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    That was shocking behaviour. Shaun has been through a tragic experience and no one should have to be subjected to abuse. Credit to him for shutting them up with an assist and a goal. Well done Shaun!
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    That was a lot of fun. Didn't look like it was going to be early on as Ayr cut through us twice in the opening 10 minutes - really smart goalkeeping from Ridgers saved us on both occasions. By the time Sean Welsh went off injured the game had settled into the kind of attritional midfield stalemate that turned out to be perfectly suited to the skill-set of Charlie 'Harum Scarum' Trafford who went on to have an excellent game as did Vincent alongside him. I didn't get a great view of the first goal but it seemed that a Rooney cross found Vincent in the box who knocked it home (?deflection) while White was on the ground - Ayr fans are claiming he was offside and intefering with play. We kicked on from there and were the better team for the remainder of the half. Ayr went at us at the start of the second but we defended well on the edge of our box. Donaldson grew into the game after a shaky start and sparked what will surely go down as one the best moments of the season when he lashed a clearance up the line shortly after the hour mark. I assumed that it was going out for a throw-in and would've been happy enough with that outcome, but as the ball crossed the half-way line we were shocked to see Shaun Rooney lingering around the touch-line, comfortably further forward than any other Caley Thistle player. "What's Rooney doing there?", was the first reaction, but Shaun knew exactly what he was doing - he pulled the ball out off the air, drove past his opposing full-back and steamed on into the box without ever considering anything other than cooly slotting it past the keeper. Wild celebrations ensued. Ayr kept coming at us, there was a bit of desperate defending and another couple of very good saves from Ridgers but we had the better chances on the break (McGregor took a touch too many when through on goal just before Rooney's majestic moment, James Vincent missed a sitter when clean through after) and ultimately saw the game out through sheer fight and desire. White picked up where he left with Ayr last season - they really can't handle him and while he didn't contribute much on the ball, I thought he was key to getting us back in the game by unsettling the Ayr defence. IHE will be on shortly to disagree. Storey had his best game so far, playing wide right and finding more space than anyone else seemed able to. But today belonged to Rooney - that boy definitely has the makings of a 'Highland Hero'.
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    I do hope this has been reported to Ayr FC and all other agencies. No use showing Red Cards against racism when such despicable behaviour still exists. Ayr “fans” should be thoroughly ashamed of some of their number. They know who they are so, name and shame.
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    A superb win today that stopped an inform Ayr in their tracks and got us closing in on DU. It's great to enjoy this win after all the off the field doom and gloom of the past couple of weeks.
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    FT Ayr Utd 0v2 ICT - Vincent and Rooney It's clear my predictions are complete guff however I'll gladly on this occasion accept being wrong. After last night's result this was, even at this early stage of the season, a huge marker to lay down. Excellent way to bounce back after last week
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    There was no indication at the EGM that the club intended to cut anything other than youth/dev in order to bring spending down. The £500,000 (£250k of which has been pledged) needed to get to the end of the season (and we don't know what other extra new money has already come in this season) did not include what was needed to get youth to end of season...we weren't told how much is needed there. I've raised this point before and received all kinds of abuse for "being negative" etc....however....relegation reduced income by circa £1 Million. The club claims Robbo has reduced playing costs by circa £1.1 Million. That means the books should have balanced...but they don't. We are about to report circa £900k loss for the last accounting period, which means that there's been a circa £1 Million increase in costs elsewhere!! The "plan" at the EGM was to find a way to keep funding that hole (is it still near £1 Million?) by just lobbing donations into it until such time as we get promoted or....and this bit was lots of words and not much substance....maybe open a cafe, maybe get some concerts, maybe re-engage with local businesses/community, maybe get more fans through the gate etc. All great ideas...hard for me to say otherwise as all of them and more were in a document I gave to the previous chairman (Rae) 2 years ago...but they don't come anywhere close to plugging a £500k+ (maybe still as much as £1 Million) black hole anytime soon. Ross Morrison is clearly passionate about the club and I trust his motives are entirely honourable...in short, I believe he's one of the good guys. However, talk of managing expectations has to start with managing your own and if the expectation is that people keep throwing money into a black hole with no plan of any substance to turn things around and make the club self sustaining...and soon...then the much needed shorter term investment is going to be slow in coming...if at all! Nobody wants to be the one to make cuts, but we can't keep running a championship club with a premiership club cost base. A friend messaged me after the meeting and I fear they hit the nail squarely on the head...
