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    Moved some cash around and renewed today. £250 for 3 season tickets is very reasonable.
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    Sweeping statement there pal, and the specific example of the stands was not down solely to the club as the legal ins and outs had to be done. As I have said before, I know for a fact that the current board were unaware of this arrangement when they took over. The board aren't perfect but it does seem to me some posters have such a toxic view of the board that I find hard to understand. The season ticket deal is a good deal, and I get that some people may not be able to purchase in the time scale but using a credit card, or the finance option, if available, must surely help both the club and individual. You just seem to be going out of your way to denigrate this offer, for no real reason as far as I can see.
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    Season ticket renewed.
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    So what happens next month, or the month after. It's a vicious circle. Do people really expect a club to cater for the needs of every possible eventuality in the world. I just don't get the animosity shown towards this. Sorry.
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    They are sorting a finance option. Give them a call.
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    That's it, I'm off to another thread.
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    So your advocating folk go Into debt just to buy a season ticket for a football club? Not everyone owns or wants a credit card and there is no credit option available. If it is like zebra was at 0% then fine but if not it does not help the individual.
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    I believe Riccardo Calder has also been released.
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    At the moment the dividing line is the middle of the Tay Bridge. In theory the likes of Montrose would be relegated to the HL which is causing loads of discussion in non-League circles. In fact Brora came very close to replacing them 4 years ago. If Cove beat Berwick the LL will simply adjust to accommodate Berwick and stay at 16 clubs, as it has the EOSL below it. In any case it looks as if Whitehill Welfare will be relegated and replaced by EOSL Champions Bonnyrigg Rose, subject to them gaining a license. The SHFL can easily run with 17 - they've had 15 recently. Their stated objective is to run with up to 19 after which they would split into 2 divisions of 10. While the pyramid is developing apace in the south, nobody really knows what is happening in the north, as apparently the HL is open to applications from new clubs but this is hardly ever tested. The preferred SFA position is a HL of 16, i.e. 30 games. While there are probably not enough clubs in the north of Scotland to sustain a proper pyramid structure, it means that the lower regions of the HL are effectively just an old boys' club for the likes of Fort and Lossie to survive.
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    It's bad enough that the club seems to have forgotten that the majority of the fans are working class and families, without the fans forgetting it also. I'm fortunate that it doesn't impact me, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate that there are a good number of fans who it will impact upon. Families who buy 3/4/5 tickets who need to spread the cost (and there's still no finance option) and/or those who will have budgeted for it being paid after this months payday as they have been able to do in previous years. We should be doing all we can to get people signed up, not throwing unnecessary obstacles in their way. Right now the club board need all the good PR they can get, would it be so bad to honour the prices for renewals even if we do get promoted; by way of a thank you to those who have supported the absolute sh1tfest (off the park) that has been the last couple of seasons? It would certainly look better than the screwing those fans who are least able to afford it. Let's face it, given the grim financial position shown in the last accounts, the serious warnings in there from the auditors and signs that it has only got worse over the past 11 months; they should be thankful that anyone is risking giving money up front for anything right now. Ask the Rangers fans how that panned out for them.
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    Have to go positively on this. Price freeze, possibly gaining promotion, early cash to help the club? All good. Handle it better? Maybe but result the same. I hear what people are saying about pay dates and agree that the solution is credit card and pay in full on the next statement. And if you can, stick a tenner a week a way or even a fiver for next season and Robert is, in fact, your mothers brother. I try to do that to lessen the pain.... #icttid
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    Rooney could be useful in right mid, if his passing /crossing can improve. He's definitely a bit Tokely-esqe when he's on the charge. Also needs to work on stamina, takes an age to get back on position.
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    Church of Scotland job surely !
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    Are you seriously suggesting that we drop an experienced player and play a good but untried and untested U18 player in our two most important games of the season so far?. Ridiculous post but not unexpected.
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    Good! An upbeat thread! Glad that Trafford is finally being recognised for his work. And the other players also . Roll on the next few matches. Sounds as if ICT has a great chance of moving onwards and upwards. Well done to all the players at this point. Cheers.... S.P.
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    Semi Finalists in the Scottish Cup, 3rd in the League, very successful under 18s. A great season so far.
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    Pretty uninspiring stuff today never really carved out any clear cut chances but happy to take the win.Thought Trafford was excellent and Mchattie put in a decent shift at left back other than that pretty average stuff. Looking forward to next week and hopefully the Inverness public will respond, at only £12 a head there can be no excuses.
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    Good win for us, but congrats also to Alloa for getting a draw at Ayr which keeps them up and got us the extra £75k for 3rd place.
