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    I actually agree with @tm4tj, White was no worse than the rest today. But let's turn your statement round.You are always the goto fan to stick up for White. Why don't you stick up for Brad Mackay, Charlie Trafford (especially), or Curry or even Doran who have had a fair bit of stick? Because you're so obviously Jordan's mate. Or brother ? Big Jordan got his share of credit last season when he came on to a game halfway through the season. I like Jordan as he gives 100%, but let's face it, when Jordan leaves ICT, so will you. I asked you before, how long you had been watching ICT and you dodged that one. Because let's be clear: this is the worst ICT side since we were promoted out the seaside leagues in 1999. 20 years ago. Guys like Russell Duncan who were considered jobbers when we won the First Division would be standouts in this team. Forwards like Wyness, Ritchie, Bingham, Wilson, Hislop are players we would kill for now, and that's without mentioning that the standard in the league has dropped in 20 years.
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    That didn't stop queen of the South putting 4 past them. We have pure and simply bottled it play offs at best I reckon
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    This is an area of concern for all Fruitbats........ Who ate all the pies? At every single Caley game I see the same routine, Not on the pitch nor the half-time draw, but it's such a woeful scene, The masses queuing for their pies are often left bereft, As the painful cries from the pie stand guys state "sorry, no pies left!" A simple head count every week would seem the best solution, To draw this daft scenario to a quite simple conclusion, The total sum of customers who "missed out" so to speak, Equates to the extra amount of pies you order for next week! (c) Kenny Adie 2019.
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    What with this and a stadium bar which has security like Fort Knox anyone would think the club doesnt want our money?
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    Yeah, I tweeted about this. I with my 2 young daughters went to the ICT pie counter on the west side of the stadium, (the pies are better at the van at the corner which I usually go to but the coffee is rank) so it's a tradeoff I guess. I gave the ICT one a try for a change, what a mistake, joined que about 5 or so minutes before half time, not that long a que, took over 10 mins to get to the front. Soft drink machine had broken or run out so were dispensing from large bottles, taking ages. My girls wanted sausage rolls- none left (unless you want vegan), OK they said they'd have steak pies instead, none left. So I asked the kid, what have you actually got? Mince pies, the last 2 mince pies to be exact so my kids got those and I got a lukewarm 'latte'. They had no other hot food left whatsoever, no overpriced burgers or hotdogs, no pies at all, nothing. There has to be 5 mins of half time to go and a huge que behind me. Lots of unhappy folk who've waited 10 to 15 minutes for nothing I'm sure a few choice words were had. Maybe they had more heating up I dunno but either way they had none at that point, it's ridiculous. I realise we share that stall with the away fans of which there are more than usual but c'mon it's absolutely pathetic and sums up our tinpot club that we can't even run a pie stall with a limited menu where you know exactly when the rush will come and have a good idea of the numbers you will get. It's sad and embarrassing enough that you have to wade through mud and puddles to get there. There are Highland Leauge clubs who have a better handle on their operation than we do. That said I wish I spent the entire 2nd half in the pie que.
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    That’s harsh about Trafford. When I’ve seen him play this season, he has shown passion and he was our best player by a mile yesterday.
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    That observation certainly has its place. However my frustration is that we resolutely refuse to make best use of the players we actually do have.
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    Totally agree was at the game v Arbroath when Herchee was immense Even the div3 team was much more exciting than what we are watching now.
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    I thought Charlie trafford was by far our best player today must start v lichties he gives his all for the club ⚽️ please give toddy a chance up front
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    Haven’t read any of the previous posts and having been in the fluke since end of game my comments may be alcohol induced. Charlie Trafford totally immense today. Was totally committed and never gave up. Sean Rooney was the same until his unfortunate injury. We didn’t have the class to see off Utd White can’t win a header and his goal scoring record is shocking. No doubt Gregor and his stats will be on shortly but scoring goals against teams in the chocolatecaranelwafer thingy isn’t the same as goals in the league. God knows what his scoring record in the league is. Without Welsh we don’t have the class for that final pass and we are struggling to break teams down. Draws against Alloa getting beat by Morton isn’t the sign of a team going places We are now in the position that we need to win Three more games than Utd this early in the season. Frustrating to say the least ??
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    Donaldson.............. Has Robbo been voting?
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    Yeah, we gave them far too much respect. We're a top 4 side playing at home and we didn't lay a glove on them. We're at our best when we play at a high tempo and get forward and attack teams. Most teams are. It lifts the crowd apart from anything. For all the stick Rice got here, he must be doing something right at Accies. I have to admit I never rated Oakley since the first time I set eyes on him, and his goalscoring rate was poor for us, yet he's been able to step up a division. Never mind, maybe Polworth will come back when he's 34.
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    I really don’t like singling out players as I have no doubt they all give their all when playing but in the last 4 games we drew with Alloa lost to Morton beat QoS and lost to Dundee Utd. Guess which one Todorov started
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    Do they provide baby chairs as bar stools?
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    It pains me to say it but the answer to this question appears to be Aaron Doran.
