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    A sad day. After eight years living in England and getting to as many games as I could, tbis is my first full season as a season ticket holder for some time. What a year I picked! I've been at all home games except the two against Celtic (holiday and work prevented these) and to a few away ones. I don't think we are worse than many of the other teams, but we've lacked a consistent plan and line up. It is hard to pick consistent performers, apart from Tremarco and, perhaps, Draper. We know our strengths (Draper and Tansey bossing midfield) but too often did not build the team around that. Bringing Billy back should have saved the season, but the service he has had has been limited. I don't understand why Fisher was frozen out. He is a grafter, and while his finishing is hit and miss, I like his attitude. Others have failed to perform, or let their heads drop when times have been tough, and decisions have gone against us, but we have a squad that should have been mid-table. Since the St Johnstone game I have been resigned to our fate, and the loss today probably makes it inevitable. To hear that we only performed when 2-0 down says if all. I will miss only my third home game next weekend due to family commitments. What I would give for a miracle and a home play off game on the 28th, but I just can't see it. I will be renewing my season ticket, as I love the club and football, but I fear the worst next season, and just hope we can build a competitive squad that can get us back up. After two cup finals, two great days out at Hampden, bossing the derbies, a European adventure, albeit brief, this is tough to take, but we must still get behind the team for the last two games and hope for a miracle. Lets just hope we can bounce back and get more great memories. Yes, we have punched above our weight, and it was great, but we should be a Premiership club.
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    "It's JUST a game" probably the most stupidest line I have ever read on CTO. An insult to all football fans no matter what team they support. If you really believe what you have written you are not a fan in the true sense. Fans support there team win, lose or draw. Spend there money & time supporting there team where ever they play. Some even run supporters group giving up there free time for the benefit of the club and fellow fans. Bill Shankly once said:"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude, I can assure you. It is much, much more important than that" It is not JUST a game for the players on the park or any real fan!
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    Gringo... I'm not going to go back there in detail, but I'm going to have to disagree. To be realistic, there weren't that many in the city who gave a toss one way or another about the merger in the first place. Remember that, after both sides had recruited to a standstill for a month and in a town with a population at the time of around 45,000, Caley's total membership for the second vote was only 576 and no more than 226 ever voted against. Before this exhaustive recruitment, Caley only had 180 season ticket holders and hence members. Thistle's numbers were much smaller still and nearly a third of the population weren't even born when all that stuff happened. This is an urban myth which really needs to be left behind as we move on. If you don't mind I'll also mention the notion of "needing investment". This is often quoted in football but what it really means is that a club would like to spend more than it is earning. Other types of business cut their cloth to suit their profit and loss accounts but in football there seems to be this expectation that wealthy individuals will subsidise the fundamentally loss making operation. This isn't really "investment", which is the input of money with a view to making a profit for you; it's quite simply a donation or subsidy which seems to be factored in among football's expectations. The reality is that players are paid and expect to be paid far, far more than the realistic market value of what they do and the gap in some cases is filled - not in a very stable and sustainable way, it has to be emphasised - by these subsidies and donations from wealthy people, which do happen but it's not realistic to expect them. In relation to players' wages, ticket prices should actually be far higher and very often they are kept down by these subsidies - which I am sure is what is behind the recently announced £100 reduction in season ticket prices on the other side of the Firth.
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    If Richie had any respect for the club and the fans who spend their hard earned cash attending matches both home and away he would have left the club at Christmas when it was very obvious that he did not have the ability to manage the club. The fans ARE behind the team - today we sang our hearts out, clapped and cheered throughout and we will be there for the next 2 games as we have been all season. Saying "It is only a game" is in my opinion very flippant and disrespectful to the loyal fans, the players and to the staff who will loose their jobs if we go down!
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    Couldn't agree more - we are heading down anyway (bar a minor miracle) so lets just get to the end of a disastrous season & take stock then. Just need to get behind the team now.
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    I think it's still relevant to the club in general. It is my view that the apathy still exists in the city
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    That is ancient history and irrelevant now. Please don't bring up that old nonsense as having anything to do with what is happening now. We have had a bad, ok terrible, season. That doesn't mean everything we have achieved in the past isn't something to be proud of. Take it as an opportunity to have some root and branch reform behind the scenes, bring in a new management team, and there is no reason it won't look a lot better next year. I don't assume we can bounce straight back, but we can build from the rubble of this year, if those in charge take the chance that change always brings.
