrie.
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  6. I don't think "servant" is ever an appropriate wording for a professional footballer these days. They are highly paid to do something they love, and get loads of time off into the bargain. It's hardly servitude! Good employee, if anything.
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  7. I don't see it as a big call at all, despite the conflict of interest. He will undoubtedly want ICT, his teammates and friends, to stay up, plus he has no desire himself to be part of a failed, relegated team.
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  8. Im probably his biggest fan, but am I the only one who thinks Greg Tansey is well overdue being dropped? He hasn't been himself since the Aberdeen saga. Consistently gives the ball away, offers very little protection to the back four, set pieces are consistently poorer, and just lets games pass him by. He used to be the anchor who everything we did flowed through - now he hardly looks for the ball! I find it particularly peculiar as personally I rate Liam Polworth as our top prospect - shifting him out wide to accommodate an ineffectual Tansey seems bizarre, especially when it means dropping King or Doran!
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  9. My mate suffers from depression so I gave him an Army Colouring Book for his birthday. When he feels sad now at least he'll have a soldier to crayon
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  10. how? (why?) if you could buy a house for 100k or wait 6 months and get that house for free...what would YOU do? It makes good business sense. The accounts situation at ICTFC are of absolutely no concern to anyone at AFC. In Aberdeen Caley Thistle's defence, they did make an attempt to buy that house some time ago, the house wasn't for sale. Not their fault. The keys for that house have been put in the bowl...they picked them up. No ill feelings towards Aberdeen or Mr Tansey. Both have made sound business/career choices. Anyone in their respective positions would make the same decisions. There is no room for sentimentality in ANY line of business these days.
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  11. The issue here is Aberdeen are ripping the p*** and there is absolutely nothing we can co about it ..............again.
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  12. I'm sure the players will be fine, they are professionals. Whatever happens at the end of this season, stay up or go down, we have a huge rebuilding job to come. The core of the side for the past few seasons have either left or lost form. Tansey has left, Meekings will probably join him and Warren and Draper's performance levels have dropped (Warren's more than Draper's). We need to replace them with solid, reliable starters to build our team around. The signings we have made this season do not fill me with confidence that we can do this. None of the signings we've made have established themselves as a starter. The closest is Brad Mckay but he has shifted around in terms of his position, from right back to centre back. We've also had to dip into the loans market pretty heavily in January to try and drag ourselves over the finishing line and Billy Mckay is clearly the best signing we've made this season. The danger we have is that we are going to replace excellent starters with players who are really bench-warmers. We've done that to a large degree this season. Just as we need to improve our play if we are going to stay up we have to improve our recruitment if we want to progress. Signings Scott Boden - 3(8) - 1 goal Jake Mulreany - 7(13) Kevin McNaughton - 2(0) Lonsana Doumbaya 17(2) - 5 goals Brad McKay - 19(1) Louis Laing - 5(0) Henri Anier - 5(2) Billy King (loan) - 14(7) - 1 goal Jamie McCart (loan) - 5(0) Larnell Cole (loan) - 11(6) - 1 goal Billy Mckay (loan) - 7(0) - 2 goals
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  13. red dot for this!!! happy at someone's pain and suffering? harsh!
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  14. Some interesting points being made on Twitter regarding this kind of comment. Does a good servant jump ship twice having failed to do so another time? I'm not so sure.
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  15. For those who have any interest in style, I saw Richie's jacket in the Topman sale last week (only £35!).
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  16. How can we think that the Dons will continue to be interested in a player who can so easily be depressed, or gone off the boil through disappointment or feel aggrieved at what he may feel is his divine right to a transfer on demand to better his career, or even just plain boredom or such, just baffles me. The owners of Aberdeen F.C. are ambitious (because they have invested tons of money in their new stadium for one thing) and need players who will constantly have a forward-looking and positive attitude to their game and who will give their all for the club. Otherwise, Jimmy, it's....TTFN...... Ta Ta For Now. And perhaps it would not be a good thing for Miles Storey to return to ICT, deflated in his ambitions. It might overwhelm him and lead to him turning into another player with a definite lack of interest. Frank Kelly speaking, methinks it's not good to go back, only forward into the unknown. If it fails and it hurts then that's fine since you will have learned another of life's lessons one of which is either to put more effort into your place in the scheme of things or quit and move on until you do find your niche. Been there, done that, like.
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  17. Having witnessed an excellent performance at Tynecastle we have not pushed on. At Tynecastle we hade a new central back pairing and Polworth & Cole played with great energy (along with the rest of the team) who pressed Hearts for 90 mins to get a good result. Anier came on and spent most of his time offside or losing the ball and was no better against Ross County. Richie has bottled dropping a centre back, personally I think Laing is first choice so who should be dropped Warren or McCart? Against County we had NO pace (King!!!) in the team and I don't think 5 at the back made a difference as Tremarco and Raven get forward anyway. A back four with a 'switched on' sitting midfielder (Draper) would allow Tremarco / Raven to go forward knowing that Draper can drop back to make a four. We need to score goals and 4-4-2 is more likely to succeed as even playing a 5-3-2 doesn't result in a clean sheet! Anier is a waste of time, Fisher is the perfect partner for Mackay, he would press the opposition with Mackay and between them I think they would create far more chances. And what does anyone see in Vigurs, he doesn't press or track back and loves to point the finger at everyone else. I was delighted when he got injured as it forced Ritchie into taking him off. If only Ritchie had made another substitution when we were under pressure! I hope Ritchie doesn't make the same mistake as Butcher and get us relegated due to a personal fall out with Fisher as Ritchie will be the loser if we go down. whilst Fisher will move on to pastures new!
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  18. We've only lost once at home to Killie in the league in something like ten years however I don't have much confidence in us securing three points on Saturday. Suspect a 1 - 1 draw is a likely outcome but this doesn't do us any favours whatsoever. We need to start winning games now. We have looked a wee bit better at the back in recent weeks but I think that's more been down to Draper being returned to a deeper midfield position in place of Vigurs and it has also seen Tansey come onto a much better game as well. I don't feel like we've offered to much going forward with a lot of punts up to Mckay and Anier with their backs to goal rather than over the top of the defence for them to chase. Additionally, we seem to be relying on our full backs to provide all the width in the side which isn't ridiculous given our 3 - 5 - 2 approach in the last couple of games but the crossing from Raven and Tremarco hasn't been great and they struggle to beat a man to get a ball in to attack. Warren still hasn't looked great and I think he is probably below Laing and McCart in the pecking order now if we play two centre backs. I'd really like to see us go back to a more settled 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 set up along the following lines (dependin gon injuries and suspensions): Fon Williams Handsome Brad Laing McCart Raven Tansey Draper Mulraney Polworth King Mckay
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  19. Not really bothered by his departure. I have never rated him. He is anonymous in far too many games for my liking. Looking forward to someone else coming in, maybe someone with a bit of fight in them. I think of all the ICT players who have gone to Inverness XI (Aberdire), he is by far the poorest player they have signed
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    • Aaron Doran - Club Legend
      Shameful: Thanks to Shane Sutherland, the generosity of friends, fans, former colleagues and opponents, Aaron has now had his operation. However it has emerged that he had posted on Instagram regarding his sad dismissal and treatment from the Board of Inverness CT who have treated Aaron in a similar way to which they have been treating the fans. Let's not forget that Aaron was due to have a testimonial for his service to the club.
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    • Season Tickets + Resignation Confirmation
      Firstly; we can confirm the resignation of our Chairman and Board member Ross Morrison. He leaves with our sincere thanks for the dedicated service he has given to the Club and we are indebted to him for his passion, tireless effort and crucial investment in the Club.