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    GOAL!!!! 2v0 Rooooonneeeyyyyyyyyy
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    Maybe Robbo saw something in last Sundays fun game against the kids to warrant making no changes. Away from home against an in form team on the back of one of our worst performances all season but no changes, words fail me. I'd have had Carson in for Vincent at the very least
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    Tell you what, if I was a potential investor (read donor) and took time out of my busy life either running a medium to large sized business (which is what you need to be doing to inject the levels of capital the club need, let's face it) I'd think twice after seeing some of the posts and disdain that "we" seem to have for the board, their motives for doing what needs to be done, the way they run the club etc. The cynicism in quite staggering - and I can do cynicism - but some seem to chip away at everything without making any suggestion as to what they would perhaps suggest. We could maybe do with damping things down for a bit and thinking how we could perhaps look to pro-actively assist in our clubs future. Or is schadenfreude the way forward when we go part-time, run out of money, sell th eground and we can sit back and say "See, told you so", fiddling whilst Rome burns. Jaysus.....
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    The reports of the home fans' despicable taunts must be answered severely by Ayr United Board (note that I said Board and not just the Manager). Failure to do so should lead to a complaint to the SFA if the latter still exists in Scotland. Appalling behaviour and the local newspaper should make a comment notable only for it's strident calling -out of such fans. I have never heard of such callous and contemptible behaviour as this at any other public event. I'll quit whilst I am ahead and as I remember the desolation I felt when my mother dropped dead in the house many years ago from a stroke.....!
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    Great result. We now have to kick on
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    Great win for the team today ? I hope our supporters enjoyed their away day ?
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    Brilliant result! Great to bounce back from last week's disappointment. With the Arabs defeat last night that was a Carlsberg weekend. Very happy chappy today
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    Great win for the team today ? I hope our supporters enjoyed their away day ?
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    Best of Luck Greg - Thanks for the great memories ?
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    The Plastic Whistle fans must be thinking the same - nothing predictable in this league!
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    Sounds like we deserved it too. Well done to all 14 who played. Two home games, in cup and league, so time to ensure we kick on! Was White also injured when he came off?
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    Great result just what we needed i am not Vincent's biggest fan as imo he has been very poor until now but our Rooney is turning out some player he is a wee gem bit worried about Welsh injured again hopefully not serious This blows the title race wide open bring it on ?
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    ??????? transformed from last week... Jeckyll and Hyde ? What will get next week? Great performance today though.
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    He missed last week with injury. Not heard anything though.
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    GOAL!!! 1v0 Caley, James Vincent Who said he'd have benched him ?
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    Where’s Tom Walsh? No mention of him lately - is he injured and if so, what’s the news?
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    Unchanged from last week with Brad Mckay on bench in place of Harper. Hope all who have travelled have a great afternoon!
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    And we have Alloa next, twice...
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    Watched the game on TV. Alloa played some great passing football, and despite being a part time team they they were pressing Utd for the full 90 minutes. The scoreline flatters the Arabs. It just goes to show there are no easy games in this league and to get promotion we will have to consistently play at the top of our game. Ayr go top if they get anything out of the game so there is real incentive for both teams.
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    If this game wasn't already big enough, the Arabs have just lost at Alloa, no more incentive needed!
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    Alloa have beaten Dundee United. We can really close things up again at the top if we can win tomorrow. We had the beating of Ayr last season. Hopefully we can continue that this season.
