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    Sad to see him leave, he's done an excellent job for us over the years. That being said, I think it's a good deal for the club. £100,000 in the bank, plus another £2,000 a week (allegedly) off the wage bill. Were we really getting value for money? Would rather let Robbo bring in 5 or 6 youngsters (hungry, point to prove) on modest full-time contracts with that cash.
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    Shoot me down in flames,but if its true that Draper put in a transfer request & asked to leave,then probably just as well to sell,rather than keep a reluctant player,then see him go for nothing.. Tansey a good example - he didn't exactly set the heather on fire last season..
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    C'mon mun they've got important Pornhub investigations to complete. Danny's been working on it night and day.
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    Sorry folks, but I care little for this 'it's a good deal for him and his family' attitude. Masks over the fact that the guy was making a pretty good living already.
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    If this is true, our board should resign now.
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    You can bet that if it was 200k plus the board would have been only too happy to disclose it.
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    All the rats are deserting the sinking ship. There seems to be no loyalty in football anymore. If it is true that he put in a transfer request, I'm disappointed as I thought some of the players who got us relegated might want to stay and try to get us back up.
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    Scratch all that. He's off. Put in a transfer request. Judas! Et tu, et tu!
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    this is all basic but we always seem to ignore what is important to the FANS and what can be done to attract more. we have appointed a new COO (fancy title) but I fear he doesn't have either the experience or knowledge to achieve what is needed. the long and short of it is that we are a cheapsgate club and will continue to be so under this regime.
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    So was he tapped up and then put in a transfer request knowing a wee wages boost was coming from the deep pockets at County? Surely ICTFC permission and agreement on fee was needed before speaking to a contracted player? So who was involved in the tapping up? Serious investigation required by ICTFC if they have really been reluctantly forced to sell. Or is this just skint board spin. This happens too often. Time to make players / managers /agents /boards properly accountable for apparent dodgy dealings with a proper protocol for handling these scenarios enforced by SFA/SPFL with severe penalties (points deductions, suspensions, bans, etc) agreed and set out in advance for infringements. Severely p'd off.
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    Absolutely zilch chance of that now? Theyd need armour!
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    Six figures? Likely £1000.00 plus 2 haggis pies.
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    Jog on troll. Not surprising that a Staggys first port of call would be a Caley Thistle fans forum though.
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    I think we must now be officially the laughing stock of Scottish football. Going from Scottish cup winner's and Europe to relegation and losing our best players to our rivals! What is this club doing???? We only get tidbits of information from the 'closed shop'. Where's the meet and greet for season ticket holders before the season starts, was it not stated that Tremarco would be presented with his player of the year trophy at the start of the season? And so much for Robbo saying once August came no other players would be sold.
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    I guess Raves will be pleased now as he probably won't be shipped after January. We will need his experience to get us out of the hole that the board is digging for Robbo.
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    Well, at least these issues can be raised before the season starts at the season ticket holder's meet and greet event.
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    Ach well if its true look on the bright side, at least we have appointed a much needed Chief Operating Office. Who needs a strong presence in the centre of midfield when you can have a shiny new Chief Operating Officer in the boardroom.
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    He was also the league's top scorer and the big difference between being a real relegation threatened side and ending up relatively safe. His importance to the team being clear with drapers less clear. If Vigurs is to fill the deep role centrally like he did rather successfully against Dundee United I'd like to see a more technical player available to us going forward who can beat a man and thread through balls. I'd be delighted if we managed to sign someone in that mould and keep Draper but financially something has to give whether it's Draper, Raven or OFW time will tell.
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    Surely he's worth at least £250
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    only really back to normal thinking now after another heavy weekend on the sauce in Inverness. Really disappointed we didn't at least take a point from that game. I felt we played all the football and were the much better side. . . . A little toothless up front though, also think the utd keeper commanded his box very well he was a big factor in their win. At first i thought the utd pen was a dive but after watching the video back i think it's safe to say the ref got the call right. One of the few he did get right, another awful referee performance which has become the norm for me watching games in the flesh in Scotland. If Craig Thomson is supposed to be one of Scottish footballs best then i am concerned as his display was amateur on Saturday. Just as bad as the refs in the Irish league. Vigurs certainly deserved the MOTM and i also think Raven had a very good game. Bar the result it was another cracking trip over and i already can't wait for the next one. I also walked through the right turnstile this time too
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    Wouldnt accept less than 240 for draper myself.
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    Just to put it into perspective, what Neymar will be paid every two weeks at PSG will be more that the vast majority of people in this country earn in a 45 year working life. Obscene does not begin to describe it!
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    We maintain the squad list program for the club but can only do so when we receive the information. We also maintain the technical aspects of the website (hosting and security updates) but have no responsibilities in terms of the editorial content. We have recently invested quite a lot of money to revamp the squad/stats program and we hope the fruits of that will be seen soon. For some reason, even now the season is underway, the club seem reluctant to pass squad information on in a timely fashion. I dont have time to chase it down on a daily basis. This is where the club (and the supporters) should realise how much they really miss Don or someone like him. You can slag him off or cast aspersions as to his motives/character or anything else, and you can disagree with him mildly or vehemently, but the simple fact of the matter is that he was the one running around collating this info, getting in onto the site, and doing a whole host of other things including looking at a total revamp of the (official) site that would cost the club five figures if they put it out to tender. Thats before you even look at the media side of things with twitter/facebook and the push to get audio/video coverage for fans of the club. This is not a criticism of the others who are trying to pick up the slack. We do still have a media team and they will do sterling work but its not an easy task and it will take time for them to fill the empty shoes. Peter has had to step into the breach for the website and add that on top of all his other duties so he posts what he can when he can find a spare second or two. I am sure if you give him a brush he can stick it somewhere and sweep the floor at the same time !! There is still a non-techy (as opposed to technophobe) culture at the TCS and the first thought is not to get things onto the website or social media .... so unless you have someone going round and cajoling others for the information or sticking video/still cameras in people's faces then you are going to see a diminished product this year. I hope I am wrong, but thats how I see it.
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    Given our track record, the "undisclosed six-figure fee" will be £1,000.00
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    Regarding player sponsorhip, the people who have sponsored current players do not appear as sponsors on the website when you look at the player stats. Even the basics sems to be impossible to do just now!
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