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    Tonight's sale of Draper to Ross County has (hopefully) concluded the worst summer of the clubs entire 23 year existence. starting with relegation, we've seen the following. - We sack Richie Foran after the end of the season, which was the right decision but taken so late that the rightness or wrongness of it becomes secondary. Why persevere with someone for so long when he obviously wasn't good enough, suffer the consequences and then take action when it's too late? The fact someone with his history at the club was despatched with a two line statement was also a joke. - The club then reshuffles the boardroom, with a load of Inverniessian estate agents, solicitors and whatnot leaving and joining. No-one really has any idea who any of these people are, none of them have any experience at running a football club whatsoever. The only chink of light is appointing Danny MacDonald, who does know about this, as COO last week. - Following relegation we don't reduce season ticket prices and issue unbelievably arrogant press release about getting promoted as champions. The tin eared idiocy of this is made more apparent by subsequent events - we ask fans to stump up money to ensure we can cover costs but then release and sell our high earners? Surely someone must've realised how this would go over? The 'apology' afterwards is nothing either, don't get into situations where you have to apologise. - The club then embarks on the most nonsensical summer of PR idiocy its possible to imagine. The only way it could be worse is if Finlayson invited a few Japanese trawler boats to dock outside the stadium and slaughter some of the dolphins. First we get rid of stalwarts like Duncan Shearer by text message, then we adopt radio silence from our social media team, then when we get someone to man the Twitter account, they accidentally like filth and our club outs out the stupidest statement in our history about it. It's been said that lots of this stuff was done by volunteer but you could employ a 16 year old media student and they'd do a better job. - In between this we praise the candidates who applied for our job and were interviewed and then... appoint someone who didn't apply, hasn't worked as a manager in five years, hasn't been particularly successful at this level in 13 years and was shocked to get in. I hope he does a good job and he's at least a positive person but looking at things logically the odds are stacked against him. He's also working with people he hasn't brought in, no doubt due to cost, and will be under pressure very soon if we don't go on a run. The fact that he's already started slating the team and players doesn't bode well. - In terms of playing we've lost some stalwarts, as you'd expect, and replaced them with jobbers. Being absolutely honest about it we've signed raw youth players doing the trialist rounds, jobbers who've been released for being no good or guys who've most likely come from agents. We don't have a solid defender and we don't have someone to score double figures in this league. We also someone got into a war of words with an ex player managing a HL club that we have loads of links with over us trying to sign their best player and captain for no money. An utter embarrassment. i don't really mind about us selling players or who they go to, all players leave evenuslky and it's better to clear out players too soon than too late. Our squad was stale and under performing. It's the fact we are certain to sign utter useless jobbers to replace the players who've left that is really concerning. I don't think I've missed anything. I don't know if the board or the manager or the Chief Operating Officer wants to give us an update on what the plan is with all this but it's difficult to see where it's going. We don't have an identity as a team, we don't have a structure to ensure that we succeed as much as possible. We have made investment available but no-one is going to invest, apparently. Is this it for the foreseeable? As fans we need something to look forward to, more than a win against Forfar, although that's probably going to be as good as it gets these days, I just hope that at least somebody in charge at the club realises what a state we are in because it needs to change. We are more likely to leave this division down the way than up at the moment and if the people in charge don't get that then we are in for a hard few years until they do.
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    Some interesting words from Draper here: http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/Sport/Football/New-Ross-County-signing-Ross-Draper-claims-Caley-Thistle-board-told-him-to-submit-transfer-request-to-complete-move-10082017.htm So apparently even though the club had already accepted the offer to make it look like they had no choice they got Draper to demand a transfer. Brilliant (!) Whilst normally I would say there are two sides to every story my trust in anything to do with ICT is so low right now I wouldn't believe them if they said the sky was blue. Why should we just move on? Yet again this appears to be the latest in a long series of cock ups by the club. Questions have to be asked of them. I find it incredible that some fans just want to "move on". I have significant reservations about the way this club is being run at the minute with this Draper saga the latest in a pretty lamentable last few months.
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    Did he mean an ANNUAL press conference?