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    What a manager says to the press always has to be taken with a pinch of salt so I don't read too much into Robo'scomments. I could copy and paste much of what I said after the last home game against Alloa however and Robo seems to be watching a different game in not recognising our limitations. Whilst Jordan is clearly an 'honest' player and puts a shift in it is clear that the manner in which we play is heavily affected/constrained when he is on the park and we become one dimension and not a particularly great dimension at that. The first game against Alloa with Curry up front was a different style (even though much of our play was sloppy). When we play Jordan we effectively operate with a player who lacks mobility and will only play in front of the defense. This works fine for a target man such as Higdon or Brewster who will hold up play bring others in, etc. Jordan is not capable of this and it is made worse by the number on times he is on his heals and reacts slowly to balls coming his way. Whilst the standard of ball forward to him was not great (wind had a part possibly), he will either not connect with the ball or if he does none of our players know where the ball is going hence why it breaks down. Against better defenders the physical presence is nullified and we effectively end up playing with 10 men. We also end up with the ball coming back very quickly and midfielders lack options and therefore have to play sideways or backwards. Others can be criticised from yesterday however when I saw the team before the game it was demoralising in that the game went the way I expected. I employ three Arabs in one of my offices down south and they all were hoping we would play him as they think we are an easier team to play when he is up front as we are predictable and can be stopped playing without much effort.
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    Theres been quite a lot said on here regarding yesterdays poor display, but i'm now quite eager to hear from the manager himself...i wonder which game he saw?
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    What's fickle about not wanting to watch ***** week in week out couldn't care less what UTDs wage bill is I expect us 2 compete with all the teams in this league my man look at Livi competing in the SPL on a smaller budget than us!
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    Wow some real fickle fans on here tonight Dundee utd 3.4 million loss so far by the accounts published Probably treble our wage bill if not more.
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    You should've gone to the fluke before the start of the game .....would've been a much more enjoyable day! ???
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    Yes, there were gasps of shock in the North Stand when he actually won that ball.
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    ?...well he's the man who signed Storey, so maybe he does need his head looked at.
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    We should be so much better than we are. We have good players and a good squad. We have exciting attacking players yet we don't play to their strengths. We bypass them all the time by playing aimless long balls to a striker who doesn't hold the ball or win many headers. We need to get the ball on the deck and get our wingers on the ball because that is where we are most dangerous. This long punts up the park is garbage. Sort it out Robbo.
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    Can understand changing the thread title as I maybe went a bit far calling our very own Boris a Pr*ck, but I was making a statement and not asking a question.
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    I hear that we are taking Nicky Byrne on trial during the summer. Could have made the grade at Leeds and has looked decent when I watched him at Old Trafford. He has told friends "I swear it again. I m not going to be a fool again. Looking forward to seasons in the sun in Inverness. I have a dream, You raise me up Caley - Bop, Bop, Baby".
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    We have, for quite some time, been subjected to messages from the club which fall into two categories.... 1. Constantly seek to blame "fans not showing up" for all of our woes and threatening what might happen if they don't support the club. This narrative is one which threatens people who aren't coming to games anyway....so if things deteriorate, they're not going to give any more of a hoot than they do now. As such, it's a narrative which will achieve nothing positive. 2. Generates a sense that the more money you give the club, the better a fan you are. The club have been milking the existing fanbase for about as much as they can for a long time, so to suggest that we now have some kind fo fan class system based on the level of financial support an individual affords is only going to alienate the very people the club needs now more than ever. If you want to rally a support then look back to Terry Butchers time with ICTFC. He was a man who rarely made comment about people not coming to games and/or supporting the club; choosing instead to concentrate on praising those who did. It's something he does even to this day and if you look at the recent video doing the rounds from Ross Grant where Butcher is interviewed, he talks about how great the fans were who supported the team and not decrying the fact there wasn't more of them. I have spoken to a few people at the club about this in the last few months and tried to explain/warn that it comes off exactly how this facebook post by Jim Oliver has been received and interpreted by many. IMO, ill-advised and poorly crafted comments such as this...and the wider narrative being employed by those speaking on behalf of ICTFC right now...is doing more damage than performances and results on the park which have been pretty decent apart from a couple of recent blips. Time to flip the script.
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    Why not just hold the event at the stadium. There is a function room and also a bar. Keep the money inside the club instead of putting money behind a hotel bar.
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    Traffords gash 2 semi decent games both against dufc doesn't justify him taking a wage that's a sad state of affairs when he's our best performer also waiting on a crock like Welsh coming back shows how far wev slipped he's half decent but always been injury prone more time on the treatment table than the pitch! It's sad 2 see our club in this state wev always punched above our weight now we can't even put up a fight at home! SuperCaleyGoBallistic no more! Side note be good to see DUFC back in the top flight good team from my youth good travelling support as well
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    Think it's time for Robbo to go hopefully Hearts will come in for him in some capacity he's no gonna get us promoted wer a mid table club bereft of direction who play awful long ball football to White who is 1 of the worst strikers Iv ever seen ! Gutless and clueless most weeks especially at home never play anything even close to decent football until the games lost ! Defo Robbo oot!
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