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    Great effort by the team and fantastic backing from the away fans. Unfortunately effort alone will not win us anything. It's the age olde saying: You can only p15h with the cork you've got. We know our shortcomings and I'm sure we all know who we should be keeping, but I can't fault the effort of the players, they gave all they had. Today/last night is not really the time for us to be slagging off the squad, but it should be a time to savour the microscopic shreds of success in a challenging season. I'll come back to this in a few days as we learn to cope with another season in the Championship. I don't think we should be getting ahead of ourselves and expecting success next season either. Unless a miracle happens, we will still be in the Championship, still have no money and still have sh1te referees. Plenty of passion shown on the matchday thread, but try and keep it civil. No one died and we are all different with the same aim. ps Thank Christ the season has ended. No more match reports for a couple of months
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    We don't need a big budget to get fans of their arses and get behind the side. If the official attendance is correct, then 2604 fans. 1050 of them were away fans so that leaves 1554 home fans. What does this city want ffs. They obviously don't want a football club to be playing at the top level. That's one of the reasons we are in financial trouble, the general apathy of Inverness. It's bloody depressing.
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    Powerful stuff, but it basically ignores the quality of our opponents. You'd have a point if we were competing against Fort William in these games, obviously not if we were playing Man City. Why should we have done better against County, Dundee United and Hearts specifically? All three have significantly higher budgets to work with - Robbo has said that County have more than double our budget, Alan Preston said the other night that United had at least treble. Hearts' will be a lot more. Why do you ignore that not only did we put two of those clubs out of cup, but also finished above at least three other clubs in our league with higher budgets than us? For me, the most impressive aspect of our overall performance this season is that it took place at a time when everyone is on such a massive downer. The whole club's being cut to the bone, players leave at the first sniff of interest and we're delighted just to get them off the wage bill, the home crowds have been reduced to a small group of moany old men and some 15 year-old wannabe casuals. I'm just delighted we stayed up under these circumstances - overachievement is putting it mildly.
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    Good on you robbo someone had to berate the officials have to feel for him and players terrible decisions in both games the boys must have been gutted at half time lets get behind them next season and win the league come on Inverness people let's support your team
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    I'm making just my second contribution here in a year of self-imposed purdah because I feel strongly enough about this to want to back up Scotty's effort to put the record straight about David Sutherland. Sutherland's, and hence Tulloch's involvement with the club began right at the start of 2000 and their contributions have AT LEAST amounted to the following:- * When the club's debt hit around 2.3M late in 1999 DS, as Tulloch Chairman, arranged for the company to spirit that debt away; otherwise Administration or worse would have been inevitable. That happened in conjunction with the stadium and lease transferring by a complex route to Tulloch. These have recently been largely gifted back to the club to the its great additional benefit. Coincidentally the book value of that gift is also quoted as 2.3M so that huge debt has gone at the expense only of Tulloch retaining much of the car park. * In order to ensure working capital to enable progress to the SPL in 2004, Tulloch/Sutherland also initially put in 0.5M, and other supplements made them the owners of these 729,500 shares which were more recently donated back to the ICT Trust. Tulloch has therefore voluntarily relinquished its former position as largest shareholder. * In order to ensure an escape from an unsustainable lease at Pittodrie in 2004/05, Tulloch/Sutherland ensured that funding was put in place for the North and South stands and built these themselves, within the required very tight 7 week timescale. These stands are also part of that gift back to the club. Surely even the hungriest of supporters could not expect a totally free lunch from this, so there was indeed a rent involved. * There also were various other day to day assistances such as the free secondment of Tulloch staff to work at the club which constitute a further benefit. * In recent years the club's need for its expenditure vastly to exceed its earnings has been largely sustained by loans and donations from wealthy individuals with its best interests at heart - including David Sutherland. It is estimated that Tulloch's investment, instigated and implemented by David Sutherland has, over the years, come to approaching 6 million, before you include his recent personal donations. It's all very well for Inverness fans to point to Roy MacGregor as a major benefactor of Ross County but it always seems to be forgotten that ICT has also benefited in a major way from handouts from interested parties, principally Tulloch. Without these the club would at best have been playing part time football for years with never a sniff of the SPL, Europe or the Scottish Cup... or at worst gone into liquidation at some point during 2000 or 2001. The biggest irony of all, however, is that on the one hand there seems to be this expectation within football that wealthy individuals will bankroll the game's economics of the madhouse... but on the other, the far too frequent vilification of these individuals for their contributions is likely to act as a major disincentive to others to follow suit. Talking about kicking a gift horse in the mouth..... Over and out.
