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    That's an impressive level of pessimism even for this site !
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    Tuesday is the big one now we can secure a playoff spot and if we do that what a season we will have had. Semi final in Scottish cup and the possibility of promotion back to the premiership. Robbo has done an amazing job with the group of players and resources available to him This year. All round a good season.
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    Some absolute nonsense written about this game and performance by some posters. Up until the second goal, there was nothing in this game and it had been quite entertaining. The second goal for United changed the way the game panned out completely. United had a cushion and we had to take some risks to get back into the game. I have no worries about facing United in the paly offs if it happens as do not think they are a great team and will not always get the breaks from a poor referee yesterday. Some will argue that the referee did not cost us the game but he certainly altered the course of it. How he missed the hand ball for the second goal is unbelievable. He wasn't far from the incident but to not see that was poor poor refereeing. To say that it hit McMullen's shoulder is just adding insult to injury and for the linesman not to see this either was equally as bad. The sending off of Brad was also a joke. Looked to me as if he cautioned him for a dive which if correct is another ridiculous decision. Everyone knows that refs will make mistakes as they have only one opportunity to see an incident but both these incidents were so clear cut, you don't need a TV replay to see the ref was wrong. Generally thought he was poor in other respects as well, White being continually fouled when he jumped for the ball and Nicky Clark never jumped for the ball at all, preferring to jump at or into our defenders while he was on the park but got away with it. In saying all that, we didn't play at our best, especially in midfield. I think a few of our players are out on their feet just now or carrying knocks and they need a rest. I don't agree with those shouting to give the "young" players a chance prior to this game but hope that one or two may get a chance in the next two games. It seems that Austin has become the new whipping boy for the keyboard warriors on this site and the booing/abuse he got yesterday was out of order. There does seem to be a section of our support who always want to pick on certain players and they should take a long hard look at themselves as indeed, should some posters on here whose posts make me wonder why they support ICT at all as they are continuously negative. I appreciate not everything is perfect for ICT just now but some posters need to get a grip and appreciate the level we are at just now and get behind the team, not constantly carp at it. No doubt, I will be accused of being a happy clapper ( and worse) but could give a ***k after reading some of the nonsense spouted by certain posters.
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    Most seem to have missed the point that we were three or four players short of our first choice. Insert, Ridgers, Donaldson and Tremarco and we will be closer to the mark. Lot of guff on here about us playing rubbish. I thought we were OK given our resources available and Jamie McCart was top player for me. Polworth for the most part looked like he was avoiding injury and could have played for Motherwell yesterday, one good burst forward and shot apart. Donaldson was sorely missed. I would like to see Brad's penalty claim again. I was within 20 yards of this and thought his foot was clipped as he tried to turn. Instead of a penalty he got sent off. Can we beat United again? Of course we can, we tore them a new one in the Cup game. Maybe Robbo got this one just right, like he did prior to the cup game. We have bigger fish to fry. And to the mutant spouting rubbish all game. WTF!
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    Ryan is scheduled to go for surgery today to address the horrible facial injuries suffered in the other semi-final. On behalf of CTO (and myself) I just want to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and to hope that Charlie and the rest of his family are not too stressed out. Its never easy to see relatives in medical distress, especially your children !
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    Sorry I can't fathom how yesterday could be seen as a good performance. Utd were no great shakes but we sat off them, were 2nd to every ball and our passes were slack all over the park. We have virtually zero ideas when we get into the final third when we did create a half chance it was wasted. Apart from the last 7 minutes we didn't have any urgency about our play at all. My expectations these days aren't very high but if people think that's a good game fair enough.
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    No guile, ponderous, and pedestrian. United were no great shakes but until the last 4 minutes we offered absolutely nothing going forward. Lump it up the park, give away possession, rinse and repeat. Austin needs to shut his mouth and not blame another hungrier looking young player for his laziness.
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    Who can blame him for leaving with the amount of abuse he gets from idiots who don't know what a playmaker is.
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    I'd be amazed if he stayed with us. Hopefully he can leave on a high, a fantastic servant for the club and a great player.
