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    Don't see how they were woeful. Keeper made good saves. Would have been better had they scored, but hey ho.
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    That does the team an enormous disservice. If anything Livi held us on Saturday not the other way around.
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    I really dont understand why we dont have a relationship with Clach where our youngsters play regular first team football.
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    Now this could lead to an interesting debate. My opinions are undoubtedly skewed by my traditional preference for a "big man-wee man" combination up front. Baird and Bell are clearly two wee men and nowt wrong with that. Baird resembles a young Robbo in his style, albeit not near the Robbo standard. I felt sorry for Baird at Livi as he had to take on the "target man" role - IMHO a role better provided by a big man. When you are a tall defender it must be a bonus as you know that you will not get beat in the air and your job is to jockey, hassle, use your strength and not allow the wee man to turn and run. That is probably why Oakley looked so good when he came on. The Livi central defenders had to alter their game and they did not like it. To be fair to Oakley I thought that he did run the line, was not static and I have not witnessed that before. With a wee man / wee man combination you are highly dependent on width and the ball play and support of the central midfielders. Again we have two of the better midfielders in Vigurs and Polworth but that can also be combatted by not allowing those playmakers time and room to display their talents. How many times did we see Polworth gambling from midfield on Saturday ? To neutralise that pair is also what Livi did well. Renegade talked about Oakley as a number 10 but that would probably need a 3-5-2 formation and we are not ready for that - yet. So I would go big man / wee man every time and that is why I enthused about Oakley. I suspect it is the main reason why Robbo gambled on the likes of Susan. How many headed goals or assists have we seen this season, other than dead ball situations. I would love to see Mulraney, Chalmers or Raven sending in a bye line cross and a big man exploding the net with a towering header.
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    The glory hunter theory evidently comes in to play financially but I don't think that we can blame individuals. Running a football club is a collective. To me what has gone awry falls into three main categories. Fitness levels have been woeful in the last two seasons. We were streets ahead of rivals in the glory years, especially in the Brewster reign. Our scouting system was second to none. Look at the list of former players and where they are now. And thirdly it is our reluctance to play youngsters. Ryan Christie is a good example of what can happen if you give them a run in the team. I also feel that our younger players do not get to play at a high enough standard or even in a consistent league set up. It has always surprised me why we have not adopted a Highland League club as a feeder team.
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    RETURN TO THE TOEKNEE MACARONI - NO GOALS BUT PLENTY OF POSITIVES First game I have been to since Dumbarton and it was like watching a brand new team – a much improved and organised outfit – and I was advised that this was below the standards set at Tannadice and against Dumbfarmlife. Well dropped the missus off at the Travelodge, a swift pint in the Hungry Horse at the top of the Hill and down to the petite Stadium Bar and a few swift voddie and cokes with Top Six. And then we were all paraded into the Main Stand. It was packed and we must have had close to 50% of the attendance – and we certainly made ourselves heard. A 0-0 always conjures up the idea of boredom and a lack of entertainment. Apart from the first 2-3 minutes - when Livi flew out of the blocks and had fashioned two chances – I felt that we were always in control, if anyone deserved to win it was us but most of the play was confined to the middle sections of the pitch. On show were two very well drilled defences but two teams clearly lacking in the necessary firepower to clinch all three points. In many ways we cancelled each other out as Livi’s style and system was almost identical to ours. We had two good chances to steal three points in both halves. Mulraney had the first half chance after a great through ball from (?) Vigurs, he outpaced the defence but brought out a good save from the veteran Alexander. IMHO Connor Bell had the better chance and really should have tucked it away. And what a through ball from Polworth. So we looked very solid and confident at the back. We won the midfield battle but I felt that we were lacking up front and the two “wee man attack” against the likes of Livi will not work. But we are getting better and better – fitter and fitter – and all of a sudden a play-off place is very much back on the cards. Only negative was our discipline (again) and picking up three cheap yellow cards – Mckay, Donaldson and Tremarco. And we picked up praise from both coaches. Inverness manager John Robertson: "That's six clean sheets and something the players should be immensely proud of because they're working their socks off. We had to match a really honest, intense, direct Livingston team and we managed to create a few opportunities. Livingston manager David Hopkin: "Inverness have really picked up defensively and Neil Alexander's pulled off a couple of great saves to keep us in it as well. Before the game I'd have taken a point. We were