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    Most of us discovered 20 years ago that Livi are a shower of ****s The Toni Macaroni Arena ffs
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    I really can't see us getting back up at the first attempt to be honest - at least not with the current set up anyway. The club needs investment which isn't forthcoming and even after our cup win, which showed the potential of this club, the response was negative. It's a real shame. Some have mentioned that there is still a majority of folk within the city that still haven't got over the merger and refuse to have anything to do with the new club. There may well be an element of truth in this which is really really sad. It was over twenty years ago - get over it. With this in mind I have this awful feeling we are going to fall even further behind our neighbours and could well end up going part-time and fighting it out with the likes of Elgin City. And as for Foran's after match comments....I'm gobsmacked. How can you possibly keep praising a side that can't win or defend?
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    The inaugural meeting of Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Club will take place on 31st May 2017 at 7.30pm in Caley Club, Inverness. We hope to see you all there.
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    ICT Supporters Travel Club are running bus to Dundee on Wed 17th May . Leaving Caley Club 3.30 pm and Stadium 3.45 pm Fare will be £10 each . The Travel Club would like to thank all who travelled with us this season and look forward to seeing you all next season ,when our plan is to run buses to all away games as we did this year . Thank You !!
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    and for him to say we still have a small chance of staying up we are going down
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    Don't see the point of whinging at this point. Richie is here till the end of the season. Whether or not you think he's up to the job - at the end of the day he's just a young man doing a job to the best of his ability, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Let's just get behind the team for the next 2 games and leave the inquisition for another day. PS Alan Simpson - it's just a game!
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    At least Foran came over to show the fans some appreciation at the end of the game there.
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    Yes, and with Hartlepool relegated and ICT doomed, that's all of his last 3 teams on their way down. Not that he can take the blame for all of these outcomes, but not a good season for Yogi's most recent teams.
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    Whilst many of us would have wanted Foran to leave weeks or even months ago, I think your last few words about Foran are totally uncalled for and not worthy of a member of this forum. Also, is it just me or do any others feel that writing a rant like that with no correct punctuation is at best laziness, or at worst , an indication of illiteracy?
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    A microcosm of our season by the sound of things. Start ok, fall apart in the middle, provide a little bit of hope, but ultimately too little, too late. Motherwell and Hamilton result wasn't the one we wanted, but that pales into insignificance against the 31 results of ours that haven't been the ones we wanted. Incredibly, we are not down yet - talk about a long, slow, painful death!
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    "Caley Thistle showing a real battling spirit right now" about 4 months too late...
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    No difference between Cole and Anier from what I have seen. Both are not good enough. Anier puts in more effort, Cole is lazy. Although he put plenty of effort in getting himself sent off against St Johnstone. Plonker!!! Polworth instead of either of them.
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    I agree and you now have Andrew Macrae of ICT at Forres now who is a talent if I've ever seen one!
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    Inverness boss Richie Foran: "I'm delighted with the players' performance, believe it or not. I told them they should be proud of themselves, how they handled the occasion. "Individual mistakes have cost us again. The only disappointing part is the second goal. Jones has so much space to run at us. It's a set-piece for us, they break and score - that's schoolboy defending but overall we were the far better team and had far better chances. "We didn't get what we deserved and that was the three points, in my mind. We need to cut out the individual mistakes, it's been the story of the season. "We need help from other clubs now, simple as that. We need to do our business on Wednesday and Saturday. There is still a chance. It is probably a small chance, but there is a chance." 'Foran the Failure' - do one!! Your time is up!!
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    I think the majority are in agreement that a new manager is needed for next season. Given where we find ourselves this season and just how poor we have been i think the club has no choice but to look for a new manager for next season. Some fans are saying Hartley, A few are saying bring back Butcher but the big question is, Who would give us the best chance of going straight back up in our first season. I would like to see a new manager but out of all our former managers i would not be against John Robertson making a return. I thought we were pretty decent under him. So who is the one that would give us best chance of promotion next season ?
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    As I've said on another forum it's Foran with Malpas as no.2 next season.
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    No more messing around with untested nobody's like sick note foran for the championship don't want to rot away down there for to long bring in Hartley or try for peter Houston or even butcher again bet most fans would take back the shinnies or Rooney so why not big tez! Foran out see ya on the bin lorries Richie maybe ya can manage that full sick pay to ya sponger
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