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    So it would have been a shock if Dundee Utd had beaten us? The team played well for the most part. Like other folk have said the better team won. The team gave it their best shot. Nothing for them to feel down about. It's over now playoffs are the goal let's secure them tonight.
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    Jesus Christ. Big team beats wee team. Nothing to see here, move along now..............
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    Beat Morton - "Blood" some of the "kids" - 90 minutes worth - and lets see what they can do. Why lash out the spondoolicks when the answer may be in our own back yard.
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    WTAF was Austin shouting at Anthony for? He’s not exactly ingratiated himself with the North Stand today - think the body language showed he knew he’d fecked up. But echo all on here, poor today, poorest for a while. Fatigue maybe.
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    Whether he stays or whether he goes he has been a great and loyal servant to the club. The boo boys may be pleased but they will be very much in the minority and if he does go our team will be the poorer for it whichever division we are playing in.
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    He needs to look after his family. Offered a new contract at a fraction of his current salary or move and have a pay rise. Pretty simple decision
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    I would let Austin go. He has scored 2 or 3 very nice goals with some composed finishes but that is the exception rather than the rule. He has had a lot of game time and in general he has failed to impress. He gets himself into decent positions and has had some decent service but all to often he doesn''t seem to be committed enough or have enough belief in his own abilities and ends up turning a half chance into a no chance. His strike rate is not bad but he doesn't offer a lot else apart from the occasional goal. He's better in the air than Jordan White but Jordan has other attributes which put him well ahead of Nathan in my book. At 25, I 'm not sure he's really going to get much better. Kevin McHattie is also 25 but shows a good bit more maturity than Nathan. He's had less game time than Austin but done well when called upon. He had a pretty decent game today as part of a makeshift defence. He was obviously highly regarded as a youngster with Scottish Caps at both under 17 and 21 levels. His career has been dogged by injury, but if he can remain largely injury free then I feel he could be a real asset to us both at Championship and Premier division level. Carl will be 34 later this year and sadly will be approaching the end of his career soon. If he can be retained, it would not surprise me if he had established himself as first choice left back by this time next year.
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    Totally agree with this. Anthony Mcdonald had his head down just beaten 3 or 4 men then took the shot. Austin should have been applauding him not shouting at him.
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    He thought MacDonald should of passed it to him instead of taking the shot himself fair enough. But MacDonald is only a teenager & he shouldn't of been treated like that i'm pretty sure he even apologised to Austin afterwards. If anything he should be getting a pat on the back for actually creating a chance cause we were struggling to create chances all game!
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    And that's it confirmed. Polly is off to Motherwell on a pre contract. Good luck to him after his 8 year stint with us!
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    It may not have been pretty but, barring catastrophe, that point just about guarantees our play off spot. Important now that we manage our small squad and do our utmost to keep our discipline and avoid bookings during the last three games of the regular season. We can't afford to be carrying injuries and/or suspensions into what are likely to be very closely matched and competitive play off matches.
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    Blaming yogi for the budget situations I don’t think is fair. He was starting to build a culture at the club that was allowing us to push on and we saw our best period of play under his leadership. Regardless of the signings he brought in, we would have NEVER been relegated under Yogi and therefore would have managed fine with our finances as we would have continued to build. Not to mention he would have given these young u18s more opportunities that could have helped the club continue to build from our local community. Talk to any player who played for us under Yogi and you won’t find a player who has a bad word to say about him! All of them say he was the best they had. He was creating a culture, one I think we need to go back to.
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    I just think it showed the gap between a top half Championship team and a top 6 premiership one tbh. I personally enjoyed my day despite the result and I am grateful we got so far.
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    Thanks to the driver and staff of bus two a professional job well done .
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    We are skint only players we will be getting will be on free transfers on about £400-£900 a week contracts. Hence why we are getting players from QOS Dumbarton Alloa etc. Think we should maybe wait till the summer & see what league we are in before we start making wish lists.
