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    Unfortunately there is a general lack of positivity around the club with match days currently not being any form of experience (this has been the case for a number of years not just the past couple). Whilst scale of attendance for atmosphere has an impact, attending a game has now become a pretty soulless experience and I find it hard to get anyone to want to come to the game even when there is a free ticket going. The negativity (this is meant at a global level and is not directed at the board, team or fans specifically) also means that there is little business benefit in investing within the club (e.g. hospitality). Somethings needs to be done to change this before there is any chance of improving attendances or getting additional investment. If you consider existing major shareholders, they all seem to have issues with each other which limits any chance of them working together to improve things.
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    The longterm plan should be to give up on chasing promotion for both club and fans and spend the next year or two slowly reducing the number of 'journeymen' jobbers at the club and bring through more youth. If it all clicks and we make play-offs then great, but focus on Championship consolidation, more attractive football and a team that shows signs of excitement coming back. From that core of younger players it will hopefully reduce the wage bill and allow for the introduction of select quality additions rather than quantity to supplement and strengthen to aim towards getting premiership status back. If Dunfermline, Falkirk, Morton and even DUtd cant just steamroller this league and get out then we cant expect to either - some have been here years. Even the likes of PT have shown that its a hard league and not to be underestimated. Next season needs to be about realism and that needs to start from the board level right the way through.
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    Not that it's relevant to us now but he's spent much of the last 2 years recovering from hernia and other injuries which he was playing though when with us. So that's Tansey draper and McKay who all left then spent months getting treatment elsewhere. That to me says more about our club than the players.
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    Pretty sure Robbo himself has said we can now only offer players a few hundred pounds to play for us whereas before we were able to offer well into four figures a week to sign for ICT. That's the price we are paying for dropping out of the top flight and missing out on TV cash. It was hard enough to get players up to Inverness so I feel for Robbo trying to bring in new players on 1/4 of what previous managers used to work with. Sadly our fans seem to be drifting away quicker than snow off a dyke which is very concerning and isn't going to help the budget that Robertson has to work with.
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    And we are paying what we can afford to be at the level we are. 6th highest budget in Championship and 6th place. I'm sure someone on here will have all the figures and statistics for footfall and turnover at clubs - right now we after many years of over-achieving are heading towards where we should be based on the finances and size. Plenty bigger clubs than us have spent years in the Championship with no sign of getting out, so what makes anyone think we are going to be different?
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    We are just not good enough. We seem to lack fitness and ideas. We have no actual leader on the pitch. When we do occasionally play good football it only lasts for a brief period. We seem unable to apply sustained pressure and break teams down. What really gets to me is apart from a period good football which normally lasts about 10 mins at the start of the game we turn into headless chickens run out ideas. We are just not good enough no leaders on and off the park.
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    Seeing as the past months worth of games have been pretty poor and have generated quite a lot of negative reaction and navel gazing - is it time to start thinking about rebuilding the squad with an eye on next year, as surely this years chances are beginning to look decidedly ropey.
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    I can see your point, nothing being mathematically ruled out yet, I just think we have been taking one step forward and two back for a while now. Every choice, every decision being made reactively to circumstances, chasing the promised land. I would like to have a strategy to play a certain way and players would have to fit in with that style - the youth could then have a clear path to the 1st team as their training would mirror the style of the senior team. I'm just not sure we would be ready for a return to the top just yet.
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    Still seventeen games, almost half the league season, to go. Sort out our depressing tendency to fail to hang on to the lead and a play off place is still well within our grasp especially if Walsh continues his goal scoring form. We were in a far worse position this time last season yet still only fell short due to a ninety fifth minute equaliser by Dunfermline. It's not been great of late but, personally, I'm not giving up on this season just yet.
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    Pretty sure yogi had the 2nd lowest budget whilst in the prem and had us running like a rolls Royce ! Lack of funds is an easy excuse for poor scouting and tactics look at Livi lowest budget in the Spl or Ayr lowest budget in our league ! Better with quality over quantity get rid of as much dead wood as we can i.e. White Austin Trafford Beith and get in a striker!
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    i think the same could be said of others since then
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    We had a mass clear out on youth post Butcher/ Yogi I think but to say we have nothing coming through seems counter productive with respect. Macgregor on the bench has had game time, Daniel Mackay too. Ryan Fyffe promising center back biding his time, I think Harper is also a product of the youth development. We need to watch we don't throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water here.
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    the sad fact is we are getting what we pay for
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    No problem mate hope your health is ok
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    That was the disappointing thing for me. We always looked more likely to score and having got the goal we should have continued to do what we had been doing relatively well. In his post match interview Barry Wilson acknowledged that, but what was worrying was that he said the players had often dropped too deep after scoring this season. If that is a known problem then why did it happen again yesterday? Where was the leadership on the park to keep the focus and drive? And why weren't the coaching staff on their feet bawling instructions to the players to push up? We absolutely threw away 3 points yesterday and handed them on a plate to one of our closest rivals. The tragedy is that whilst we didn't play with the intensity we saw against County, we still played pretty well on the whole and created plenty of chances. We were unlucky to hit the woodwork twice and could have won the game comfortably. In his interview, Naismith acknowledged they were lucky to win but also said that his side played as well as they have for several weeks. That must be an acknowledgement that we were pretty decent. It's a hard one to take but that might just mean that lessons will be learnt this time. This season in the league, we have conceded 7 goals in the last 10 minutes of games but have scored only 2. However, we are averaging 1.9 points per game when we score first whilst our opponents are averaging just 1.3 points per game when they score first. That is an encouraging if, on the face of it, a rather contradictory statistic. This seems to suggest that we are generally pretty good at fighting back when behind and have the capability to capitalise on taking an early lead, but that we have rather poor game management towards the end of games. The net effect of the late goals is that we have 6 less points than we would have had if the final score had been what it was on 80 minutes. Clearly our opponents have correspondingly more. This is clearly a key area for the management team to work on.
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    It was very quiet up until Walsh scored then I felt people were starting to waken up and actually enjoy the game, until it all went pear shaped. This is the problem though, the players give us little to get excited about, if we were charging into goal scoring positions and testing the keeper, hitting the post or having shot after shot blocked... Whatever... The crowd would get lively. Its the fact that any possession is boring and slow and any advance at goal is snuffed out without any real danger
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    I'm sure he will be well rewarded for his time there. Do St Mirren know he's been past it for two years? Guess they'll see for themselves.
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    Despite the difficulties discussed we are still competitive on the pitch and the current squad have shown a level of resilience to be competitive. The main on the pitch issues have been highlighted and hopefully will be addressed in due course followed by a climb back up the table. Supporters support during ups and downs has it ever been different. Keep the faith and keep supporting....
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    Also thought Walsh was good today and could go on to be a major player for us in the future. At times Polworth seemed to be up for the challenge then loose interest and was needlessly booked for kicking the ball away. Brad Mckay was exploiting space down the right hand side of the pitch until we scored then went deep into our own half allowing QoS space to attack We were unlucky on a couple of accasions hitting the woodwork but seemed to have no idea regarding changing things to try to create chances. Maybe its time for fresh ideas and a clear out of backroom staff, too many explayers taking a living from ICT with no end product. Also should we consider ditching the development/youth teams, there is not much coming through and the money coild be spent on a striker. Only Polworth in the current line up has come through and and any decent players have to be sold for little or no money.
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    After the shift he didn't put in with us in our relegation season I'd expect him to pay us to play.
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