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    I am removing all off-topic posts from this thread after requests for this to be done. Its a serious topic and while I understand some are trying to lighten the thread, its counter-productive. The removed posts are not deleted, just hidden for now and may be split off to general nonsense if anyone wants to continue with them.
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    From info on companies house, it looks like the £450k loans given at start of the season and now converted to shares were..... £250k - David F Sutherland £50k - David Cameron £150k - £10k from each of the 15 Muirfield Mills members My understanding is that this is money long since spent and recent requests for assistance are in addition to this.
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    From spfl website Ladbrokes Championship Tuesday March 13 Dunfermline Athletic v Inverness Caledonian Thistle Tuesday March 20 Dundee United v Queen of the South Tuesday March 27 St Mirren v Dumbarton Tuesday April 3 Dunfermline Athletic v Livingston Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Brechin City Tuesday April 10 Dundee United v St Mirren Tuesday April 17 Dumbarton v Inverness Caledonian Thistle Read more at https://spfl.co.uk/news/article/new-dates-for-postponed-fixtures/#32jS9A6iyghZE12B.99
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    Getting things back on track.... Regardless of who is on the board going forward, an EGM is required to properly elect that board, sort out the rules issue and ensure the organisation is legal and compliant. If those currently claiming entitlement to be on the board believe they are the right people to do that, then they can stand for election along with anyone else who steps forward. Denying the members that right whilst continuing to defiantly operate in abeyance is not only damaging the society, it's damaging individual reputations. An EGM is going to happen, that cannot be prevented. Better for the society though that they call it and it happens in a timely fashion, than cause further delay and damage to the society (and themselves) by dragging it out.
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    @RiG : was playing around with PHP version (now 7.1) and also the security settings as we want to make the entire site (rather than just the login/shop pages) HTTPS with our next update. Not embedding tweets or side loading other elements not on our domain seems to have been an unfortunate side effect. I have rolled back some of the changes for now and embedding now works again.
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    First time I’ve logged in for ages due to my disillusionment with Scottish football but it sadly seems little has changed Think most folk know my general feelings on caleyjagsforever so I won’t go over old ground but it’s vitally important that a club like ours has a fans movement with a say at board level At the very least I think a name change is required especially if there is to be new blood on the fans board all credibility appears to have been nullified under the previous regime One thing I do find curious is however why someone who has spent most of his football watching life being a season ticket holder at Tannadice would even put himself in such a position to lead a fans group of another club why? I find it astonishing that the lack of Invernessian input there is in ICT but I suppose that’s society now or it is in this neck of the woods This is the time for ordinary Inverness punters which certainly appear to be a dying breed to step forward to get involved and you challenge what’s already in place Dougal
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    OK... so the mystery and the astonishment deepen. I now come to realise that this is a LIMITED COMPANY that has failed to hold a General Meeting of its members for a considerable time and is being run by a self-appointed board who have been reluctant even to identify themselves and say they don't want to call a General Meeting because they are speculating that not enough people might turn up. Has any legal advice been taken about how well this scenario conforms with Company Law and what the possible implications may be? This actually sounds very serious indeed.
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    Should probably avoid the cider in case it's made from bad apples.
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