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    .... probably including any of the 33 out of 33 that Inverness College seem to have managed to get to fail their Higher Media Studies over the last two years. But for the moment to turn to Chris's OP - what a swingeing and well articulated condemnation of a summer of chaos within a club which just two years previously was displaying the Scottish Cup and playing in Europe. Apart from the extent of the decline, its rate has also been eye watering. The only part of Chris's precis with which I might differ is on players and management. Given the extreme lack of funds, I'm not sure if appointments and recruitment could be expected to be any better. I retain an element of cautious, albeit necessarily limited optimism in this department. We really must also wonder just how close to the wire - electric fence even - finances have got in recent months; and to what extent has paying silly money to poorly motivated mediocrity been responsible? Returning now to public relations and communications , I despair no less - indeed even more now - than I've done for several years. This is something I've been trying to make clear to them for a long time but I've seen neither the capacity nor the will to do anything about it - nor indeed even any concept of the need to win friends and influence people and the attendant role of communication. Quite frankly, a few cheesy, happy clappy tweets (and even these have now disappeared) don't begin to pass muster here. Communication and PR have been dreadful, awful, pathetic, abysmal and God knows how many other adjectives out of the same stable. Worse still, the deficit has been obscured behind a firewall of happy-clappy complacency. Chris rightly highlighted Seasonticketgate, Shearergate and Porngate. These are all toe-curlingly embarrassing foul ups of the highest order but are also simply the continuation of a long established trend. However the most revealing feature of this thread has been the rate at which it has grown even within a couple of hours. It's telling as well as distressing, to see so many Caley Thistle fans who are regular, articulate and respected posters on this forum spontaneously echoing what the OP has rightly said. When you get such unanimity among so many contributors with proven track records for commenting on these things, you see in the starkest of terms the situation the club is in and the deep concerns of its supporters. As for the Draper issue, not only is this another reflection of the relative status of the two Highland clubs, it's also the latest example of Roy MacGregor being in a position to rub Caley Thistle's noses right in it. And having had to endure "Always In Our Shadow", "Pride Of The Highlands" etc, it's difficult to criticise him for this.
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    The absolute state of some of our fans being happy for Draper. He's moved to our rivals. Even worse he's forced a move to our rivals by demanding a transfer. At a time when you wanted the leaders in the team to take the bull by the horns and try and lead the team to something resembling a promotion fight he's jumped ship to Ross County of all teams. and folk say they're happy for him!? Aye, okay then. As renegade says it's not like he was struggling financially or anything unless he's been taking gambling tips from Lewis Horner. As far as I'm concerned, thanks for your effort for the last few years but that's it. I don't wish him well at all. Can't help but feel if the board showed some balls and punted Foran after Accies romped to that 3-0 win we might not be in this situation.
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    They most certainly are under obligation. For far too long now the club has treated its fans like sheep. If they continue to do so there'll be no fans left, and probably no club either ! Surely now is the time for cjt to get involved, if they still exist? Otherwise what is their purpose. Or are they in bed with the board?
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    TBF, I'm not sure how that would affect us considering he's now a Motherwell player?
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    You make some good points there AJ, especially about the ages of the new group, which is a positive point, although I had hoped Draper with be the experienced man that sticks everything together. However we have to move on; without the sugar daddy that Ross County appear to have (although they couldn't keep Boyce), we have to act like the club we are, a small team with a low fan base in a league than earns pennies not millions. At least we got a transfer fee for Draper, I don't know whether a combined fee and alleged saving in wages of £200K indicates that we are in a bad way debt-wise or just represents sensible business. The glory days of success cup final appearances and top six SPL finishes are for now gone, the team and the 'spirit' that gave us that virtually gone. Hopeful there is enough potential in the lads we have brought in to become something decent over time and bond together as a group. Importantly many are on contracts longer than one season, and probably one or two will give a transfer fee when they eventually move on.
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    The way some people are carrying on you'd think we'd just lost Lionel Messi. Let's get real folks. Big Drapes was a good stopper, a big lump who put himself about and caused chaos in and around the opposition penalty area - but he could also struggle to string a straight 5 yard pass at times. Technique-wise we're talking North Caledonian Super League level. Don't get me wrong, every team needs a stopper in the middle of the park - however, I doubt very much that Russel Duncan was on £2,000 a week, or anywhere near to being our highest paid player - and there's a very good reason for that. The reality is, County have a wealthy suitor with money to burn, we don't. We have to cut our cloth and get on with it. People always moan when stalwarts leave (Munro, Tokely, Duncan etc) but if you want to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs. You can't rebuild a team unless you clear the decks first. Anyone who sat through the dross of last season could see a rebuilding job was needed. The young lads who are coming through - Calder (21), Seedorf (22), Oakley (21), Mulraney (21), Brad Mackay (24), Polworth (22), Cooper (23), Bell (20) - are only going to get better. I'd much rather get back to the SPL with a fresh generation of players who can keep us there long term and potentially reach new heights than simply bounce back with the same declining team who'd only be clinging on at the bottom of the table as soon as we got there.
