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    Firstly, Todorov has been on the books of Nottingham Forest (2014-15), Hearts (2016-18) and Falkirk (2019) and had loan spells at Livingston and Queen of the South. Anyone who watches lower league Scottish football will at least have heard of him. Secondly, "unknown goat herder from Bulgaria" has racist overtones and should be called out as such. I'll judge our players on their performances and attitudes, not their nationalities.
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    Let's face it people we have arguably the best manager in the championship. We have a squad of players with a mix of good young players alongside experienced players who have demonstrated their abilities last season. Added to this are some good signings. We can go into this season with confidence and a team on the up. They can set their sights high. Let's get right behind them. 🌅
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    Is that not the great thing about football - we all have our favourite players, favourite moments and who cares if anyone actually disagrees.
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    You are forgetting that the climate is Calder over here, the nights get Black and in such conditions we all have to Mann up.
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    Todorov was at Hearts at the same time Robbo was coaching there. I guess he knows what he’s getting.
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    Alan, do you actually support ICT because your post makes me think you don't!? So what if Shankland signed for Utd, one man does not win a title as Ayr found out last season plus, how many times have Utd bottled it in big games, what makes you think that will change this season!? I am quite happy with our squad and am optimistic about the upcoming season due to the 2 draws this past few days plus, Utd lost 3-2 to Dumbarton and drew 1-1 with East Fife with fairly strong starting teams.
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    Robbie Neilson won the Championship with Rangers and Hibs involved. He also finished 3rd in the Premiership with Hearts, their best points total in 13 years. Give the guy some credit.
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    For anyone who wishes it I have now attached a copy of the order of service which I was able to scan today. 20190709015917.pdf
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    If the bs u read on here is true why didn't we no bother with the less than prolific keatings and the Bulgarian flog White and Trafford if unbelivable as it may sound some1 wanted them for actual cash! And go all out for Shankland even if we had to put a relatively low release clause in the deal! Gotta a feeling gonna be the samo samo this year toothless in front of goal
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