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    Ayr we go Ayr we go Ayr we go..... Saturday 5th October sees Inverness Caledonian Thistle make the trip south to Somerset Park to face Ayr United in the league. At 205 miles it marks the second longest journey ICT and their home based fans face on league business, only seconded by trips to Dumfries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Supporters bus to Ayr Bus to Ayr leaves Caley Club 8.45 ...Stadium 9.00 ....Sat5th Oct . Book on Facebook or 07462 218717 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBO55 years young ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mr Caley Jag is our scribe this week with this Preview for you....... On that travel basis alone their fans will undoubtedly be hoping for a better showing than the last display their team put on against Patrick Thistle when they were roundly defeated 3-1 at the Caledonian Stadium, some professing that the team didn’t turn up at all. That defeat brought the team and fans firmly back down to earth with a bang and the reality of another hard slog in the Championship hit home. Form Up until that point the Caley Jags were unbeaten in 6 games in all competitions recording 5 wins and 1 draw while Partick had only recorded wins in the league cup and 2 draws in the league, so form was firmly turned on its head. Our current points total of 13 from a possible 21 sees us sitting in third spot in the league 4 points clear of Dundee but 5 points behind Ayr Utd. In stark contrast Ayr United sit second on goal difference behind Dundee Utd having gone on a 5 game winning run in the league and recording only one defeat at the hands of Dundee back on the 10th August. Somerset Park has become a daunting venue for teams to visit this season and none to date have come up with any answers and walk away with any points. Ayr lost manager Ian McCall to Championship rivals Partick Thistle a couple of weeks ago and it was he who guided Partick to that win over the Caley Jags last weekend. Sandy Stewart is the caretaker boss of the Honest Men and McCall reckons he is the man who should get the permanent position at Somerset Park. He also reckons that Ayr are the best team in the Championship, but their size of squad will curtail their ambitions. Anyway, not his problem now that he has fecked off to the big money at Firhill, bloody wee Jobby. All competitions since start of the League cup on 13th July over 90mins. Ayr: WLWDWLWWDWW ICT: DWWLLWDWWWWL It’s certainly not a game to pick for your coupon that’s for sure unless you’re chasing the odds with the bookies only slightly favouring Ayr United arguably on their recent league form and the fact they are at home. Teams Inverness welcomed Brad McKay and Mitch Curry back to training last week following bouts out with injury and it remains to be seen if they’ll be fit enough to feature in any capacity. If not, they may get a run out against Brora Rangers on Sunday in the NoS Cup final. James Keatings remains out with ankle ligament damage while we await news on whether Tom Walsh will back in the team line up after he missed out against Partick. There’s no new injury concerns since the defeat to Partick unless the weekly mystery injury strikes. Ayr Utd – Life after Lawrence Shankland seems to be doing just fine at Somerset Park. With 5 wins on the bounce, Ayr would appear to have little worries ahead of this encounter. We do seem to be a bit of an Achilles Heel for the Honest Men, but that can't go on forever. Stevie Bell will be another couple of weeks before he is ready and the experienced Mark Kerr is a major doubt. Jamie Adams, Frank Ross, and Andy Murdoch are out with injuries. Other than that I expect United to be on similar lines to the last few weeks, and why not, it's working well. Here's Robbo ahead of the trip to Ayr. Championship fixtures this weekend Alloa Athletic 1-0 Dundee United Ayr united v Inverness CT Dundee v Arbroath Morton v Dunfermline Partick Thistle v Queen of the South ICT News Chief Executive Scot Gardiner sheds some light on the clubs financial situation ahead of the EGM on the 3rd October on BBC Sport Former director Graeme Bennett on what he hopes to hear/see from the forthcoming EGM can be seen in the Press & Journal ICT EGM – 3rd Oct Here's the Inverness Courier story after last nights meeting. On the back of the EGM, there will be a SUPPORTERS OPEN MEETING to be held on Tuesday 8th October, with arrival from 7pm for a 7:30pm start. Trip down memory lane 24th April 2010 Ayr United 0 - 7 Inverness Caledonian Thistle Team: Esson, Proctor, Munro, McBain (Bulvitis 26), Tokely, Hayes, Morrison, Duncan, Foran (Sanchez 64), Odhiambo (Eagle 71), Rooney Scorers: Hayes, Rooney, Foran, Odhiambo, Sanchez, Eagle, Morrison For me, this is arguably one of the best away games I have attended as a football fan and one of the best Caleyjag and I have been to together. Second last day of the season saw us guarantee the title and a return to the top flight at the first attempt under the tutelage of Terry Butcher. Chants of 'shoes up for the Caley Jags' while holding our shoes over our heads was a particular laughing point for me along with being on the pitch after the game calling out for TB to appear and address us. Aye, the sermon from the stand was brilliant! Sad news breaking with the passing of Hugh Crout, the former Caledonian FC President. “His partnership with his close friend, the late Alex Main, as team manager, was a winning combination at Telford Street. He was a real gentleman and made many friends in football, continuing his love for football by supporting ICT right up till the end. The highlight was seeing the club lift the Scottish Cup in 2015. