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    The man himself confirmed this last week. Sorry to see him go. I hope we do as well as possible in every game we play but if we patch the League Cup but just use it to get fitness up and have a (semi) decent league run I'd be happy enough with that. Like the Challenge Cup the League Cup is fast becoming a competition that means nothing until you get to the latter stages so I wouldn't be bothered if we struggled so long as performances were decent and we use it to turn in a good league campaign. Totally agree. Social media is the place where people go for news now and as such having a good presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc is really important for clubs. There's absolutely no doubting that what Don and others did to raise the profile of the club through their Twitter antics was largely a good thing save for some minter episodes like the SuperBowl commentary. For the most part the info put out there was well received, informative and very funny. The club definitely benefited from this. However, if there was one criticism to be made it was that the people who were involved appeared to be opposed to anyone else joining in and helping out. Something of a "it's my ball" attitude at times. Obviously you don't want to be giving out a password for a club account to just anyone but sometimes it felt as though those involved didn't want anyone else involved which, ironically, is probably what we need now. I completely understand that when you've worked on something for so long and built it up, in this case from pretty much nothing, that you would be hesitant to see someone else come in and potentially ruin it all but I couldn't help but shake the feeling that at times, whilst additional hands would have been welcomed, they weren't really wanted. Maybe I've picked things up wrong, it wouldn't be the first time, but that's just how I see it.
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    I'm fully aware that a lot of the work was done a) by volunteers and b) off their own back with no salary, freebies etc. It's of course highly commendable and I've said so in the past but I'm happy to repeat it - the media team did a really excellent job pulling together highlights of the odd game, interviews before and after games and of course with the Twitter updates. The recent addition of live streaming games to overseas supporters is also excellent and has been widely commended on here. However, I stand by my feeling that it was, at times, something of a closed shop to outsiders. Twice either I or someone else had offered to do the Twitter updates for games were one of the regulars couldn't make it and each time we received a quite terse rejection. I'm sorry to hear that you felt like you wanted to leave it all behind and do something else but if the club, media team or whoever need some extra hands to help out I'm sure there would be willing volunteers. Maybe I've missed the calls for additional support on the media side of things (and indeed any other times the club has asked for an extra pair of hands) but if it's an ongoing plea for assistance, and it sounds like it is, maybe it would be an idea to have a section on volunteering on the club website with some of the opportunities that could be on offer for both home and away games?
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    There are regular CaleyAwayers with journalism and other media degrees (which I don't think any of the media team have, certainly not the original ones) and I remember one person on Twitter (I think it was Top Six Next Year) asking why they weren't involved if they were short of numbers. "It's my ball..." was quite an apt response.
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    6ft 2" eyes of blue Feitciano Cedrick Zschusschen is after you. 😛
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    We might get them on the Clach or someones Twitter
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    I would not be at all surprised if we show a very substantial loss for last financial year. From what I hear some players were earning big money and with our limited gate receipts I don't think there would be anything in the coffers. This would mean that the company needed cash from somewhere to cover wages etc. Where did we get that money from? Are we now due to repay this? Oh how I wish the board would come clean and tell us what kind of financial state we are in and give us the true reason they are calling this EGM.
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    In fairness, RiG does provide excellent updates via Twitter from matches. He makes it to the vast majority of matches too, home and away.
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    I felt I did a "Leicester City" last year - nowhere in previous seasons and then unexpectedly found myself in an early lead which I held on to. A return to mid or low table mediocrity is likely - but I won't relinquish my title without a fight! Here goes with the first doom laden prediction of the season. HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT Warren Opp Jackson Crowd 964
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    Can I ask our resident player name pronunciation expert how "Zschusschen" should sound?!
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    I imagine that you are in the majority. As I've said before, fine for a flag or a banner, wholly inappropriate for an official club great.
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    Come on, if it was nothing the EGM would not have been called! And BEFORE the accounts have been issued. Again we are not being given the True picture.
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    According to HN Elbouzedi out for 2 months and players carrying knocks this week are fonners, cammy, Brad, vigurs, Elsdon and Baird. That was why the Clach game was cancelled, not looking good for the start of the competitive fixtures in 2 days time
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    Speaking as someone who is largely technically illiterate, do you really have to be a 'techno guy' to post important information and updates on Twitter and Facebook ? Surely. all you need is a smartphone and a spare ten minutes. I am aware that non essential costs have had to be slashed and that the 'media team' came at quite an expense but that doesn't seem to me to be an excuse for the almost complete lack of information coming from the club on social media. This is 2017 after all.
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    Considering the League Cup starts so early now, I think the days of us playing weeks of friendlies like we used to are gone. In saying that, I won't at all be surprised if he get a wee scare on Saturday - Brechin might be part timers, but they'll be no mugs. I know they, like us, have players missing for Saturday and I won't be at all surprised if it's a very close game indeed.
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    Maybe that the work previously done by Big Don is now being appreciated now he's gone?
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    Maybe easily fixed but much like the manner of Duncan Shearer's dismissal and the season ticket announcement debacle, much better avoided in the first place. The club are continuing to project a poor public image. It needs to stop.
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    Come on guys, I knew the game was off yesterday and this was in the local press today, a bit of outrage over very little methinks.
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    More concerned by not having enough fit players to play clach and season starting next week.
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    I would certainly have a fat chance of getting a wage from anyone if my spelling, punctuation etc. were as bad as yours!
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    Nah, Jimmy Calderwood isn't related to Ebbe Skovdal. You're thinking of Rene Calderwood.
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    Anyone remember Kerrea Gilbert? Defender who got offered a deal then promptly took off down South on another trial. He has subsequently disappeared into obscurity. Sorry but had to have my say on Mackay-Steven, the last time this subject was mentioned it sparked a mass topic on here, i hope this dosent happen again, past needs be left as the past. We would have signed him but he was facing a lengthy spell out and understandably the club didnt want to invest money in someone who wasnt going to play. He didnt join when he was offered a pay as you play terms (an understandable offer at the time given his past injury problems). We havent fallen apart without him signing and i dont think we are going to...
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    Sorry RiG, but the bit of your post I've underlined is simple unadulterated bull sh*t. I know that Don tried to recruit people (and did) after years of us - Don, Andy, Jack and myself - going to every game home and away to cover it, often at considerable cost and for precious little thanks. Do you know that a lot of the equipment used to give you highlights was bought by the people concerned? That they were paid not a single penny for their efforts? Got absolutely no freebies? Got hassle after hassle from people who really didn't want to be interviewed? Fought to get a better internet connection for the stadium so that we could broadcast highlights? And on a few occasions even paid their own petrol costs. Passwords? least of the problems. And then you tell us that we didn't want help? I'll tell you that I had actually tried to leave that media team so many times that Don and Andy were sick of hearing it because I was spending less and less time with family etc. I couldn't, simply because I could see on one on the horizon that would do the job and I didn't want yet more work foisted upon the rest of the team who are my mates. Don got new guys in and I went (to another unpaid, gladly volunteered matchday job) faster than snow off a dyke. Thanks for covering yourself with "maybe I've picked it up wrong etc." but that doesn't actually justify any of that rubbish. I'm raging that you can put utter tripe on this forum masquerading as considered opinion. It's not and a retraction would be nice. I'll wait.
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