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    I came up on a flight from Manchester not long ago and was sat next to Billy he came across as a nice guy and said he has been struggling for fitness, I gathered he had good regard for ICT but circumstances change in this game. I said to him he would get goals under Robbo and he gave me a nod.Good lad who wishes our club well
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    Definetly - almost think, as others on here have said before, that some fans have an irrational dislike of Polly & Vigurs too. Vigurs has been one of (if not the) best players this season (barring his poor disciplinary record, of course). Lay off Polly! Robbo was (rightly) praising him after the QofS game. Same goes for Vigurs too. Justified critism is fine, a lot of it is OTT & unfair
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    Chalmers goal in slow motion replay
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    Ricky Calder is named in the SPFL Team of the Week this week. Well done Ricky!
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    Aye I had a chat with Darren. He told me it was the Russians
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    I don’t agree he should have been booked but I think Vigurs was booked for giving verbals after getting off the ground. If you consider he’s been pushed to the ground and the queens player has given as good as what he’s got, then perhaps that should have been 2 yellows for him. But it’s much easier for the ref to give a card each. For Donaldson, the ref spoke to robbo not long after the incident. I’m fairly certain that afterwards robbo turned to kellacher and said ‘studs up’ while shaking his head. But I might have that wrong.
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    On the Donaldson booking you could put forward an argument regardless of the contact that due to the length Donaldson slid he had little control and could have been considered dangerous. I too thought it wasn't a foul but possibly how it was interpreted. The vigurs one without knowing what he said looks like typical poor refeering there has been an incident book both to avoid controversy. Although maybe vigurs talked himself into it.. he'd have been fine had he walked away.. or even not made a silly foul in the first place.
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    A red dot for praising sensible pricing in the interests of fans, really ?
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