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    Think I'll give this 1 a swerve can't find my season tickets just putting this out there for any of the chics who undoubtedly travel to see me save the petrol money for the play offs! Think we'll win the day a few of the young team staking a claim for nxt season#ictforlife
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    I'm making just my second contribution here in a year of self-imposed purdah because I feel strongly enough about this to want to back up Scotty's effort to put the record straight about David Sutherland. Sutherland's, and hence Tulloch's involvement with the club began right at the start of 2000 and their contributions have AT LEAST amounted to the following:- * When the club's debt hit around 2.3M late in 1999 DS, as Tulloch Chairman, arranged for the company to spirit that debt away; otherwise Administration or worse would have been inevitable. That happened in conjunction with the stadium and lease transferring by a complex route to Tulloch. These have recently been largely gifted back to the club to the its great additional benefit. Coincidentally the book value of that gift is also quoted as 2.3M so that huge debt has gone at the expense only of Tulloch retaining much of the car park. * In order to ensure working capital to enable progress to the SPL in 2004, Tulloch/Sutherland also initially put in 0.5M, and other supplements made them the owners of these 729,500 shares which were more recently donated back to the ICT Trust. Tulloch has therefore voluntarily relinquished its former position as largest shareholder. * In order to ensure an escape from an unsustainable lease at Pittodrie in 2004/05, Tulloch/Sutherland ensured that funding was put in place for the North and South stands and built these themselves, within the required very tight 7 week timescale. These stands are also part of that gift back to the club. Surely even the hungriest of supporters could not expect a totally free lunch from this, so there was indeed a rent involved. * There also were various other day to day assistances such as the free secondment of Tulloch staff to work at the club which constitute a further benefit. * In recent years the club's need for its expenditure vastly to exceed its earnings has been largely sustained by loans and donations from wealthy individuals with its best interests at heart - including David Sutherland. It is estimated that Tulloch's investment, instigated and implemented by David Sutherland has, over the years, come to approaching 6 million, before you include his recent personal donations. It's all very well for Inverness fans to point to Roy MacGregor as a major benefactor of Ross County but it always seems to be forgotten that ICT has also benefited in a major way from handouts from interested parties, principally Tulloch. Without these the club would at best have been playing part time football for years with never a sniff of the SPL, Europe or the Scottish Cup... or at worst gone into liquidation at some point during 2000 or 2001. The biggest irony of all, however, is that on the one hand there seems to be this expectation within football that wealthy individuals will bankroll the game's economics of the madhouse... but on the other, the far too frequent vilification of these individuals for their contributions is likely to act as a major disincentive to others to follow suit. Talking about kicking a gift horse in the mouth..... Over and out.
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    While I agree on all the above and also to an extent that our crowds are our crowds so get used to it, that doesn't stop the club from trying to bring in new fans and bulk up the fan base. The fact of the matter is the club as a whole seems to severely lack on the basic fundamental skills to engage with existing fans, prospective fans, existing sponsors, prospective sponsors and the local and wider community as a whole. With every new and passing comment I read on here it is very apparent that the new CEO has a huge job to do and a lot of changes to make in order to change that culture. It needs brought back to basics, the club need to look at what we do or more so what we don't do and go from there. If we want to engage with the younger generation then we need to start with social media as the club lacks hugely in this area. They need to engage more with schools and local community groups and I don't mean with free tickets; invite schools and community groups to the club for youngsters to meet the players, have open days, host events etc. Yes it costs money but make use of the facilities and staff they have around them to negate a lot of cost. In terms of sponsorship, even though I have no business experience in the Inverness and shire area, I would say that the club are in the enviable position where they are far enough away from the central belt to not be competing with too many others clubs and businesses for money/sponsorship. Make use of the fact that we are almost removed from other clubs and promote that for the better, businesses want to know what they are getting for their money, give them more tickets (we've got enough empty seats), give them better hospitality, start advertising them better on the website, social media platforms and around the ground. Promote the club as a family club as businesses love this and want to be affiliated with other businesses that promote themselves in this way. More importantly start engaging with the current fan base better and a lot more effectively, even when it comes to season ticket renewal it would appear that we are poor at this. Yes we know that it comes around every year but it still should be advertised better. Listen to people's genuine fears and gripes they have and take on board all comments as making people feel like they are being listened to goes a long way than just taking their money. It seems like there are just too many people at the club doing just enough or the minimum or it could quite simply be that the resources just aren't there to implement any of the basics and people are stretched. For me if this is the case then that's a huge problem. It needs a fundamental review of all operations within the club and firm plans put in place to change it all. It's not insurmountable and just needs someone who is far more progressive than those that are currently there. PS: excuse the long post, it could have been a lot longer
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    At Inverness Hotel prices you would be lucky to get more than a couple of days for that .... that's why we do AirBnB when we visit.
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    Ryan is scheduled to go for surgery today to address the horrible facial injuries suffered in the other semi-final. On behalf of CTO (and myself) I just want to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and to hope that Charlie and the rest of his family are not too stressed out. Its never easy to see relatives in medical distress, especially your children !
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