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    Just watched the first half of the BT highlights - I only sat through that painful second half to applaud the players for their season so certainly wasn't going to watch it again. Funny how differently you see things at the time - as I experienced the Doran chance, about 10 seconds seemed to pass between the sublime first touch and the failed attempt to lift it over the keeper. Turns out it all happened in a split second and there was someone on the line to deal with it anyway. Siegriest's save from Walsh's deflected volley was probably the closest we came in retrospect. Overall, and bearing in mind injuries, fatigue, the financial chasm, the size of the crowd and club we were up against etc., that was a great effort in the first half. If we'd got the first goal then something magical might've happened. We didn't, but i'm left with nothing but massive respect for everyone involved in the effort.
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    This is the result that will have all of Europe talking tonight.
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    I have little interest in how County do unless they are playing us. I have no issue with them doing well and having a wealthy benefactor. I certainly wish we had the same. Roy McGregor has the interests of his club and their fans at heart and I admire him for that. They certainly have a much stronger connection between the boardroom and the stands than we have in recent seasons. That said, whilst wishing County congratulations on almost certainly achieving promotion at the first time of asking, I now intend to ignore them and concentrate on our own efforts to get back into the Premiership. Not to match County but entirely for our own sakes and the same of the future of our club.
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    That's an impressive level of pessimism even for this site !
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    Tuesday is the big one now we can secure a playoff spot and if we do that what a season we will have had. Semi final in Scottish cup and the possibility of promotion back to the premiership. Robbo has done an amazing job with the group of players and resources available to him This year. All round a good season.
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    Brilliant statement from the club. Well done to the club and, of course, to Robbo.
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    I was to kwl for school sister! It's probably an age thing girl don't beat yourself up over not understanding how us young bucks roll!
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    These players have sweated blood this season. You could see some of them weren’t fit last night, Walsh for one, and Coll and Doran probably. Everybody knows the squad was down to the bare bones. But if anything they were the better side in the first half and could have been a couple of goals up with better finishing. They deserved to take a bow for their efforts. And yet at the 3rd goal we have people streaming out of the ground🤷‍♂️
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    The tie turned on two poor refereeing decisions. In the first leg, we were in control and certainly not heading for defeat until a very harsh straight red left us with ten players for virtually half of that match and without one of our most influential players for tonight. Tonight we were again more than holding our own until the harshest hand ball penalty I've seen in years. I do not generally believe in conspiracies but the football authorities have got the play off finalist from the Championship they wanted. Neither of those decisions would have gone our way had the boot been on the other foot. That said, it was never a level playing field and it's no coincidence that the two teams who have bettered us in the division both have wealthy backers which enabled them to make wholesale improvements to their squads in January. Our position off the field is not good from a financial perspective but there is scope for optimism on it. We improved on last season with a smaller budget and, assuming Robbo gets a budget that is not further trimmed too much next season I believe we have a very good chance of going one better. We finished best of the teams in the Championship playing on a financially level playing field and should be proud of the manager, coaches and players. Our under eighteens have had a great season and hopefully two or three can step up. Great disappointment tonight but tempered with pride in the team and our loyal fans and genuine optimism for the future.
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    Yup. Too many armchair fans in Inverness.