      We can also announce that our CEO Scot Gardiner has tendered his resignation, which has been accepted by the Board. Scot is now serving his notice and will be continuing to help the Club get through this difficult period.
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    • Gardiner Resigns
      ICT CEO Scot Gardiner resigns.
      Local media in Inverness is reporting that ICTFC CEO Scot Gardiner has resigned and is now working his notice period at the club. https://bit.ly/3VcnYcX
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    • Administration pending unless...
      Administration pending, unless... How can we go from SupercaleygoballisticCelticareatrocious in the year 2000, to Scottish Cup Winners in 2015, playing in Europe and just 9 years after lifting the Cup; Administration. Mismanagement and our demise was hastened by the appointment of Scot Gardiner. Ever since then, ludicrous decision making has seen our stock plummet whilst 'shady' dealings were investigated. The failed Concert Company, the Battery Storage, the Statkraft contract have all ended badly leaving the club facing insolvency.

      That's another fine mess you've got us into.
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    • New Chairman Wanted, Apply Within
      Chairman Ross Morrison resigns


      Nothing official from the club as we speak, but the Inverness Courier are running with a story that Ross Morrison has resigned at 18:00 tonight 3rd June.  More to come as this story develops, but most fans are looking for more heads to roll.

      Speaking exclusively to The Inverness Courier, Mr Morrison said he is leaving now because of the aftermath of the Fife move. “I believe it [the move to Fife] is the best way forward and I have to stick with my beliefs,” Mr Morrison said. “This is the reason I'm stepping down now.”

      Reflecting on his time with the Caley Thistle, Mr Morrison said: “My six-year tenure with the club has had some great and some not so great times but through everything I was immensely proud to be the chairman of the club and clubs I’ve supported for 50 years - I was a Jaggie by the way.

      “I would ask the fans to rally round the club at this time and show their support by not only purchasing their season tickets but also getting involved directly with the club to see how they can help.

      “Hearing fans saying they would prefer administration to training the first team in Kelty sent a shiver down my spine. Administration is a desperate thing to happen to a club and must, at all cost, not happen to ICTFC.”
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