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    There seems to be an attitude from the young team that because they are creating an atmosphere, anything else that comes with it is part and parcel of it. No acknowledgement from them of flares/smoke bombs not being permitted in the ground or verbally abusing of stewards(heavy handed as they were at times) being unacceptable. They need to take responsibility, self police themselves better and, in some cases, just grow the **** up.
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    As I stated in the Supporters Club thread, they should grow up. Their singing (mostly) is positive, but smoke flares etc is pathetic. Those who are known to be in amongst it should not be allowed on to the supporters bus in Inverness in the first place. The same numpties who were playing up at Dunfermline were in the thick of it again at Brechin from what I could see. About six of them appear to be the main culprits. Stay at home, watch CBBC and burst your zits, instead of annoying us who just want to support our team.
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    Putting some of the heavy handed stewarding aside, it might help if some of our younger fans realised that they're supporting Caley Thistle, not Red Star Belgrade.
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    the club has more important problems to overcome without de-valuing the names of our two great parents. Don't dare forget that we would not be here if it wasn't for Caley and Thistle.
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    I too feel vindicated. I too took a lot of flack following the Stirling Albion SC game as did others. Agree should have been nipped in bud long ago
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    Not 'childish and condescending', just someone who is cheesed off with the numpty element at away games. Dunfermline - some of the numpties just being that, shouting and swearing in front of kids, slagging off other ICT fans who weren't bowing down to them etc.
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    And some folk on this site were slating me last year for complaining about the behaviour of these OTT youngsters. As I said back then this should have been nipped in the bud, but now with SPFL "Unacceptable Conduct" correspondence I rest my case.
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    Having been at the game, I was sickened to see the behaviour of some of our supporters. ( It was a minority ). If they can be identified I think the club should hand out some punishment to them.
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    Bottom line is that the club are at risk of getting into trouble because of the behaviour of these supporters. It doesn't matter if said supporters think that's unfair - its the way the SFA are running things right now. Is it really worth damaging the club's reputation (and bank balance, potentially) just to set off a smoke bomb in front of a few hundred fans at Brechin? On a personal level, I groan with dismay whenever I see flares and smoke bombs. People have been badly injured (or killed in at least one case I read of) because of these devices. I also know of fans with chest complaints such as asthma or COPD who are made breathless if they are in the vicinity. Oh, and in a piddly little ground like ours (or Brechin's) they just look naff.
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    Charles, I am aware of some of the history, the allegedly 'free' season tickets handed out to Caley folk for Season 1993-94 so they could vote re the merger. I was at Rose Street Hall for meetings leading up to the merger, but FFS that is all history. History is not a derogatory word!! I am for a re-branding for the future with the points mentioned above. I won't change my opinion and I think the 25th anniversary would be a good time to lay some of the 'ghosts' to rest and move forward. Respect the past, move forward into the future!!
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    As Marty McFly said, 'Back to the Future' - RedCard, Just checked out Dumbarton FC website as planning my trip to that match. They seem one of the dearest clubs match ticket wise, but the following is a good idea I think. Car parking at the stadium is £1 per car, but for this you get the opportunity to win some cash courtesy of the half-time 50/50 draw. There are plenty of spaces available.
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    http://www.fsf.org.uk/assets/Smoke-Bombs-Flares-and-Fireworks-Factsheet-for-FSF.pdf Maybe the kids should read this then!!
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    If you say so Daniel.
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    The sad thing is that the young crew bring a lot of much needed enthusiasm and atmosphere to the crowd when they behave within the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. When they do that, they have great fun, the rest of the fans enjoy the atmosphere they create and the guys on the park appreciate the support. But there will always be a small minority who either have no idea where the boundaries are or a simply hell bent on causing trouble for some reason or other. When they do that, there are others who either follow like sheep or join in because they aren't mature enough to resit the peer pressure. The more sensible lads then stay away because they don't want to get sucked into any trouble. Get rid of the tiny number of ring leaders, the sensible ones will return. Keep the behaviour within the boundaries and everyone's a winner. But just to get a bit of balance here, it is not just the young lads whose behaviour is not always within the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Some of the abuse shouted at players, officials and opposition fans by much older fans would get them evicted if they behaved like that in their care homes. It is not a good example. When some of our more senior fans behave in such a disrespectful way and escape any kind of censure, is it any wonder that the youngsters choose to break through the boundaries too?