playing against an experienced and well-drilled side. SMILEYMOMETER RIDGERS Nowt to do with fitness, all to do with confidence and a much improved back four. RAVEN May not have many more opportunities so I will give him the MOM Award. More like the old Rave, kept going and overlapping for 90 minutes. MCKAY Not pretty but dogged and efficient. DONALDSON Mighty close in my MOM choice. Cant believe the difference in him in comparison with Dumbarton. TREMARCO Probably a real influence on the improvement defensively but I suspect he will be missing in action for another few weeks. MULRANEY Appears to have been given some “play for the shirt” medication but also played wide right and offensive which is undoubtedly where he is at his best. POLWORTH Another 110% display. If only we had a Brewster or Dargo to feed to. VIGURS Showed the usual class touches but I suspect that he was singled out for the “don’t let him play” attention by Livi. CHALMERS I really (always) liked him in midfield. A real battler and a great foil for Vigurs, Polworth and Mulraney. BAIRD Needs a goal. Plus he is the target man and I don’t think that he is comfortable with that. Better player running off the front man. BELL Well I would simply pick him in front of Baird – as the runner – at the present time. Great run on to a greater pass which led to him missing the 1:1 opportunity of the game. CALDER Looked a bit dodgy and not the ideal cover for Tremarco at full back / wing back OAKLEY WTF – what an action packed half hour put in. Probably boosted by the fan chants and evidently clapping enthusiastically at the final whistle. ROBBO Continues to improve. Will be interesting who he plays at left back and surely Oakley has booked a start as the Number 9.
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    Talking of stats etc, as far as I can tell, of the 35 games (all comps) between Caley and Livvy...this is the first 0-0 between the two clubs. Honours even too P35 W13 D9 L13.
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    I'm very heartened by the positive progress now being experienced by our lads on the park. And very pleased for John Robertson too since he has not had his worries to seek since he took over. I get the impression that he is a down-to-earth, well-motivated man who is working very hard to handle and develop the players he has inherited and/but needs to develop further. His goal is to get the lads progressing with greater and greater confidence and in the process revealing their flair and their dynamism and thus enjoying their roles and their football step by step. This will also then please the fans who will, (as they appear to have done today away from home), support the team vociferously and encourage every positive move they try or achieve. The team will then know that they CAN take moderate risks without being creamed verbally both on and off the park. With confidence growing in the minds of the players they will now feel emboldened to take considered risks and grow by trial and error that will strengthen the whole team. Happier days ahead. And enjoy your footie, guys.
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    John Robertson seems to agree with my past suggestion that he strengthen the defence first and then start on the offence. It's sure paying dividends because the other teams can't beat us and, even if we don't come very close to winning the league, at least we will be able to stave off the awful shadow of further relegation and remain in a " steadily rebuilding mode". Away support seems to have been in great voice. Very encouraging all round. Definitely agree with the poster who suggested brining on the lad from the juniors (Reserve?) team.Nothing like showing all the up-and-comers that ICT wants them to progress fast and needs them.
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    That was a reasonable point today although could have been 3 I suppose. Livi are a well organised team. As for the guys and girls of Caleyaway give yourselves a round of applause! Having everyone squashed in that corner certainly made for a loud support. However if another 50 folk had turned up Livi would have been stuffed. Odd arrangement of both supports entering through same gates with no direction of which queue you needed to be in (poor stewarding really).
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    Encouraging stuff. It's always easy to say 'sign a striker', but every team in the country is trying exactly the same thing. And if we did unearth a gem, they would be after him too. Give the lad Bell a chance to show what he can do. Billy McKay took a while before he was suddenly scoring every week. As long as we can keep improving the goals will come - I hope.
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    Sixth consecutive clean sheet, sixth game in a row undefeated. A point away against one of the form teams in the division. Surely nobody can be too unhappy with that after our dreadful start to the campaign. It might be too late to mount a serious promotion push for this season but we certainly now seem to be laying the foundations for having a proper go next. Mid season respectability and run in the Scottish Cup would represent decent consolidation. Goal scoring remains an issue but that has been the case since Billy McKay left first time around. However, our early season defensive incontinence seems well behind us and the coaches and players including the much criticised, by myself as much as anybody, Mark Ridgers deserve great credit for that. We now, for the first time in a couple of years, appear to have a solid foundation on which to build.
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