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    Many of you on here would have heard about Yompa (aka InterTheNet, Steve Taylor). He is the guy who founded the Highland March. Over the past few years he has been dedicating his time to supporting and helping to find a cure to the childhood cancer - Neuroblastoma. He's raised thousands of pounds in the last five years - but it's never enough. He has recently returned from Austrailia after completing 2222km cycling from Brisbane to Adelaide. I read his blog whilst he was doing that trip and the whole story from start to finish is now available in Kindle format. An inspirational read from an inspirational guy. This will be the best £1.99 you will ever spend. And there's a lot of ICT and Highland March stuff in it too. Here's the link - go buy. Thank you. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ride2Cure-Neuroblastoma-bus-pass-outback-ebook/dp/B07JDJ4X7C/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1539511257&sr=8-18&keywords=steve+taylor
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    A good team performance and a win would have a better effect.
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    I asked the question as I do not have any input into online activity and this is the response I have been given. "We hope to have the online shop back up and running within the next couple of weeks. The shop is currently down due to a problem with processing online payments. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you or others, items can still be purchased for delivery by contacting the shop (01463 222880)". If I receive any further information regarding it coming back on line I will let you know and I will see if our social media can be updated to reflect this. Kind Regards Andy Response received today from email to SLO email last night. Must say rather pleased with the speed of the reply.
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    Yes I was at the game thanks for asking. Worldie saves or not they were still missed chances no? The defensive mistake, 10 minutes into the match, cost us a goal. It didn't cost us the game.
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    Happy to promote this wherever needed. happy to add a link to his book purchase URL on the sidebar too. just let us know.
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    A good hammering at Tannadice will shake us up.
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    I'd been wondering what the old General would get up to in his retiring years so I fought against the old Aberdonian bum squeak and forked out £1.99 of my hard earned to find out. Keep going old chap and remember 'Never give up, never ever give up!' 👍
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    Tremendous effort from one of the old guard.
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    This really should be in a more prominent place - I would even say the Main Board. At least equals the feat of Davie Balfour going from Lands End to John O'Groats. Steve had to do it Down Under and suffer the company of Mr Gablonski through it all !!
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