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    Some absolute nonsense written about this game and performance by some posters. Up until the second goal, there was nothing in this game and it had been quite entertaining. The second goal for United changed the way the game panned out completely. United had a cushion and we had to take some risks to get back into the game. I have no worries about facing United in the paly offs if it happens as do not think they are a great team and will not always get the breaks from a poor referee yesterday. Some will argue that the referee did not cost us the game but he certainly altered the course of it. How he missed the hand ball for the second goal is unbelievable. He wasn't far from the incident but to not see that was poor poor refereeing. To say that it hit McMullen's shoulder is just adding insult to injury and for the linesman not to see this either was equally as bad. The sending off of Brad was also a joke. Looked to me as if he cautioned him for a dive which if correct is another ridiculous decision. Everyone knows that refs will make mistakes as they have only one opportunity to see an incident but both these incidents were so clear cut, you don't need a TV replay to see the ref was wrong. Generally thought he was poor in other respects as well, White being continually fouled when he jumped for the ball and Nicky Clark never jumped for the ball at all, preferring to jump at or into our defenders while he was on the park but got away with it. In saying all that, we didn't play at our best, especially in midfield. I think a few of our players are out on their feet just now or carrying knocks and they need a rest. I don't agree with those shouting to give the "young" players a chance prior to this game but hope that one or two may get a chance in the next two games. It seems that Austin has become the new whipping boy for the keyboard warriors on this site and the booing/abuse he got yesterday was out of order. There does seem to be a section of our support who always want to pick on certain players and they should take a long hard look at themselves as indeed, should some posters on here whose posts make me wonder why they support ICT at all as they are continuously negative. I appreciate not everything is perfect for ICT just now but some posters need to get a grip and appreciate the level we are at just now and get behind the team, not constantly carp at it. No doubt, I will be accused of being a happy clapper ( and worse) but could give a ***k after reading some of the nonsense spouted by certain posters.
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    He doesn’t look particularly happy there. I cant help wondering.... “Great news Nathan, I’ve got you a move to Hearts. Just sign here!”
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    Not our finest performance but as others have said we were clearly playing within ourselves ahead of a potentially very touch schedule so I can see why the players weren't bursting a gut as they might have been if it was a league game. Did get pretty nervous after Ayr scored and throughout most of the game as they created most of the decent (half) chances. Delighted when Donaldson / Polworth combined to seal the tie with that late goal. I think we did handle most of what Ayr threw at us pretty well. McCart again was a stand out for me. He's such a class defender at such a young age. His reading of the game and timing in the challenge is quite simply superb. Get him a contract extension ASAP please.
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    Have to agree with Gregor. The aim for yesterday was to progress to the next round as are the games against Utd. Don't care if we play really badly or are outplayed as long as we progress. Team are trying their hardest to do it for the fans so let's stop the carping and get behind the team
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    Great result and pleasing to get 3 goals and a two goal cushion to take into second leg. Very good performances from Trafford and White who seem to get lots of critics on here, but for those of us who were there last night it would only be plaudits Stand out performances from both players . Ridgers also made some very good saves but it would have been an injustice if we hadn’t taken a two goal lead back home as we were by far the better team overall. Big White showed he can take pens in a pressure situation as he has now done it in the shoot out v Ross County and last night in another . This was as good a pen as you will see in another pressure situation and as Meatloaf would say ‘Two out of three ain’t bad’ Trafford was superb in the middle of the pitch and scored a great header too. It was a great old fashioned cup tie atmosphere and our fans added to this by really getting behind the team. One of the best games of the season imo. It was up there with Tannadice in the cup game and as we have proved by winning the away league ,the away games are where we seem to galvanise our best performances.as we seem to be at our best away from home, Maybe it’s becuse teams have to come out against us more away from home but sit in at home . We will see if this is the case on Saturday as Ayr will have to give it a real go so we should win again .or maybe the backing of the fans way from home helps too. I have a feeling it’s a bit of both and I’m so glad I can manage to get to most games County away in all games have been great performance Whi can forget coming back from three goals down at Palmerston , or the last gasp goal at Tannadice and last night to add to the list . This squad for all its limitations has a grit and determination about it and as it stands to be on the cusp of a playoff semi final , finish third in league and be in Scottish Cup semi final all adds up to a very good season. John Robertson deserves a lot of praise and if we go up he is my manager of the season. No matters what happens in next few weeks The management and team are worthy of praise as we have over achieved when you look at budgets as by all accounts County .Arabs. Partick,Falkirk and Dunfermline all had bigger budgets than ourselves . Well done to the team this morning and let’s hope we all get behind them on Saturday to get us over the line to playoff semi finals.
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    Semi Finalists in the Scottish Cup, 3rd in the League, very successful under 18s. A great season so far.
