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    I actually like the fact that referees (genuinely) won't spot every incident or get every decision right. IMO, it's the discussion and debate around these things which underpinned the community growth around the sport....before TV ruined it all. It's the inconsistency that bothers me. These are guys (certainly in the UK) who are paid very well....more than the majority of fans and more than many of the players they are officiating over. The fact that some of them are being paid high 3 figure or 4 figure sums per game and are considered "part-time" is ridiculous. At the upper level it should be a full-time profession and they should be brought together during the week to review games/decisions and then agree how situations are treated across the board. The closest they come to that is when they're flown off abroad for a p1ss-up under the guise of conferences and professional development (and that's straight from the horses mouth).
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    If we’ve learnt one thing this season, it’s that we are better than Brechin. Why don’t we try thrashing somebody else for a change?!
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    He probably mixed up Jim and Ricardo. Easy Mistake to make.
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    Perhaps he could write a column in the Highland News ?
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    Impressive - No edit. Suspect Oakley has been watching Joe's technique in training.
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    Was the assist from Joe's left or right foot ?
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    Any news as I need to make my travel arrangements. I don't want to be messed about like I was in 1993.
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    I hate to see all this diving, holding etc. It is against the laws of the game and it is cheating. But football is a business and at the higher levels it is very big business indeed. If players can get away with it I can understand their managers and the money men behind them actively encouraging it. I particularly hate to see our own players do it, but in the environment that exists in the game today, one can hardly blame them. The responsibility lies with the game's authorities and through them, the referees. I appreciate that the referees have a very difficult job and sometimes, often even, it can be very difficult to say whether an incident is a penalty, a dive or neither. There's not much you can do about that. But there is a lot you can do when it is clearly a dive. If it was a straight red card and a standard 6 match ban, players would soon stop trying to con the referees. And there is absolutely no reason why a player should be holding another player's shirt, holding their arm or putting their arm round the body to hold the player back. It happens all the time and it is obvious. Again, strong sanctions could wipe that out almost overnight. The rules are there - they simply need to be applied.
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    We will need a feckin pitch rotation. An aquifer is a body of saturated rock through which water can easily move. Aquifers must be both permeable and porous and include such rock types as sandstone, conglomerate, fractured limestone and unconsolidated sand and gravel. Fractured volcanic rocks such as columnar basalts also make good aquifers. The rubble zones between volcanic flows are generally both porous and permeable and make excellent aquifers. In order for a well to be productive, it must be drilled into an aquifer. Rocks such as granite and schist are generally poor aquifers because they have a very low porosity. However, if these rocks are highly fractured, they make good aquifers. A well is a hole drilled into the ground to penetrate an aquifer. Normally such water must be pumped to the surface. If water is pumped from a well faster than it is replenished, the water table is lowered and the well may go dry. When water is pumped from a well, the water table is generally lowered into a cone of depression at the well. Groundwater normally flows down the slope of the water table towards the well.
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    VAR, more officials etc etc. Yes, the refereeing isn’t great at times but the players don’t help at all anymore. Constant diving, cheating, claiming, time wasting, feigning injury, screaming. How Lewis Morgan wasn’t booked on Saturday i’ll Never know. But no wonder the ref’s get conned. Its cheating the fans ultimately and that’s the worst part.
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    What’s an aquifer maybe someone on the forum could enlighten me
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    Rain, rain go away. Come again when we're away!!
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    Fair enough ... asking him/her if he/she was 8 was what got me blocked I think
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    A great game in the end. The best thing about refereeing performances like these is that they unite the North Stand against a common enemy, the crowd come alive and the team can feel the support willing them on. I still don't see the second penalty as anything more than cynical opportunism. But I have noticed that most teams in this division ( apart from Brechin ) have that level of professional cynicism built in. Defenders know just how much they will get away with, forwards go to ground easily, all part and parcel of why this is a hard league to get out of. Calder had a great wee spell, put over a couple of great crosses and we really should have players attacking those. Can't remember who put one cross over that must have only been 3 yards out and there was no one either in the the centre or back post. Ridgers penalty save was an important factor in us getting anything out of this game. 2-0 down at that point, to an unjust penalty at that, and I don't think we'd have come back. Having said that, St.Mirren could have been out of sight long before...turns out not all superheroes wear capes, but pretty sure Ridgers had the rest of the costume on under his day-glow kit. Their second goal was a cracker, but I always felt we could get one back. We seemed to go more route 1, Oakley came into the game more when MacKay came on, and we generally looked more threatening. Our first goal seemed deceptively simple. Our equaliser even more so. I genuinely think if the game had another 10 minutes to go we'd have won it. We should take heart, although we were under the cosh, we came back and deservedly so. This is the sort of performance and fight we need from the off next season
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    Having just watched the highlights, they have confirmed what I thought at the time. Second St Mirren penalty was not a penalty and referee, in my opinion, saw the St Mirren player fall and guessed he was pushed. There seems to be a trend of referees guessing decisions these days, and not just at this level. I find that incredible as they cannot give a decision unless 100% sure. What would help is if refs would come out and say this after games but by not speaking, they just compound the poor decisions they have made. The foul that led to the second St Mirren goal was certainly never a foul as the player clearly dived ( I was right in line with this in the main stand and thought this at the time). Why a foul can be given for this, and a booking, when the tackle on Doran went unpunished is beyond me. No doubt refs will complain that they cannot win but they need to understand that a lack of consistency in decision making harms their cause more than anything else.
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    I think we should put out a Select XI from our Walking Football and FFIT Fans teams.
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    At least ICT Gaz can just copy and paste !!
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