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    Good questions to which I don't know the answer. Hopefully somebody else will be able to provide it. I have to say I am rather taken with this development for two reasons. Firstly, it shows a real statement of faith in youngsters who did very well last year but not quite well enough to make the first team squad. We all know that players develop at different rates and who's to say that in time one of these lads won't eclipse those who have been included in the first team squad? The second reason is that all the lads stay together. This means they are mutual support for each other in a different environment and the familiarity they have of each other on the park will allow them to perform to the best of their ability. I often think it must be really hard for youngsters going out on lone, alone, to ambitious Highland League clubs stuffed with seasoned part timers who would have loved to have made the grade to be a full time footballer. Maybe the loan experience is the making for some, but for many it is simply an introduction to the type of football that will later be seen as the pinnacle of their careers. This is a win, win, win situation. A win for the lads, for ICT and the Fort. The only concern for Fort William will be what on earth they do when they get drawn against us in the 4th round of the Scottish cup!
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    You must have missed every other game this season where he does absolutely nothing apart from standing around and falling over
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    Given that a lot of our fans, myself included, spent the last few days lording it up over a handball against Celtic a few years back we can't say much when it comes back to haunt us. Swings and roundabouts. I'm more concerned with the fact we didn't play to the whistle. Rookie mistake.
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    That's the first part of the job done in securing a play off place notwithstanding yesterday's result. We need to negotiate the final two games of the regular season without injury or suspension. These play off matches, potentially six of them, will be the the most important games in our twenty five year history and that includes our two major finals and two European games. The only way we will prevail is if the team, management and fans are all fully focused and fully committed. I understand that the matches will be televised live. Despite that, as many of us as possible need to make the effort to get to as many of the games as we can and to offer full and vocal support from first whistle to last. We really need to avoid another financially disastrous season out of the top flight.
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    Yes we are capable end of. This we aren't good enough crap is pish. I'd rather focus on the positives in the team at the moment. SC semi-final top four finish, chance at promotion all on a shoe string budget with a small largely inexperienced squad. At the start of the season most folk would have been happy with 5th again. But we are guaranteed 4th at least. Keep the faith.
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    Of course we can beat United. We have done so very recently. However, we will have to play much more clinically, defend better and be more committed than we were today. Any one of the four teams taking part in the play offs are capable of winning through and that, on our day, includes us. If we go in to them with a defeatest attitude we will, without doubt, be defeated.
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    That was rubbish. Why on earth we did sign all those youngsters last summer on full time contracts and then spend all season not playing any of them. Apart from Mckay and MacGregor's cameo appearances non have played. Come on Robbo you have two 'nothing' games to show why you signed the boys.
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    Great work down the left with McDonald firing a shot in which went just wide. Austin had got himself into a good position but the shot was a good option. Had McDonald seen Austin and tried to play the ball to him I think it may well have been intercepted so the shot was a fair enough option. Had Austin been a bit more aware I think he could have got onto the back post and tapped the misplaced shot in. It was one of those agonising ones where had it been a better shot it would have gone in but had he pushed it a bit wider it might have fallen to Austin. Anyway, Austin was totally out of order at the way he had a go at young McDonald. It was a shame some supporters started booing Austin though. Whatever they do on the park they need our encouragement and this is an issue I am sure Robbo will deal with appropriately behind the scenes. As for the Brad Mackay sending off, I may be wrong, but my impression was that having evaded one player he simply slipped and fell onto his knees which the referee interpreted as a dive. Whether he was given a 2nd yellow card for simulation or for dissent at a foul being given for simulation I don't know, but it certainly looked like a genuine slip to me. Interesting that Brad gave away a penalty the other day for holding in the box. Today White was was held in the box with the defender's arms right around him with the referee less that 2 yards away. Nothing given. I don't know what it is with Jordan but it is as though the SFA have give a diktat that he can be held, pushed, elbowed as much as a defender wants and a foul will not be given.
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    Well I must have missed that one as I have never seen Nathan Austin do anything brilliant! He comes on runs about falls over gets hurt and creates nothing, today he missed a sitter and started shouting at Macdonald🙈
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    Too little effort. Only turned up in last ten minutes. And Nathan Austin should take a long hard look at himself ranting at Anthony McDonald the way he did. Gone down in my estimation.