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    Most seem to have missed the point that we were three or four players short of our first choice. Insert, Ridgers, Donaldson and Tremarco and we will be closer to the mark. Lot of guff on here about us playing rubbish. I thought we were OK given our resources available and Jamie McCart was top player for me. Polworth for the most part looked like he was avoiding injury and could have played for Motherwell yesterday, one good burst forward and shot apart. Donaldson was sorely missed. I would like to see Brad's penalty claim again. I was within 20 yards of this and thought his foot was clipped as he tried to turn. Instead of a penalty he got sent off. Can we beat United again? Of course we can, we tore them a new one in the Cup game. Maybe Robbo got this one just right, like he did prior to the cup game. We have bigger fish to fry. And to the mutant spouting rubbish all game. WTF!
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    Ryan is scheduled to go for surgery today to address the horrible facial injuries suffered in the other semi-final. On behalf of CTO (and myself) I just want to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and to hope that Charlie and the rest of his family are not too stressed out. Its never easy to see relatives in medical distress, especially your children !
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    The Board has told us how skint we are. CaleyD posted the following section from the annual report at the time of the last AGM. I think most posters on here understand the seriousness of this. It means we simply do not have the money to attract players who are proven to be quality at the level we are playing. Slowly but surely, the club is freeing up money from some of the irresponsible contracts of the past but that serves mainly to minimise the debt rather than free up money for more lucrative contracts. And don't be too dismissive of Robbo going into the English non league in search of talent . Remember, England has 10 times the population of Scotland and teams like Morpeth will be Scottish league 2 standard at the very least. Given that David Carson was not only their player of the season but also the division's player of the season, I expect he will be a very able addition to our squad. Finally, Dean Brill was playing at Wembley today for Orient in the final of the non league FA Trophy. The crowd was just short of 43,000 which was nearly 6,000 more than watched ICT when we won the Scottish Cup. The standard of non league football is way, way higher than non league football in Scotland and it will remain an important hunting ground for us. Our club has a fantastic record of identifying players with the potential to play at a higher level and we need to continue to do that if we are to continue to operate in the top two tiers of the Scottish leagues.
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    Well done on all the reports and previews I for one appreciate the effort and enjoy reading them
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    The poor home fans might want to try getting behind the team.
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    I agree with a lot of the sentiments on here. We gave it our all, but diabolical refereeing decisions coupled with poor finishing will not win us games. On the whole, in my opinion, it's been a good season, it could have been a better one, but if you had told me at the beginning of the season that we would make the semi finals of the playoffs and the Scottish Cup, I would have scoffed at you. To finish third, behind the leagues two best funded teams, says a lot for Robbo's recruitment and drive, and if we can keep the majority of the squad together for next season and add a few quality new faces, I think we can do some damage next term. It looks like Robbo will be missing for the start of next season after his comments about the standard of refereeing in this country, but I wholeheartedly agree with him. No collective of officials should be immune to criticism, they have been over protected for far too long. If players or managers step out of line they get hammered by the Association, where as referees can make blunder after blunder and they just get another game to officiate at. Kevin Clancy being a good example, he doesn't send off the sevco player for elbowing Scott Brown during the sevco v Celtic game, but gives a penalty and booking against Brad Mckay in our match, absolutely atrocious. So, that's the season done and dusted, my new season ticket bought, and I'm looking forward to next term already, a glutton for punishment or diehard supporter?
