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    I am just home after my traditional couple of quiet hours out on Boxing Night, which always include a visit to the ICT Social Club. Tonight I walked into the bar to find seven people - Laurie Redfern, a stalwart regular, Sandy the barman and five Rangers fans playing pool and playing Rangers songs on the jukebox. By happy coincidence, my arrival in the bar coincided with the jukebox proclaiming "Hello, hello...." to which I took great delight in responding, loudly "You WERE the Billy Boys".... which went down about as well as a Hail Mary in the Louden Tavern. But, as Corporal Jones used to say.... "They do NOT like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring! they do NOT like it up 'em." Into the bargain, I didn't particularly like what I think is the ongoing presence of a picture of Ibrox on the Social Club wall. This is the Social Club of Inverness Caledonian Thistle - much more recent winners than (The) Rangers (if at all? ) of a national title. There is baggage here that we really do not need. Get rid of the bloody thing! My point? If the Football Club is, as we now know, being reconstructed as an institution much closer to the community and the fans. This must therefore also become the case with the Social Club. Friends of mine, whose Inverness football past goes back a lot longer than my own, speak of glorious days when "The Caley Club" was full to the rafters with Caley fans. Even within my 15 year membership of the place, after it became the ICT Social Club, I remember far better times than this. In the new era of reconstruction, we really do need the ICT Social Club once again to become a social centre for the football club. This is an important sub-plot of the grander design which we all hope will assist general reconstruction. Changes in social habits, adversely affecting all licensed premises, have clearly not helped, but I also attribute much of the Social Club's decline in recent years to its regrettable divorce from the Football Club. I don't even want to mention The War once, even if I think that I got away with it, but let's be realistic. The place has been seriously hamstrung in recent years years by personal agendas, pursued on behalf of a disgruntled departee by a surrogate employee, now no longer with us, and culminating in the disastrous and ruinous Social Club AGM of 2015. The private agenda in question, which had nothing to do with ICT, was solely against Kenny Cameron who - like the surrogates and their associates - is no longer with us. That double clearout offers us a new opportunity. We now have a new club steward, with no personal agendas, and a new football club board. Perhaps this should also become an opportunity for the ICT Social Club to be brought back to a place of prominence and developed into far more than a money making opportunity for the football club. It should also be a central hub for the kind of cohesion which the football club board is clearly working to achieve for the greater good.
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    I love Dave the Rave but if I was robbo there is no way I would drop Seedorf to let Him play. It would do nothing for Seedorfs confidence to drop him for someone playing their last game for us. At th moment Seedorf has the shirt. Depending on the circumstances I would bring him on as a sub to say his goodbyes he certainly deserves rapturous applause before he leaves
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    Quite so. Right in the centre of the town.
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    Not entirely. Its location isn't convenient for me at all. The Thistle Club had a much more attractive location, and certainly no sectarian tunes on the jukebox!
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    What ever happened to Zak Elbouzedi ????
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    Warren isn't mobile, skillful or fast enough to play up top. Donaldson maybe is but if we were to convert him to a striker we'd lose something at the back.
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    Oh well, Patrick Thistle and Hibs won putting County bottom of the league. For last 4 seasons the team at the bottom have been relegated. Hopefully that trend will continue.
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    Got as far as this and suddenly realised this entire post was probably completely fabricated nonsense, certainly has an air of “against all odds” to it As for the social club whether it was pre merger or post merger it was infiltrated by some of the biggest belters Inverness had to offer and by the sounds of it still does Dougal
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    Well, if this is the riff raff they are attracting--uber unionist union-flag waving pond life--then no wonder the place is empty. And then you have the sevco fans, who are not much better.
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    In other words they are both SHYTE. And nott good enough to help us even reach the playoffs, This is a worry as Robbo will be judged on what he brings in during the next few weeks, if he has/has not the eye for a striker.
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    Baron Taylor's Street???
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    I would continue with Baird over Oakley until we make further signings. While Baird is clearly not a goal threat, he puts in a power of work and links well with the midfield. Oakley is also hard working, and has more physical presence, but he offers almost nothing in terms of link play. Whether he's competing in the air or receiving the ball to feet, it's a complete lottery as to whether we will retain possession. Very poor management from Robbo to leave us with such poor options up front for the first half of the season.
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    It's never once come through my head to meet folk there before or after a game. Partly because it isn't on my route and also because it's a complete dump.
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    Think I've been in the place twice. If that's the kind of establishment it is I'm not surprised folk stay away!
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    Oakley ahead of Baird every time for me, but Gary Warren would be better up front than either. Throw Daniel Mackay in there for the knock-downs and who knows what could happen. If 16 year olds can break into the Hearts first team then why not for us?
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    Even Lopez looked decent against Forres. Zschusschen played against Clach and looked absolutely abysmal.
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    I hope it's just the 1 game - he deserves a decent send off (not of the Red Card variety either....). Was interested to hear Robbo say that Seedorf has been fit for a while but Raven's been keeping him out of the team...says a lot about Raves, considering the club were encouraging him to find another club in the summer. Should be alright with Seedorf though...
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    Nollaig Chridheil Angus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr
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    Every time someone starts a thread about us re-signing a former player, a kitten dies.
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    The social club could be made popular but I think it's a long term goal. Not being in Inverness in a wee while but whenever I was in Inverness I found the city had a lot of Caley supporters walking about so the place could be made more popular.
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    There lies another problem. Not having a dig at you my friend, but is that because of it's pre merger connection?
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