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    Highlights from Ayr United are up now:
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    Well he did win us the Scottish Cup.
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    Robbo said in the post mach interview that Polly was out with the flu, so realistically, if we had a full squad, Polly would be in bed recovering...
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    Jordan White, He used to be sh!te, But now he's alright! First game I been to for a while (due to working away) and thoroughly enjoyed it - very entertaining but sometimes frustrating. Fairly close first half, although we just about edged it. A lot of build-up play on the outside of the box but just seemed nobody had the confidence to shoot. Often screaming for someone to just blooter it in and see what happened. First 20 minutes of the second half was shooting practice for ICT. Seems we need a bit more! And then, just as Ayr looked like they might be starting to get back into the game, Mr White scores. The balance of play changed after that, with Ayr having a bit more possession, but we could have nicked another, maybe 2. The last 5 minutes or so we were guilty of a bit of time-wasting around the corner flags, holding on till the final whistle, although I think most of us would have preferred to see the team going all out for another goal. Can't knock it though - great to get a home win!! Throughout, Tremarco impressed, with his ball control and constantly tormenting the Ayr midfield. Doran put in a shift too, but seemed to tire a bit towards the end. McHattie seemed solid enough and picked out some nice passes. McCart and Donaldson can take a lot of credit for the clean sheet. Oh aye, and Jordan White - dunno what all the fuss is about. He's alright!!!
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    We were and bear in mind that that footage was edited from an Ayr United perspective.
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    I like you, IBM! Ha! Ha! Thank you , you are a real gentleman. Golly Gosh --I'm rumbled. I already knew the score by doing exactly what one of you likely lads suggested. And I was so discombobulated (in a nice way , mind you) that I thought I would just remind you that you just have to be nice 'cos you will have to meet me on your way down when I am still mindlessly drifting upwards. I was just reading the BC world news online and drifted into an article about Ross County and found it really interesting. However, frankly, speaking, I did not expect that score line, bejabbers. The next three games will decide our fate and just to show you how nice the Pimpernel family can be ,here is a nice read for you lads and lasses to weigh up en masse. We are going places ..Yes! . https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/scottish-championship/table
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    Thought you would be pleased with White he did play better today and I am sure if he keeps scoring goals I along with others will be pleased although some will never be happy!
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    An entertaining game that we deservedly won. We can stay in the promotion mix but we need to shake off the habit, that was still in evidence today, of taking the lead and then stopping doing what we did to deserve it. I fear that we may have seen the last of the second best player ever to have come through our youth system. If so, whilst some boo boys may be happy with themselves, the club and our promotion prospects will be the poorer for it. Great to see Doran back to something approaching his pre injury self.
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    That was an enjoyable afternoon. The team were up for it and positive, and we deservedly won. Ridgers did what he had to do. With only four fit experienced defenders, credit Tremarco for doing so well at right back. Yes, he had to pull back to cross with his left foot, but I thought he put in a great shift. He fortunately recovered from an early knock. McHattie seemed comfortable on the left. Donaldson was steady enough, with a couple of wayward passes, and McCart was the pick of the defence for me. I don't think Donaldson is fully fit at present so all credit to him for his performance. I like the Donaldson / McCart pairing. Chalmers had the best game I've seen from him since Tannadice last season and was a justified Man of the Match, whilst I enjoyed Welsh's skill in he corner running diwn the clock. He was also more positive with the ball than in some games. Polworth picked up a knock, and I hope that's not the last we've seen of him. Even as he was deservedly applauded off, some were questioning why he was being clapped. Doran had a better game. He has lost pace, but was holding the ball well. Walsh was a bit quieter than some recent games, but still put in a good shift and we need his pace and creativity. I was really impressed by White today. Yes, he (and Doran) missed very good chances (we also hit the post, Doran I think) but the ball was sticking a lot more and he was linking up well. He also got the vital goal. Mackay didn't have his best performance when he came on, but he has been injured so was probably lacking sharpness. Trafford actually impressed me in his time on the pitch. Ayr did create chances, but we handled them pretty well and coped with going in front. A very satisfying display! We only had one senior player on the bench, so hopefully we stay clear on suspensions, and get Oakley, Austin and maybe even Beith fit soon, particularly if Polworth is leaving. Looking forward, we should not under estimate East Kilbride, but hopefully we get a few goals and a good display, and can then look forward to moving up the league. But really well done to all 13, great to see a performance and win!
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    Nice one Jordan - and thanks for the 2 points in Gringo's NPL 👍
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    W H. In case you are still not aware of it I live about 5,000 miles away from Inverness and if you are up for it can you please advise the COUNTY scoreline . Thanks!
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    Can’t believe we still refer to investments. These are donations as an investment usually means a return plus interest! These are donations and I am under the impression that the Muirfield boys have injected a decent wedge thus far. I like Robbo, he is honest about what we have and given time I think he will do well. He is committed so let’s crack on. Great performance today, amazing how different everyone’s demeanour is on here and leaving the ground.
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    A conflicting afternoon for Gregor and his stats as White scores again but we also get another win playing one up front.
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    It’s a rare chance to fully enjoy a Saturday night, cheers ICT 🍺
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    Great result ...good to hear White had a good game, especially as Austin and Oakley weren't even on the bench (at least Daniel is back). Play-offs are very much on the cards, but it'll be nip and tuck I reckon, Ayr not won in five, since they smashed Dundee and only twice since the start of November....think they could be vulnerable to dropping out of the play-offs eventually. We could do we a couple more new faces I reckon. Rather surprised by the County result! This and Caley winning has partly made up fror my other team having it's pocket picked. Just two weeks before I get to see Caley live again...I canna wait
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    Don't think any players deserve criticism today as it was an all round decent performance. If Polworth didn't want to be there, then the damaged wrist would have given him an excuse. Instead he carried on despite being in a fair bit of pain.
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    Why can't the team play like that every week. Jordan White today was outstanding.
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    Many thanks to Jordan White (goalscorer), Joe Chalmers (MOM) - WE ARE GOING UP ?
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    Who left Patrick jai quitongo no seen us linked with him tho tbf he's defo better than our current strikers should take a punt on him every1 needs a 2nd chance make it happen Robbo
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    White will want the rest of the team to have flu every week if that is what it needs to make him look good
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    Feckin steady mun... outstanding? He made up for his glaring miss in the first half, yeah the big bulb made up for his misses and did ok. I'll never be his biggest fan but he did ok.
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    Well he rightly got subbed today. Every player upped their game after last week apart from Polly. There was no desire to win balls passing was poor and his work rate low today. Compared to White who I didn't rate but today was outstanding.
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