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    Take great result today. Queens have been on a bad run, but we needed to get the job done, and we did it well. I'm really looking forward to Friday evening. Our formation currently seems to be working well, and County are a few players short too. Time to show them (again) that we are the best team in the Highlands! I really hope we get a great home support. Come on guys!!
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    On on behalf of ICT Supporters Travel Club .Having confronted stewards supervisor re these morons we were disgusted to hear one was claiming to be the head of The Supporters Club .I would like on behalf of our travelling support to assure you they had no connection to any of our travelling fans .It was dealt with after we intervened and hopefully never to be repeated .
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    Anybody else remember a season we overturned a 15 point deficit to win the league and promotion to the premiership?
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    Are you the "fat baldy guy" or the one who's "well into his 50's"?
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    I'm afraid two things are being confused here. The individual is one of our more 'passionate' regulars and most people know him, though I was surprised to hear about the inappropriate comments. The other group were from the English Midlands on a day out and had taken far too much drink on the train. Not ICT fans and they left halfway through.
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    That was very comfortable in the end, a strange feeling. We came flying out of the blocks and maintained a really high intensity for the whole of the first half - Queens had chances on the break but but we could easily have put the game to bed before half time. They had a period of pressure after half-time, Dobbie got a few shots away and Ridgers made a number of decent saves. Then came the most pleasing aspect of the performance, the thing that's been missing from our season - we kept the head saw the game out calmly. Some more positives: - Doran, Polworth and Welsh really trust each other with the ball, they're happy to play it to each other in difficult areas and we're so much more creative as a result. - Trafford and White, two of our most maligned players, are looking increasingly comfortable in their roles, they're playing out of their skins and the fans are responding. Trafford actually looks alright next to Welsh's calming influence. - Rooney came on and played where Chalmers was - it's clear that he's an option up there. Walsh and MacDonald are back next week but surely neither can go straight back into the team. We'll have competition for places for the first time this season.
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    Most fans dont need to know how everything works in the football club, we just expect those we have in charge can manage the club so it can function well enough to justify the money we put into it.
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    Thank feck I wasn't there - That photofit would have nailed me !!
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    I would have to say that while it is important to have a good team on the pitch (obviously), without having a good backroom staff to actually get the game on then the quality of the team is irrelevant. We need a full cohesive club structure from top to bottom with a proper management structure to create stability. Then and only then will Inverness have a club to proud of again. Yvonne's departure has highlighted this problem in great big capital letters and we need everyone from the youngest fan to the most senior person at the club to come together on this. Players, board members and yes even fans do not understand the plethora of different roles and jobs needed to just ensure we are allowed to let people into the stadium and play a match. And the whole key to curing all the ills as pointed out previously - GOOD COMMUNICATION
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    Still don't agree with using Hampden for semi finals for games not involving Old Firm as it will generate little atmosphere for the teams. Having been there for the Dundee and Dunfermline semis, while they were great occasions, as in being our first national semi finals, there was zero atmosphere for the games. Surely much more special for the fans and team that the final is at Hampden, not the semi finals. Just another case of the SFA caring little for fans outwith the Old Firm as far as I am concerned.
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    Yup : good away win. Just keep it going lads : a play off spot is well within our grasp. The higher the better though. We are capable of grabbing second place which would be ideal.
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    2 Goals, 3 Points, Clean Sheet, No Bookings and no sign of any injuries...that's a good day 👍
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    Absolutely. Every game now, league and cup, is vital. Time for those who have stayed away this season to come back and join in the effort to push us over the line.
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    Another valuable three points. Well done lads. Today's results have more or less settled the top five in the division, the only question being in which order. Barring doing a Dundee, it's looking like County will clinch the automatic place but with both Ayr and Dundee United stuttering second place, and with it an easier passage through the play offs, second place is still very much up for grabs. We seem to have hit a consistent run of form at just the right time. Important to keep the momentum going with a win in Dingwall on Friday and we are certainly well capable of that and due a bit of rub of the green in the league derbies.
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    Grudge match from now on they can't be calling our fans beasts and think they'll get away with such slander
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    You are absolutely correct and this is one of the reasons fans are concerned as we have seen a huge number of very good backroom staff leave over the last year. No argument there. Our club has always been at its best when fans and club have worked together in harmony. That is not the case right now even if some on both sides are trying. You might be surprised at how much fans DO know about what it takes. Perhaps not all ... but more than you seem to think ! It is also - as another poster notes - something that most of us dont need to know and instead elect a board of directors to govern whats needed to ensure everything is run for the good and benefit of the club. absolutely. Something our current chairman promised on day 1 and has never delivered.
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    Confirmed. Spent a good deal of the match beside Red Card and he was his entertaining self. The stewards were enjoying the atmosphere too, To be honest I would pay extra to hear his commentary at every match. No clue what the complainants are on about. Great 3 points and an entertaining match........plenty of action at both ends. We could have been out of sight by half time but equally could have lost the game but for some outstanding last ditch defending.. QOS will beat anyone on their day,.
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    Which is why I made reference to 'those of us not present'.
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    I travel to every away game have never seen them before .The Travel Club dealt with this the best way we saw fit and got the heat taken out of what could have been a nasty incident . No need for further comment as the Police are involved.
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    'These' morons...there was more than one?? Surely they must be known to the regular travelling support. Wouldn't take much to name & shame. Don't need this type of support.
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    Might want to supply some disinfectant wipes for the home game following the cup final. Don't want to get some obscure Dingwall diseases...
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    We really carried on from last Sunday. First half we were totally dominant. Two wins in 7 days - can't remember the last time I witnessed that... no cup hangover. Queens had chances second half but I put the clean sheet down to decent defending rather than chances missed. I don't really see the difference between 3rd place and 4th, as all it means is home advantage in the second leg, and we're much better away. Ideally we would want to be second. Looks like a very stuffy County side will stretch away in first place, they're not a patch on the side which got promoted 6 years ago.
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    luvely jubely now bring on the gypos
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    In the end it was Dunfermline who scuppered our play off hopes. Only fair that we return the compliment this season.
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    Cracking result today 3rd place looking possible now lets do this come on everyone get yourselves down on Friday night and make some noise
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    Sounds like a pretty confident away win keeping us well in touch with the play off places. Well done lads. Looks like we're hitting good form at the right time. Two tough Friday night televised matches to negotiate next. Win these and we've got every chance . Keep it going lads. Onwards and upwards.
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    Just as well you put me right 😁
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    Enjoy your trip to Dingwall ! Most of us will stay at home!
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    We have a game in hand (Alloa at home) and a better goal difference and the wheels may be coming off Ayr. At the moment it is still in our hands.
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    Apparently the pre-match chakra was "Lets show Yvonne Crook what she is missing".
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