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    Four years ago already...
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    With the club strapped for cash, I reckon we should look to sponsor another player who will come through the ranks. Maybe Roddy MacGregor, Daniel Mackay or similar, guys who have a future here for a few seasons. I know Scotty has had his share of issues with the club over the last season or two but this is for the overall good of the club and young players, not some of the those that have been bleeding the club for a while.
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    I’ve sponsored Liam’s boots for years. A lovely young man, always happy to chat. He goes to pastures new with my best wishes for a superb future. I hope he has much success. Motherwells gain is ICTs loss - maybe now the boo boys will realise just what a contribution he made to our team. You know who you are - I could name more than a few who blamed him for everything that went wrong, but never acknowledged his attributes. So be it.
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    the club cannot have anything to do with a testimonial due to tax implications.
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    Angus Beith speaking on Sportsound this evening about his injury. Said he first felt problems during a loan spell with Stirling but prior to joining us he had treatment (surgery?) and he looked to be in the clear but it flared up again by October time and it was clear he had a decision to make. Spoke highly of Robbo and how he dealt with things. Comes across as a very mature guy so wish him all the best. Really feel like we missed out on an excellent player to injury.
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    He didn't need replaced. What he needed was people above him who knew what they were doing.
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    You can't blame ofw. He was given a lucrative contract and any appearances will cost the club money they can't afford. He has played on loan and tried to help the situation. We were desperate for the appearance fees from the euros so gave him a bumper contract. Oh how it has backfired now!
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    I've never been to a game and had any thoughts about leaving the game early, I'm there to support my team no matter what and to stand and clap them off the pitch at the end. I understand people's frustration and possible anger at performances but the last thing players need to see is supporters/fans leaving in droves. At the fore front of your mind should have been to at least show some appreciation that the team actually got that far in the first place and take pride from that. This goes for any supporter of any team by the way, I'm not purposefully singling you out.
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    If someone of those who attended yesterday were able to do so on a regular basis that would go some way to helping out financially.
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    Well done the lads for getting to the semi- final. Big occasion nerves at times and slightly overawed throughout the game but what the hell we had an impressive start but could not capitalise, then we let Hearts come on to us and we never really regained sustained attack after that. Flashes of greatness with the free kick so well saved and the fabulously executed McCart goal that should have been allowed. The game really needed a goal from us for us to start believing but as what has happened to us many times this season an important decision went against us. Now it is onwards and upwards for the rest of the season, the team will have learned from the semi-final experience and will stand them in good stead for the rest of the run in. Fingers crossed and good luck is all I can say.
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    We certainly missed Donaldson who brings stability and skill to the defence. Hopefully, both he and Tremarco after his injury yesterday, will be fully available for our continuing promotion push.
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    We have no money! Wishlists useless...sorry!
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    Disappointed rather than upset with our performance yesterday. Hearts looked like they wanted to win yesterday and we didn't. The lack of change in the game plan for the second half was what did us in my opinion as we never really had a good go at hearts. Might have been a different story of the free kick had of went in but we can't complain about the result hearts fully deserved the win. Still had a cracking day out though and I'd have ripped your arm off at the start of the season for another trip to hampden. So I'm pleased we got as far as we did. All eyes on securing the play off spot now and getting back to where we belong
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    Watkins, Shinnie and Christie were all signed up by the club when the budget for signing players was far less than Hughes had at its disposal. What successive managers have been good at is identifying young players with promise or perhaps some not so young who appear to be under-performing at the clubs they are at, and realising that potential. Esson, Warren, Raven, Tremarco, Draper, Tansey, Mckay, Doran are all examples of that and there are many others. But that stopped with Hughes. He had the biggest player budget any manager of this club has ever had, but just who are the signings he made who have gone on to give the type of impact at the club that the players I have listed have done?
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    Disgraceful lack of videos on this thread so there's some of the mentioned goals...
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