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    As someone has already said, this has been brewing from last season and these so called supporters also seemed to have damaged one of the buses taking them to the game, how stupid is that. Someone on here will know who they are and, if so, needs to let the club know. While we need younger fans to help create an atmosphere, we don't need louts like these
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    It's not the first time that D&E have had to bill the travel club for buses (according to some this time though, it was just stickers - pwopa nawty!). A few months back they sent a bill for nearly £200 for damages for a variety of things, including the actions of some moron who thought it would be a good idea to break the glass case and try to take the emergency hammer...
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    The club statement is possibly the most proactive we've seen - this has been brewing since last season with there being several incidents of similar behaviour. At both home and away games last year and into this we've seen and heard some unacceptable chants and abuse at players - a standout for me was last year at Pittodrie and the abuse singled out at the ex-ICT players especially Shinnie & Storey, These appear to be daft wee boys but need to be dealt with hard, we cannot be seen to dismiss or belittle the behaviour as the exuberance of youth because the youngsters of today seem to be just like sheep and will grow and follow if it means social media popularity. Hopefully the club ban these idiots before they tarnish the good club reputation and it stops them visiting a club where their fans take offense and end up with someone getting injured or hospitalised - whether from our side or another and most likely an innocent party.
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    Just read today's email from the Chairman. Some of the young crew let us down. I know I sound like a boring old fart, but you can't let off fireworks, smoke bombs or whatever they are called. At least there wasn't any vandalism like the County game after the split. Time the numpties responsible for numpty behaviour grew up or spent Saturday afternoon bursting their zits, instead of annoying us decent ICT fans, plus the stewards and fans of other teams at the grounds we visit when playing away. If they are known, don't let them on the supporters buses in the first place. Plenty of cells for them in Inverness nick if need be.
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    Bit inconsistent to airbrush away the past, but retain the name and crest.
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    Thanks, Liz. That's a very encouraging response. I think folk need to take particular note of Liz's statement that she only joined the Board last year and therefore she should not be held accountable for any shortcomings people may perceive in CJTs activities in recent years. Full marks to Liz for being prepared to take on the difficult work involved in trying to get CJT up and running again. She deserves our support for taking this on. We really need to put any failings of the past well and truly behind us. It is in the interest of any football club to have an active and representative fans group, but particularly so for ICT as we have the gift of a 10% voting stake in the affairs of the club. But a successful and representative supporters group requires much more than the hard work of a small handful of people who are willing to give up their own free time. It needs fans of all ages and backgrounds to do their bit. Whether it is simply clicking on the agree or disagree button on a proposal posted on line, or standing for the Board, or a host of things in between, we all have it in our power to help make CJT the success it needs to be in order to help the club achieve the success we would all like it to achieve.
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    Totally agreed and fully intend to get membership open again prior to AGM, just trying to focus on geting all our current members details updated, get the accounts signed off by the accountant and getting wheels in motion for new office bearers and AGM date set. Once all of that is completed we will get membership open.
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    There are over 700 members registered, we need these members to help us, either by being board members or by turning up at AGMs etc. As you say its our club, we have a voice, lets use it.
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    The club was more than happy when it was getting thousands from when Fon Williams was away at the Euros. Fon Williams has a contract and he's more than within his rights to want it to be honoured. And why should he look for something new? He has gotten himself a good deal and made the club plenty of money - he's well within his rights to sit tight, I know I would.
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    The kids want ultras
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    We still have too many things/names etc that refer to pre May 1994, which cause animosity. ICT are over 23 years old now and we have sufficient history under that brand. I would like the following to change. 1. Stadium name. Apparently the Tulloch bit will be going. Why not at that time re-name it Longman Stadium, Capital Stadium, Inverness Stadium. Neutral and part of the re-branding that is required. 2. Kingsmills Lounge in main stand. Re-name it Firthview Lounge or something neutral. Or how about 'Right Enough Room' (only joking mun). 3. Remove all pictures of Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle FC days as there are a lot of these. Consign them to a museum room or corner. Replace with ICT era pictures. 4. The cabinet thing in the Board Room is from Telford Street. Not neutral so stick it in the museum room. But don't ask me to help lift it!!!! 5. Controversial. Change colours to mainly purple, with green and gold piping. Purple and Green from Thistle, Gold from Eagle on club crest. The crest is historically complimentary to the pre-merger clubs and is unique enough to ICT to be acceptable. Away strip to be mainly Gold, with Purple and Green piping. Fiorentina shade of purple is a striking colour. Colours are unique and would end arguments of too much blue, not enough red etc etc. 6. Remain as ICTFC, as opposed to Inverness FC which I have previously suggested. Thoughts on above?
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