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    Well I sat in a motorway queue for four feckin hours, made me hit the Forth Road Bridge at rush hour and got to Dungdee 45 minutes before the kick off. Feckin stone cold sober !! Up until that ridiculous penalty decision we were the better team, playing some nice football and looking the team to score by a country mile. But our lack of power and flair up front and the age old inability to take chances let us down again. We really should have been 2 or 3 up and there were scoreable chances for Walsh, White and Doran. The penalty, it's conversion and the timing appeared to simply break our hearts. But we put so much into that first half that it would have been a miracle if we had maintained that level after the second. Only a sniff of a comeback would have possibly riled us up. But the Arabs went for the throat from the start of the second half, pressed higher up the pitch and the second was the beginning of the end. It could well have been 5 or 6 in the end and we never looked like scoring. You would have to say that everybody gave their all but I thiught that some showed their flaws. There weren't many who didn't look absolutely flecked 10-15 minutes before the end. Again that is the cruelty of our play off system. i will leave the Smileymometer alone but Ridgers did nothing wrong, Rooney ran and ran and did well before being flecked. McCart was superb and my MOM. Should Coll have been playing when clearly 50 to 60% fit - I would say not. McHattie was caught out for the second goal and struggled defensively. Our midfield ran their socks off but we went for the long, high ball [often diagonal] too often and did not utilise the width and especially Walsh snuffed. Doran played like he did against Hearts and did not come up with the goods. White had littl support but did not hold things up enuff and lost too much in the air. Not sure either where Brad McKay was playing but it did look like he was employed to provide cover for the ailing Coll which was a waste of a player. May sound critical but we played well until half time and missing chances killed us again. Some of the officials decisions, other than the penalty, were shocking and there were some ridiculous offsides called. BUT what an away support and not a bad home one either. Glad I was there to the seasons death. Bring on the anguish of 2019-20. Caleytillidie
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    What is broken and be mended. What hurts can be healed. And no matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to shine again - hopefully on James Keatings in Inversneckie. I just simply admire "sufferers" who put their message across in such a meaningful and understandable way. When you have been there it is frightening but clearer. RESPECT.
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    We have, so far, probably done what was expected of us and done so quite efficiently. The football establishment, the bookies, the Central Belt commentators and, in all probability, most of us were not surprised that we finished third or fourth. It again almost certainly came as no great surprise that all of the above, on balance, expected us to overcome Ayr. Now we enter into different territory and need to do the unexpected. The bookies have the Arabs as favourites to progress, the football authorities and the vast majority of of pundits do too and certainly hope so. They already have the token Highland club back in the top tier and would much rather have the natural order restored and a."big club" promoted. In truth, while we are hopeful, many of us expect United to progress too. So, let's confound the bookies and disappoint the pundits by doing the unexpected. We have done it before and there is no reason why we can't do it now. Then we can look at adding another chapter to our short but remarkable history by once more confounding and disappointing all but ourselves by becoming the first team ever finishing below second in the Championship to successfully negotiate the play offs.
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    For those criticising the team for looking tired, uninterested or 'in holiday mode', bear in mind that yesterday was the fiftieth competitive game of the season for our small squad now coming at two a week. The remarkable thing is not that they look a bit fatigued but that they are still in the hunt at all and continue to be so. We should be proud of them all.
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    We knew Ayr would come out flying, as they felt hard done to on Tuesday and had nothing to lose. 3-1 is a tough one tactics wise. Do we sit in and play on the break, or try to go for it? That caused some nervousness on the pitch and safety first play, rather than anything bold. Ayr deservedly took the lead, and kept on the front foot in the first half. I thought we weathered the storm, and the second was pretty even. The equaliser settled things, and made it "job done" which was the priority. I only recall one save by Ridgers, so we handled them pretty well. Any word on Walsh or Mckay? Hope both are fit for Tuesday. As others have said, a cup semi, third in the league and now a play off semi is quite an achievement given our budget, so let's give full support on Tuesday. We beat them in the cup, so have nothing to fear! Of the players, Ridgers had no chance with the goal. Mckay and McHattie were targeted by Ayr's wide men, whilst Donaldson and McCart were solid. Trafford continues to grow in importance, although we did not see much from Chalmers. Walsh was struggling with injury, whilst Doran had a few decent moves. Polworth had a decent game, and was so close to giving Doran a one on one with the 'keeper. White was a menace. McDonald did very well, whilst Rooney was solid. Not our best afternoon, but I'd have taken a scrappy 1-1 before kick off, and we are still in contention. Well done guys!!