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    Sorry, Caman - can't endorse the traitor label. If ICT had really wanted him to stay, he'd be with us. Bottom line is that the board really wanted the cash (possibly to stay afloat) and engineered this with an underhand ploy to deflect blame. If they had been honest from the start, and told the supporters that relegation would mean selling off assets or face administration, I would have accepted it. This, however, is unacceptable from the club.
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    I was the winner for the last game against Dundee Utd. I have to say that Willie Finlayson spent a lot of time chat to myself and my guest. During this time I raised a lot of questions, which he honestly responded to. He came across very honest and sincere. His knowledge of football was very good and was just as gutted as myself when we lost to Utd. Having been a fan since the club formed I believe that this offer to attend the boardroom was a great move from the club. Also having Robbo sitting behind me when he got sent to the stands was also a privilege to hear his instructions to the players All I can say is when anyone gets this opportunity please be polite as the chairman might be more responsive to your questions.
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    If the club had been straightforward and honest at the end of last season and told us that the financial position was so bad that we would have to shed virtually every established first team player and recruit replacements from the bargain basement we would have been shocked and disappointed but would all have united behind the club as football fans have a tendency to do even in the knowledge that a rapid return to the Premiership was most unlikely. Instead, there was no such transparency and season tickets were effectively sold on false pretences, many other promises have been made and then broken and now the reason for and circumstances of the departure of our remaining most influential player is been spun by the club in an entirely disingenuous manner. A disgraceful way to run any business let alone a football club that was once much admired but is now, quite justifiably, the subject of scorn and ridicule.
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    Player wants to move. Club tells them if they want move they must make formal transfer request. Player submits transfer request. Where exactly have the club done wrong here? There's plenty to be angry and upset about with ict right now without getting our knickers in a knot purely for the sake of it.
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    I'm on my mobile so I'm not sure if this will work but this Tweet might shed some light on matters... That seems to have worked but if not basically it appears that the ICT statement about Draper requesting a transfer and forcing the move is not true at all. Put simply, the club have lied to us. Charles Bannerman spoke to Robbo earlier and I think it was touched on there but I'm not certain.
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    I know people are disappointed Draper has left the building and I know some people are going into meltdown that he's moved to County, but the issue for me is not the fact he's gone, or to where he has departed to. It's the fact that it essentially accepts that we don't have the drive to get promoted. We're content with slipping into obscurity and years in the wilderness. We've lost big players in the past, players better than Draper, and done alright, but this time there's just an accepting that the dream is over. So far, the only player I've seen rumoured to be coming in as his replacement is Ivor Lawton - a guy who's been crocked for the best part of two years and at the age of 21 has only played three first team games ever....for Nuneaton. This is after we've been knocked back earlier this season by a player from Buckie Thistle, a player from Cove Rangers and others (according to Robbo) from the lower leagues. As mentioned, in the past we've found ways to get by, but this time I've no faith in the management team or the board in order to find someone who can plug that gap. I heard from quite a good source a few weeks back that behind the scenes, John Robertson had been telling people that one of his new signings would reach the top - not just the top of the Championship, but the very top of Scottish football. The player's name......Felitciano Zschusschen. Oh.
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    The amount of silly money flying around some parts of the Highland League might actually make progress there quite difficult!
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    But if we continue to be negative then we can't expect things to change on the field either. Negativity breeds negativity. I have to make 1100 mile round trips to see the boys play but just because they took the drop and the club is in a sticky patch doesn't mean I will be less of a supporter. I will still make the home games when leave allows me. I believe that positive change has to be seen to be coming from us, as well as the board, the players, and the management. Have you ever stopped to wonder how many players, managers etc may be lurking on this forum? It's the biggest fan base on the tinternet. It starts with us!!!
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    I really feel each individual director should be asked the following questions 1: What were the reasons for you wanting to become an ICT board member? 2: What were your objectives and have these been achieved ? 3: Were you elected to the board? 4: How much have you invested in the club and how many shares do you hold? 5: What are you doing to improve our on and off field performance? Has anyone got more questions?
