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    Yes I suspect more fans of the ugly sisters leave Inverness every weekend and head down the A9 to watch those teams continue to destroy Scottish football. If half of those fans not just in Inverness but around the country supported their home town team and not go glory hunting then maybe we would have better teams across the country.
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    I had been focusing on 4th spot but now the game on Tues becomes massive. Beat them, it gives us a nice cushion from 2nd bottom and gets us looking north again. Lose and we are in battle, especially if they keep up their form. Only one way to sort it. Beat them 6-1
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    I'm sure you said the same several times when we first signed Donaldson and Ridgers.
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    I don’t think that’s fair comment. We were not in a position to match the wages on offer to him from elsewhere and even if we did, he would probably not have chosen to drop a level when he could stay in the Premier. (As an aside he has no goals from 17 appearances at Well, whose manager has said he is looking for new strikers.....)
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    With that pedigree you'd think they'd communicate better on the pitch!
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    What has the above got to do with this thread or ICT in 2018? Answer - zero.
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    Aberdeen clearly think he needs game time and they are probably correct, his injuries last season and lack of playing make it difficult to break into a winning side. If he can recapture the form of two seasons ago he is a force to be reckoned with. I am a big fan and would welcome him back if the opportunity ever arose, which is unlikely.
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    I doubt Greg Tansey will do much to stop Ross County from getting Relegation this season.
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    As opposed to Bell and Baird who invented the phone and tv
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    And Greg Tansey is set to join county until the end of the season. How the mighty has fallen.
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    Going back on topic I hear that we are looking to sign Ian Morris from Bohemians with a view to re-introducing an Austin Morris combination up front.
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    I have a slightly unusual idea but hear me out - could Baird be re-born as a central midfielder? When Butcher was the manager, as Foran slowed down, he moved him from being a winger/striker to being more of a ball winning midfielder. Could we do something similar with Baird albeit with a more creative role? Now I know some people won't hear a good word said about him, but he is fairly mobile, a decent passer of the ball and links up well with his teammates. It's more going forward he's lacking. Would he be better utisiled in the centre of the park? I think he could be.
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    Legend. Loved Roman on his short stint with us. Oozed class I thought with the odd brainfart that you get with young lads. Apparently told Terry he was going up front when the strikers kept missing chances and was told in no uncertain terms to get back to his position. Gotta love his confidence though.
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    We need a striker! As for Mr Collum well although he was far from perfect he was a real step up in class from the other officials we have had lately. I dont believe in an conspiracy theories etc but the standard the last few weeks has been poor. I think its the inconsistency that winds fans up and losing control of the game as happened v St M at home and at Greenock. Thought Mr Collum kept game flowing and was fairly consistant throughout. Regarding "goal" it looked over to me but things were evened up shortly afterwards when St M had a goal disallowed for what looked a soft foul on Ridgers.
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    I found today quite encouraging on the whole. St Mirren clearly deserve to be top of the league - no great shakes but do the easy things well. Really good second-half shift from ICT but lacking in front of goal. Of course, there was the 'disallowed' goal. Same linesman as didn't give that Hibs one the other week, apparently. Several players got touches and it was all very fast but my impression was that Samson hoicked it out from behind the line. Generally, I thought today was a great advert for the championship - big crowd, good game (pity about the result). What a shame there'll be minimal press coverage and nae telly. In other Championship news - whit in the name o the wee man happened at Falkirk?
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    We are pissing into the wind with that speculation and getting nowhere, what we need is a striker to bang the ball into the net
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    This is inconclusive as the mechanics of the human body with his knee and foot in that position would not allow his shoulder to be directly above his foot so it could easily be on the line doesn' look over from this.
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    Robbo said in his post match interview that the linesman did not see it cross the line so could not give a goal and he had made the right decision, might have been with gritted teeth though
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    The most frustrating aspect of this today is not the result, to be fair given our opposition and location and team we did well to get that, my worry is the fact that we again today had too many "just wide, just over, inches away, straight at keeper". It's this type of thing that's losing us matches and now to add to the worry the one game upcoming i felt we were favourites to win we now look to go into as underdogs. How Falkirk managed to put 6 past DU today is unimaginable and I really pray that was more to do with a "poor" DU side that an energised Falkirk side. If it's the latter, we are in for the biggest battle of 2018 so far. We could be looking right over our shoulders at Falkirk on wed morning and staring into a month of difficult fixtures to keep ourselves slipping into playoffs position
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    Steady on folks. This is a season of rebuilding and we were very narrowly beaten away from home by the league leaders. Hardly a disaster.
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    Does that really constitute 'best dressed' ??? I've gone to my bed dressed better than that !
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    I do feel for the genuine Rangers fans and their children , My suggestion to them is to go round to Partick or St. Mirren and take their kids there. I don't feel anything for Rangers or Celtic fans but you are making the (not uncommon on here) mistake of thinking that all or even most Rangers fans are in Glasgow. They are actually a nationwide pox - I suspect there are more people who would identify as Rangers or Celtic in Sneck than ICT. Every town and city in Scotland, from Falkirk to Forres, from Perth to Paisley, has people who either go to watch an Old Firm team and ignore their local side, or never go to football at all but still call themselves Rangers or Celtic supporters and, again, ignore their local side. Anyway, thought this was a thread that needed a god kicking into life.
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    Raven needs to do the maths. It's just not sustainable at that level of payments. It's not rocket science. Look at the abysmal crowds we attract. That will never ever pay for real quality. In fact, it appears that he was part of the problem with his wages.
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