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    I have to humbly come on here to eat my words. Jordans finish and subsequent penalty were excellent. He has come on as a player in a way I did not think he could. Trafford is another who I thought for a long time was a liability. Happy to be proved wrong by there recent contributions. As someone else said Ayr look incisive and could still be a handful. Not a done deal yet but a great first leg score
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    This would be the same guy who literally gave away 700,000 shares via the Trust and put them under the direct control of the current group running the club? The same guy who has been pumping money into the club since the early 2000s to keep us afloat, and who has also (quietly) continued to do the same over the last couple of years despite having no direct involvement with the club or any position or representation on the board? A man who also saw a fairly simple agreement to hand over ownership of the two stands back to the club morph into a tome that Tolstoy would have been proud of which achieved the same result but ultimately cost us more, and a man who so clearly wants control that he now only has a personal shareholding of just over 50,000 shares (50,250 to be exact) instead of the 750,250 he could have retained. David Sutherland may be many things Johndo, and at times you can certainly question or wonder about motives, I know I have over the years, especially when there seemed to be that childish spat with AS but without his cash, his interest, and his stewardship we would not have a club to be talking about. That is a fact regardless of your personal opinion of him. The current board are not being held back by him, they are being kept afloat ! With all due respect to the current board, they seem to talk a good game, but you just need to read comments about hospitality, about season tickets, about budgets, read the chairman's own statements and promises on ICTFC.com, or talk to the multitude of people who have left, are leaving, or have "retired" to see that much of it is hot air and soundbites ! The excuse trotted out every time is to throw Kenny Cameron or others under the bus and blame the previous board. Lest we forget, this is a previous board our current chairman was part of ! KC was ultimately responsible for some of the premiership contracts we were weighed down by and for not sacking RF sooner, but as much as we have had to deal with that, it cannot keep being the excuse. The last set of accounts were so worrying that they have a warning about insolvency in them for the first time in 25 years. Part of that is relegation and lower revenue, but not all of it. If you think the last two years have been filled with good decisions then you are sticking your head as far in the sand as you have often accused others of doing. Take a peek behind the facade !
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    Jesus folks, surely we all know that after one season ends then a new one begins and season tickets will be sold for that. It's been happening since the beginning of time. Why have people not budgeted for this accordingly. It's not rocket science. I know, let's just blame the club.
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    Sorry I can't fathom how yesterday could be seen as a good performance. Utd were no great shakes but we sat off them, were 2nd to every ball and our passes were slack all over the park. We have virtually zero ideas when we get into the final third when we did create a half chance it was wasted. Apart from the last 7 minutes we didn't have any urgency about our play at all. My expectations these days aren't very high but if people think that's a good game fair enough.
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    No guile, ponderous, and pedestrian. United were no great shakes but until the last 4 minutes we offered absolutely nothing going forward. Lump it up the park, give away possession, rinse and repeat. Austin needs to shut his mouth and not blame another hungrier looking young player for his laziness.
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    Who can blame him for leaving with the amount of abuse he gets from idiots who don't know what a playmaker is.
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    I'd be amazed if he stayed with us. Hopefully he can leave on a high, a fantastic servant for the club and a great player.
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    So it would have been a shock if Dundee Utd had beaten us? The team played well for the most part. Like other folk have said the better team won. The team gave it their best shot. Nothing for them to feel down about. It's over now playoffs are the goal let's secure them tonight.
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    Jesus Christ. Big team beats wee team. Nothing to see here, move along now..............
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    Beat Morton - "Blood" some of the "kids" - 90 minutes worth - and lets see what they can do. Why lash out the spondoolicks when the answer may be in our own back yard.
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    Disappointing but no surprise to anyone. With Polworth gone as well the .midfield will have a very different look to it next season. However, we have lost far better players and still prospered. An opportunity to rebuild and refresh.
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    We're ******... Part time football beckons... Goodbye all u happy clappy fucky wankers I've had it..... The clubs ****** and u all are too.... Bye bye
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    Thanks for all the kind words, folks. Having listened back I got a bit excited when Donaldson scored and I hope I didn't damage anyone's eardrums! It'll be back to BBC and BTSport coverage on Tuesday night - not much point in us doing it as well, and the professionals will be using all the tech for their transmissions anyway! Hopefully there'll be more of this next season though, fingers crossed.
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    Hearing Ross County have made a bid for our entire U18 team.
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    WTAF was Austin shouting at Anthony for? He’s not exactly ingratiated himself with the North Stand today - think the body language showed he knew he’d fecked up. But echo all on here, poor today, poorest for a while. Fatigue maybe.
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    Whether he stays or whether he goes he has been a great and loyal servant to the club. The boo boys may be pleased but they will be very much in the minority and if he does go our team will be the poorer for it whichever division we are playing in.
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