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.” Some more sad news coming from Greg Tansey is that he will have to retire from football due to ongoing injury problems. You can read more on this in the Press & Journal. Greg played a major part in the making of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, the Scottish Cup Winners, and he was one of the sweetest striker of a ball in the game. We wish Greg all the best for his future, wherever that will take him. Thanks for the memories Greg. Here's how Greg announced it on twitter....... Every footballer knows when they sign their first professional contract that it will eventually come to an end. Today is that day for me, an injury that I have been fighting for 2 years now has ended my career. On Sunday, The Pat Munro North of Scotland Cup Final against Brora Rangers FC ?3pm kick-off ?️Mosset Park, Forres ?️Adults: £10, Concessions: £5, Stand Entry: £2 Tickets available from the turnstiles on the day of the match (Cash Only) Info ? https://ictfc.com/match-info-north-of-scotland-cup-final-20… If you like a wee flutter, our partnership with FansBet can offer you something. Just click on FansBet to get started. "Remember to select CaleyThistleOnline when you register and you’ll be helping us support ICT fan causes." FansBet are partners with Supporters Direct Scotland and already have many impressive stories of giving back to and empowering fans, ranging from funding away travel, share purchases, backing safe standing projects and many more. You can read some of FansBet’s Giving Back stories on their blog at https://blog.fansbet.com/fansbet-giving-back/partners/fan/ Always remember to adopt safe gambling and responsible policies.
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    Thanks mr caleyjag. Really enjoyed all the extras in there. Just no mention of your ayr 3 caley thistle 1 prediction. ??
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    Of course there are "political" reasons for the EGM. To me the message is clear. We need more funding from new sponsors - we need better attendances - we really need promotion or have to look at all the other options - we cant afford the present youth system but we have to maintain the present playing squad as they actually look like they may do something this season.
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    I can't say I ever subscribed to the 'couple of seasons down would be a great wheeze ' philosophy...I was more of the 'I hate getting pumped week in week out, we don't deserve to be here ' mindset....but hey, who knew!! Hindsight is a helluva thing.
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    I should add the best way forward is for us to get promoted. Apart from the obvious increase in money the added increase in away crowds would be welcome. Those who thought a couple if seasons down would be a great wheeze have now well and truly been shown a reality check
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    I think selling Ryan gives us the edge on return on investment and also think we could argue that we have had more players coming through to the first team squad. However, we have to get away from this County comparison thing. IMO a Highland "Academy" would cut costs dramatically and reduce the number of kids being given false hope and then dumped. Negotiations could be difficult and would be better held by people who have no personal positions to protect. .
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    Hearts and Aberdeen have both relied on waking up a large sleeping support who had become disillusioned. Hearts foundation are not funding the team or youth...they are paying back Ann Budge and will ultimately have majority ownership in return. The club itself is currently running within it's means without that funding going to it. Aberdeen have the carrot of a new stadium/facilities to get people interested and involved. Motherwell and St Mirren situations are more on a parallel with ours...but both plans to move towards fan funding involve fan ownership. All if the above 4 scenarios have relied upon an element of cash up front and/or assistance from a wealthy benefactor to become a reality before any additional fan funding is/will kick in. Setting aside my own personal views (which you are aware of), I don't think there's any route towards the kind of community funding you're talking about without a move towards fan ownership...and I don't mean the half baked community ownership model that the Chairman talked about at the last AGM which seemed little more than an attempt to cap everyone elses voting right, whilst maintaining their own. Perhaps Muirfield Mills could make a gesture of goodwill, and demonstrate their involvment is not about ego and power, by passing back the 700,000+ shares they got control of for £1 (and which were previously tied up with the stadium ownership) to the club. I think that could/would prove every bit as vital to securing future investment as Tullochs gifting back the stadium itself.
