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    The bigger question is how did Rene manage to stumble on a 4 year old thread? Not much on telly tonight obviously
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    He was better than Richie Foran
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    Sorry Rene I agree with Kingsmills here re Baltatcha. Richie Foran worst for me with Brewster in his second spell not far behind
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    I will be getting pisshed.
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    It’s the 25th Anniversary of CTO as well (wonder how that happened!). Maybe we can do something special too like removing everyone’s red dots
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    Baltacha had a team of part time Highland League players when the entire club was still finding its feet in the national league system. He was not the best coach in the world but it's unfair to rank him behind Foran who's record was abysmal despite having a large squad of seasoned professionals many of whom were Scottish Cup winners and some of whom were on six figure salaries.
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    I'm not opposed to imaginative public art but that River Ness Pier thing looked awful.
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    David Raven only.
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    Winning some silverware would be very appropriate.
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    If for no other reason than we don't want to emulate Sevco in any shape or fashion.
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    Personally, I think Inverness would benefit from more imaginative public art even in times of constraint. I was disappointed that the proposed installation by the river was abandoned.
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    You would need to bring in portaloos. Could even paint them black and red
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