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    Don't disagree with a lot of what you say but I can't agree with this. Any time I have gone into the shop, whilst it is pretty embarrassing, the folk in there have always been polite and helpful. I've never felt like I was an inconvenience at all.
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    Like many have previously said I think this very good summing up of how I think many of us feel at the moment. As such I think something along these lines should be brought to the clubs attention as being the collective view of some fans. To see a photo in the paper this morning of Draper who captained our side on Saturday at Victoria park in county attire at last nights game tells you all you need to know and is a new low. This clearly didn't come out of nowhere and on the back of the Kevin Fraser fiasco seems like another case of a complete lack of planning. I feel there is not only a total disconnect with the board, some of whom waddled past me at Dens at the end of last season and couldn't even raise an acknowledgement to an ICT fan amongst a heap of home fans, but with the team. Raven and Tremarco are amongst the very few who seem to appreciate our support and have a passion for the club. We may not be the most dynamic or vocal fans but we are the only ones their likely to get at this rate and are paying their wages. I for one felt happy with the football and effort on saturday although clearly disappointed with the result however only Raven and Ridges bothered acknowledged the north stand. Butcher may have had his faults but he was very good on this front unlike Hughes and things have deteriorated again since. The club shop as many have said is a joke and rather than being helpful and welcoming you are often made to feel that your presence is an inconvenience. I called the club to ask is you could pay cash at the turnstile at Pittodrie near the end of last season and was told we haven't heard from them. If thats the best you can do when we're fighting for our lives and someone wants to travel thats simply unacceptable. We appear to have consistently good youth teams but are unwilling or unable to progress homegrown talent. I for one would be far happier to try and build on this relatively economic resource than bring up mediocre players from elsewhere. Clearly its a gamble and we have to accept the risks but given our present situation I dont think we have a choice. On a positive note I think we all need to support John Robertson and Danny Macdonald in their new roles and give then help including offering to organise some kind of platform to allow fans to make their views heard and become more involved. As many on here pointed out at the time It was obvious by mid season that things were badly wrong with some players simply not trying and a Manager who was clearly out of his depth however nothing was done. This is now water under the bridge but cannot be allowed to happen again.
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    County this and County that - it doesn't make a difference what they do. We need to sort things out for ourselves not spend all the time like a bunch of fish wives worrying about someone else.
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    The sad and hugely embarrassing fact is that the club representing by far the largest centre of population in the Highlands is being out performed and eclipsed,who's in who's shadows now, in every single aspect of running a professional football club both on and off the pitch by a club based in what is little more than a large village on our doorstep. A shocking and unacceptable state of affairs. Those who ought to be custodians of our club have let down we the fans and are continuing to let down we the fans very badly indeed.
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    There isn't an area of the club that isn't cheap (except the prices of everything the club sells) Not one thing is done well with quality or pride. It's just make do in the cheapest way. Supporters treated with contempt as they'll just pay up regardless. I wouldn't accept this from any other buisness. Why do I do it here? No wonder crowds are down and will drop further. i can accept there isn't much money in Scottish football but we have been run dreadfully. We all know this club can be so much more. But It's a constant stream of negativity and cost cutting. It's been like this since long before the cup final. Success papered over the ever increasing cracks. But at the moment it's Impossible to see how we can move forward in a positive fashion. It's utterly depressing.
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    For me this is a pretty clear hoisting of the white flag by the current regime. I would accept selling Draper to any club in the UK except County. I have no rabid hatred for our neighbours but this is an absolutely seismic shift in the dynamics between our respective clubs which cannot be allowed to happen. A very clear capitulation to our neighbours for an absolute pittance. Over the past 23 years I've been gutted by various departures but have reluctantly accepted this is par for the course when one follows a club of our stature. However, from my perspective, this move is totally and utterly unacceptable and Draper should not be sold to County at any price. The fact is that he's not only our biggest asset but, in my opinion, pretty much our only marketable asset and we appear to be being taken for mugs. If this transaction goes through, as I suspect it will, then earlier proclamations by our new Chairman and Manager constitute pretty clear misrepresentations to the fan base and season ticket holders which need to be addressed. Shameful and clearly time for meaningful regime change before we're forever in their shadow.....
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