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    I have to admit having lived in Aberdeen and now Angus for past two years this is similar to the aberDNA idea Aberdeen fc introduced at the start of this season. Over 11000 AFC fans signed up to a 2 year commitment and got certain benefits like season ticket discount, merchandise discount entered into a draw for hospitality chance for juniors to win a mascot package discounts to cup games and they were given different levels they could donate monthly from £10 to I believe £50 a month those on the higher donations were also given a free home shirt. Yes we are smaller, we are not going to get the 100,000 + quid this generates for Aberdeen but it has been ring fenced for the Aberdeen playing budget. If you could ask the fans what they would like the money to be contributing towards, what they would like to get back from the scheme and what level of contributions could be made, then devise a plan and present that to the fan base, hopefully It would invigorate many among the not only regular attendees but folk like myself who live large distances way to help contribute regularly towards the success of the club in the future?
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    So you'd be happy to lose the youth?. Go part time ? Please also if you could quantify and clarify your boardroom points I'd be all ears. Along with the long term plan. Personally I don't have an ego that needs boosted and I m pretty sure none of the others do either but if you think you can do a better job by all means get in touch . My email.is [email protected] I do this for nothing. I've put a bloody fortune into our club to keep it going so glib remarks like that **** me right off.
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    Even as an OAP on limited income, I would be prepared to contribute to such a scheme, but only direct to ICT - not to any intermediary such as the Supporters Trust/shares/whatever. As a Caley supporter for over 60+ years and ICT supporter since inception, I would want my cash, little as it may be, to go to ICT to use for the good of ICT. Where do I sign up?
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    I’d be interested in something like this possibly. I’d actually like there to be a kind of kids club for the younger fans, pay a certain amount each month and they get a little in return. It wouldn’t need to be value for money but just some sort of interaction for the kids, a personal message from the mascot, stickers, badges etc and free entry for kid and adult to something like a summer friendly etc.
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    With all the other stuff going on lets have an early season injury crisis to test the squad.
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    Well from a psychological perspective trying to bring about unison can often increase separation.
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    • Inverness CT 1-1 Ayr United - Report
      Better late than never, the live stream burst onto the laptop 15 minutes before kick-off and it was game-on. Inverness had the first chance when Todorov headed off the underside of the bar, the ball adjudged not to have crossed the line.
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    • Inverness CT -V- Ayr United - Preview
      It's matchday two this weekend in the Ladbrokes Championship and the visitors to the Caledonian Stadium are Ayr United who have two former Caley Jags players in their ranks. Tom Walsh and Joe Chalmers joined the Honest Men in the summer and could be in the squad this weekend for the game that kicks off at 3:00pm.
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    • Dunfermline Ath 3 - 1 Inverness CT - Report
      TV sets were barely switched on when Nokolay Todorov opened the scoring in the second minute. He would leave the field injured to be replaced by James Vincent after nineteen minutes. Inverness held that lead until the twenty-third minute when captain Euan Murray headed his fourth goal of the season to level matters. That's how it stood at the break as both sides searched for a second goal. Ryan Dow put the Pars in front with twelve minutes left in a rather turgid second half. Declan McManus scored a superb third to seal the points turning on the angle of the box and firing high into the net. Deserved 3 points for the Pars as they get off to a flyer.
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    • Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT - Preview
      Let there be football


      It's the start of the covid restricted Championship campaign 20/21 and Inverness travel to Fife to take on Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park. The game is a closed doors event and kicks-off at 3:00pm on Saturday 17th October with live streaming available from Dunfermline or the usual social media outlets via twitter, BBC Sport etc to fill the void of following your team at the stadiums. The steak bridies will be a big miss from East End park as will the pre-match entertainment on Halbeath Road and the general enjoyment of slagging your team off on a Saturday afternoon. It's what 3:00pm's were made for.
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    • Inverness CT 0 (4) - 0 (2) Cowdenbeath LCup - Report
      Bonus point struggle. Inverness took the bonus point after a penalty shoot out, the game ending scoreless. Cammy Mackay saving twice as Todorov, Deas, Welsh and Allardice fired home from the spot.
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